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   Chapter 149 No.149

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'This is…' Cam uttered, in a voice barely audible, '…so wrong…'

I remember the suffering of the people years ago…but it was nothing like this…

'How could this happen?' Cam asked.

'It's in these parts of the city that the rats thrive' the soldier continued in a bored tone, looking down at the open ribcage of the man below him, where the flies were eating and laying their eggs. 'They won't stay here long' the soldier said. 'In a few days, even the bones will be gone.'

Cam turned then and was suddenly violently sick, body hunched over and trembling.

Valery stared at him, reaching forwards to touch him. She stopped suddenly, instead drawing back.

Cam retched, throwing up the entire contents of his stomach.

He wiped his mouth with the back of a hand, using the wall for support as he gingerly straightened up. But he did not turn to face the others, not yet.

'This is just the entrance' the guard said to them. 'It gets worse the deeper you go.'

'How could it get worse than this?' Valery asked sadly turning to him.

'All the most horrible things you could imagine, all of which are illegal. If any normal person where to see…they would be horrified to say the least. The things that happen down there…' the soldier jerked his chin down the narrow alley, '…if you saw…it would haunt you for years.'

'Have you seen?' Valery asked him, reluctant to hear the answer. 'Does it haunt you for years?'

'Yes' the guard mumbled. 'Horrible things' he droned, eyes suddenly distant. 'Just…horrible….'

'Like what?'

The soldier looked down at the young princess.

'Tell me' Valery ordered him. 'I am to be queen one day; I must know what is going on in this city…no matter how horrid. I have to be strong.'

The guard took a death breath, before speaking again.

'Children as young babies prostituted. So called games where unwanted and stray animals are tortured for fun, flayed alive, set on fire, put against each other to fight to the death. Bets are taken on these games, the winners make huge sums of money which they spend on drugs that turn them into…something that cannot be called human anymore. In some of the worse cases I've seen people turn to cannibalism, not because they have to, but because they want to. They enjoy the things they do.' The soldier paused in thought. 'Rape is common place, but in a lot of cased the women a

re worse than the men. I saw a woman once wearing the skin of her murdered husband around her shoulders like a shawl….'

'Enough!' Cam snapped. 'I don't want to hear any more!'

The soldier quickly closed his mouth.

'I cannot go in there…I won't….' Cam spoke loudly. 'I cannot see those things…it's too cruel' he finished weakly.

'Look at them' Valery spoke quietly to Cam. 'Look at all these people who suffer, here in the darkest corners of the city where no one sees or cares.' She paused. 'Do they…deserve this punishment?'

Cam began to sob then, covering his face with his hands.

'….I want to go back' Cam said, his voice trembling. 'I want to see Godfrey again.'

But when they retraced their steps and found him again, they saw that he was already dead.

That night, Cam would not speak to her.

'Cam?' Valery said, her voice wavering. 'Please please speak to me. Please! I can take no more of this.'

'My father didn't deserve to die' Cam moaned, breaking his silence at last. 'He didn't…he didn't he was good…'

Valery crawled onto the bed where Cam lay on his side with his back to her. She reached out to touch his shoulder, and he rolled over, gazing with bloodshot eyes back at her.

'How could you not know that any of this was happening?' she asked him.

'I don't know' Cam sobbed, hand going to cover his eyes as his whole body began to tremble again. 'I don't know…I didn't know……nobody told me…I swear to the gods that I had no idea!'

Valery grabbed his hand, holding it tightly in her own.

'When I am queen, I am going to put a stop to all of this!'

'How could the council not know about this?' Cam whispered. 'Ever since my father died…it has gotten worse. How…how could they not know?'

'Of course they know' Valery spoke sharply. 'Of course they do. They just don't care. Don't you see? They've been lying to you all this time.'

Tears rolled down Cam's cheeks.

'Cam' Valery spoke firmly. 'We will make this better…together.'

Cam sat up suddenly, embracing her tightly as he cried into her shoulder.

Far away, in another kingdom entirely, a man named Pedro was strolling along the deck of a ship, humming merrily to himself. All around him the sailors were busy tending to the ship, and merchants were hollering to one another, as their goods were carried onto the ship and hidden away within its belly.

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