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   Chapter 152 No.152

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Valery held onto his arms, pushing him back slowly.

'I have news from your brother' Valery told him. 'Luke says there is a holy man on his way here to marry us' she said to him. 'He will be here in only a few days.'

Cam's heart skipped a beat at hearing this, his stomach tightened a little. But then he smiled.

'Good' he said, 'I'm glad. I look forward to the day we are married.'

'You do?' Valery asked, sounding surprised.

'Of course' Cam nodded. 'I will try my best to be a good king, and a good husband…and a good father.'

Valery smiled at this, behind her Plum was smiling too, and above, hidden from view, the masked figure called Callista watched silently.

Miranda stood at the far end of the corridor, leaning against the wall with her arms folded, she watched as Cam and Valery walked away together, hand in hand.

She smiled.

'I think…' she spoke slowly, '…that things are going to be ok now.'

'You think the king can handle it?' the mercenary masquerading as her servant asked.

'Yes' Miranda spoke with surety. 'I do.' She paused. 'Look at them' she whispered as Cam and Valery walked away, closely followed by the handmaiden Plum. 'I think they will make a wonderful couple. She brings out the best in him' Miranda said, watching as her son rounded the corner out of sight.

She sighed then, pushing herself off the wall and straightening, she turned to the man beside her.

'How did he fare the other day when he visited the darker parts of the city?'

'It was a shock for him I think' the man replied grimly, 'but I think he will come around.'

'Yes.' Miranda glanced over her shoulder in the direction her son had gone. 'I think he is beginning to realise what it truly means to be king' she said, 'as his father did before him. It's all part of the process.'

'Do you wish for us to continue to watch over him?' the mercenary asked.

'Of course' Miranda said. 'Look after him. Protect him. Never let him out of your sight, even after the holy man Pedro finally arrives here and they are married, even years after that.' Miranda paused then, frowning to herself. 'All our lives are in danger' she mumbled, 'every day until we die.' She bit her lip, glaring at the ground beneath her feet. 'Nothing lives forever, and in the end, everything dies…'

It was later that day, when Valery encouraged Cam to have his own audience, and speak directly with his people, and listen to their worries.

'Are you sure about this?' Cam asked Valery again as she

sat on the smaller throne beside his larger one.

'I know it's hard' she whispered hurriedly back. 'It's always hardest first time. Trust me, it will get easier. Trust me.'

Cam straightened, sitting back in his throne. He ground his teeth nervously. People were already lining up outside the door. They were coming to the palace to see him, and Cam waited for the first man to walk through the door.

'Let him enter' Cam spoke firmly, sounding braver than he felt.

The soldier in the room moved to open the door, and the first man stepped forward, head bowed before the king.

'Your majesty' the man bowed low. 'I thank you graciously for seeing me today.'

'Speak' Valery spoke up beside Cam. 'What do you wish to say?'

The man glanced up. He straightened, standing tall now, and addressed the king.

'Your majesty' the humble man spoke clearly. 'Here is why I have come to you today.'

Hours and hours passed, and the sun had already set by the time Cam dismissed the last person.

He sat in his throne, resting on an elbow with his head in his hand.

'That was horrible' he rasped.

'Bring some water' Valery said to her handmaiden who stood behind them.

Plum bowed submissively, before hurrying off to comply. Around them the soldiers were also filing out, having managed the people who had come to visit, there was only Cam and Valery left now.

Valery rose from her seat, kneeling on the floor before Cam and taking his hand in hers.

'You've done very well' she whispered to him. 'I am very proud.'

Cam smiled weakly at her, feeling utterly exhausted.

'I……I think I need to sleep.'

Cam rose from his seat gingerly, moving carefully down the steps. Valery walked with him, as they headed together back to their room. When they reached their bedroom, Plum had caught them up. She followed them into the room, carrying a silver tray with two glasses and a jug of water. Valery took one of these glasses and filled it, offering it to Cam who took it graciously. She poured her own glass as Cam drained his, going over to the bed and lying down.

'Thank you Plum' Valery mumbled.

'Is there anything else I can get for you?' the handmaiden asked.

'No' Valery replied, 'nothing for the moment.'

Plum bowed, retreating from the room. Once she had gone, Valery turned to Cam.

When she approached him on the bed, she saw that he was already fast asleep.

'Poor thing' Valery sighed quietly. 'You've had a very difficult day, but it will get easier.'

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