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   Chapter 150 No.150

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'Such a fine day it is to sail' Pedro declared, speaking to no one in particular. 'Such a fine day indeed.'

He came to the head of the ship, standing there in the strong breeze with his hands behind his back, bobbing on the balls of his feet.

'I feel today will be a very good day.'

It was at that very moment that a young man, only about sixteen in age, came rushing across the deck and towards him.

Pedro gave him a very peculiar look as the young man stopped before him, huffing and puffing, catching his breath again.

'I'm sorry to bother you sir' the young man said bowing low, 'but I have an important message for you.'

'Indeed' Pedro said frowning down at him as he took the folded parchment the young man offered to him.

He looked down at it, recognising the wax seal upon it.

'This is from the palace' he spoke slowly, glancing up at the young man. 'Who sent you?'

'The prince Luke' the messenger replied. 'He said it was urgent. I rode here as fast as I could…I'm just glad I caught you in time.'

'As a matter of fact I was just about to leave' Pedro replied, breaking the wax seal and opening the parchment. 'You were most fortunate indeed to catch me in time.'

He fell silent for a moment as he read the letter. A dark expression crossed his face, and he closed the parchment, letting his hand fall to his side.

'Oh' he mumbled softly.

'Is everything alright sir?'

'That question is rather difficult to answer if I'm being honest' Pedro replied. 'My good friend Fulcrim has died. There are suspicions that he was poisoned…and that the council are behind his death.'


Pedro's eyes flashed suddenly, and he grabbed the messenger by the shoulders roughly.

'You must not repeat what I have just said. Do you understand me?'

'Yes sir.'

'I take it you were chosen to bear this message because you are trustworthy?'

'Yes sir.'

'Good.' Pedro released him, turning from him and swiftly tearing up the parchment into many little pieces, before tossing the shreds into the sea below. 'You must return to the palace as fast as possible' Pedro told the messenger, 'and say to the prince Luke, that I am on my way. It has been a fortunate day indeed. Five more minutes and you would have been unable to reach me.'

'Where were you going sir?' the messenger asked.

'I have been banished by the council for crimes that are not of my own. But receiving that letter was a pardon. The council have no auth

ority over the prince's word, at least not in regard to this. Luke is not king, but he still holds at least some power. When I return to the capital and speak to him, my name will be cleared, and I will be able to see my family again.'

Pedro turned then to face the wide open sea, beyond which many hundreds of miles away, was a desolate land where he was sentenced to spend the rest of his days, alone with his books, until he died, but no more.

'A most fortunate day indeed' Pedro muttered under his breath. 'Now hurry' he spoke clearly to the messenger. 'Return to the prince, and tell him I am on my way!'

The messenger bowed and swiftly left. Pedro turned and spoke to one of the sailor hands, one of the many men that were loading the ships with all its supplies.

'You there!' Pedro barked. 'Come below deck with me, I need to fetch my books and all my belongings.'

'You are not sailing with us?' the servant enquired.

Pedro threw back his travelling cloak, revealing beneath the white clothes and blue sash worn by the holy figures within this kingdom.

'No I do not travel with you' Pedro replied. 'Not on this day. I must return to the capital, and marry the king and his princess.'

It was many days later that the messenger returned to the palace. Traversing the many stairs, he found Luke in one of the higher rooms, leaning forwards upon the balcony, gazing down at the city before him and deep in thought.

'Your majesty.'

Luke straightened and turned to face the messenger silently.

'I bring good news' the messenger spoke with a gasp. 'Pedro is on his way.'

Luke let out a deep sigh, his face cracking into a wide smile. 'Thank the gods' he sighed. 'My brother and Valery will be married soon, then the dreadful council will….' He broke off. 'When does he arrive?'

'Within the week' the messenger replied. 'He is on his way here right now.'

Luke pursed his lips, scratching his palms nervously.

Hang in there Cam he thought to himself. Just for a little longer…

Valery approached the steps, marching swiftly up the stairs and down the corridor, entering the room she shared with Cam. She found her handmaiden Plum waiting by the door.

'How is he?' Valery asked quietly.

'He's no better' Plum answered quickly.

Valery frowned, turning to face the bed where Cam lay on his side. For the last few days he had sunken into deep depression, from which Valery could not pull him from, though she had tried.

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