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   Chapter 151 No.151

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She approached the bed then, and sat on the edge beside him, staring down at him.

'I'm sorry' she sighed miserably. 'I'm sorry I have done this to you. But you had to see…'

'I can't…' Cam whispered. 'I just can't do this…I don't want to be king….I don't want the responsibility………this world…….' His body began to quiver, body tense as he balled his fists, 'it's just too cruel…'

Valery stared down at him. She lingered here for a moment, reluctant to leave, but in the end, there was nothing she could do.

Cam didn't even notice her go.

The door closed, and he was alone again, left in the utter silence. Here he stayed, until at long last a figure came to visit him.

Cam sat up, staring in only mild surprise at the plague masked figure before him.

'Hello Cam' the figure spoke in a female voice. 'My name is Callista.'

Cam stared back at the tall figure standing there.

'Why do I keep seeing figures like you?' he mumbled, speaking almost as if to himself. 'Are you even real?'

'I assure you' the figure named Callista replied, leaning forward and touching his shoulder firmly, 'that I am real.'

Cam blinked slowly at her.

'I know it's hard for you. You've had a difficult life…I know.'

Cam didn't answer.

'You must help your people' Callista urged. 'They need you. Do not hide from others suffering.' She smiled behind her mask. 'You have the power to make life better for everyone. Did you think being king was easy? Do you think it was easy for your father?'

Cam raised his head slowly, staring intently at this strange figure.

'He died because he was weak' she said to him. 'Do you want the same thing to happen to you?'

'No' Cam answered quietly. 'But…I miss him so much…even after all these years it still hurts….'

Tears brimmed in his eyes.

'I know' Callista answered softly, 'I know you miss him.' She straightened then, looking away. 'You could die' she said, 'if you wanted. You could be with him again. There are so many ways.'

Cam tensed slightly, not clearly understanding what she meant.

'Whatever afterlife you believe in' Callista went on, 'he may be there for you…waiting. You could see him again…if you wanted.' She placed an object on his lap. 'You could see him' Callista repeated. 'Right now.'

Cam stared bleary down at the shining

blade of the knife before him.

'It would only take a moment' Callista teased, 'and you could be with him again, could hold him, hear his voice, see his smile…like when you were a child. Remember how full of life he was and how much he loved both his boys?'

Cam stared down at the knife unmoving, his mind a haze.

'You could die for the memory of those you've loved and lost' Callista said, '…or you could stay with the living, and fight for a better life. It won't be easy…but it could be worth it.' Callista paused then. 'Tell me…do you love Valery?'

'Yes' Cam mumbled after a time. 'In my own way.'

'Would you protect her if you could?'


Callista leant forward, coming to his level.

'Brioke wishes to harm her' she whispered. 'He will succeed…if you do not protect her, then he will kill her. He wants to continue abusing you, controlling you as he has been doing. But Valery is getting in the way, and he hates her for it.' Callista smiled again behind her mask. 'Do you want to continue being nothing more than a vassal? A shadow king?'

Can stared down at the knife on his lap, his breath caught in his throat.

'See your father' Callista said, 'or save Valery. What's it to be?'

Cam met the stranger's eyes, before glancing down at the knife one last time.

He rose to his feet, making his way to the door, the knife the masked figure had placed on his lap clattered to the floor.

'There's a good lad' Callista spoke to the empty room once he had gone. 'I knew' she said, 'I knew you would make the right choice.'

She smiled, before turning and walking away, vanishing into thin air, leaving the knife where it lay.

Outside in the corridor, Cam caught up to Valery.

'Valery wait!'

She turned, surprised to see him there.

'Cam…' she uttered, 'what…?'

'I'm sorry' Cam blurted, slowing to a stop before her. 'I'm sorry I…I lost myself. This isn't who I am. I want to be a good king. I want to be strong but…'

'I know' Valery whispered, reaching out and taking his hand. 'It isn't easy. But it will be better now…because we are together.'

Cam smiled gently at her, feeling his stomach lift. A tear trickled down his cheek, and he stepped forward, holding Valery firmly in a warm embrace.

'I want to be a good king' Cam said, 'like my father was.'

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