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   Chapter 148 No.148

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'There are those who are different, those who wish to harm the perfect world we are trying to create' Cam went on. 'There are those who are different who wish to harm our good way of life. Heathens like these who don't conform deserve only to burn on the pyres together. Those who are different deserve to die, because they are harming us.'

'Is that what the holy men taught you?'

'I believe in karma' Cam finished, 'that people deserve what they get, and that justice is dealt fairly by those in charge.'

Valery was silent for a moment, absorbing Cam's words, deep in thought.

'So you believe' she began slowly, 'that Godfrey has gotten what he deserves?'

'If he is being punished' Cam replied, 'then he is guilty.'

'Then your father deserved to die also.'

Cam was suddenly taken aback.

'No' he answered hastily. 'No my father was a good man.'

'But he died' Valery answered. 'By your thoughts he deserved it somehow.'

'No' Cam whispered feebly, staring at the floor now, '…that's not what I meant.'

'Karma is a horrible thing' Valery spoke sadly. 'Karma says that if a person is murdered…then they deserved it… are you truly telling that you believe karma is a good thing?'

'I…' Cam fumbled. 'I don't…'

'Take my hand' Valery said, reaching out to him. 'Let us keep walking together.'

Cam did so, walking hand in hand they made their way forwards through the streets, Cam was suddenly haunted by what she had said.

My father didn't deserve to die. He didn't. He was a good man. I know he was…

'Are you alright Cam?'

Cam glanced sideways to Valery then, realising she had been watching him.

'Oh' he said hastily. 'Yes…I mean…I'm fine.'

'Let's go that way' Valery spoke quietly, pointing down one way.

Cam looked to where she pointed, seeing a narrow alleyway that led to a dark road.

He hesitated.

'Might I suggest' the guard that trailed after them spoke politely, 'continuing along this main road?'

Cam and Valery looked ahead to the bright and clear road before them. The people moved hurriedly as they went about their business. These people were what Cam knew to be the middle class, the 'average' men and women of the city. Neither rich nor poor, most had decent jobs, the fathers would care for their families and the mothers would raise their children. They led good lives. And they were happy.

'No' Valery spoke harshly to the soldier. 'I want to see the worst of this city. I must know what it wrong in this place, only then can I make it better.'

Cam dipped his head silently.

'As you wish my lady' the soldier bowed when Cam did not speak. 'I will of course follow you wherever you go' he said.

'Good' Valery replied

curtly. She glanced up at Cam. 'Are you ready?'

He looked down to her.

Valery took a step forwards, moving off the path of the main road and down the narrow and dark alley. Within seconds, it seemed almost as if they had stepped into another city entirely. While Cam had come to know of the darker parts of the city in his younger days wandering it, the memory had become lost to him, and he viewed it in a different perspective now that he had grown.

'Where are we?' Valery asked quietly.

'We are in the part of the city known as the Thieves Road' the guard grumbled behind her. 'There are many paths like this that branch throughout the entire city' he explained. 'They are escape routes for thieves and criminals. When the previous king was alive they were sealed off. But as the years passed, one by one more paths like this have opened.' The soldier drew a slow breath. 'It's where those who have lost everything, those that are unwanted by the rest of the world go.' He looked down at his feet. 'It is the city's dumping ground for the unwanted, those that have a place nowhere else. This is where they stay; this is what it has become.'

Cam watched the soldier speak with wide eyes, before turning away again, his heart hammering in his chest.

The path before them was narrow, the buildings so tall the sun could not reach, and the walls either side of them, and the stone at their feet too was covered in black, a sort of fungus that was slowly eating away at the wood and stone. It was damp here, and cold, all of the windows that they could see were misted over, the interior of the buildings completely dark.

To their side before the three, hugging the dead and rotting bodies of several adult figures, where children. Their skin was patsy and their eyes sunken.

'Many die of exposure' the guard voice, noticing their attention fixed on this gruesome scene. 'The nights out here are cold.'

Valery wrinkled her nose, lifting a sleeve to cover her mouth.

'How can this happen?' Cam asked looking back at the soldier. 'How can anyone die like that in a city this prosperous?'

'Because' the guard answered simply, 'they are unwanted by everyone. No home. No food, and the nights are cold.'

'But…' Cam said weakly. 'The children…?'

'There are many reasons why families are rejected' the guard replied. 'The children are usually fortunate enough to live in better homes for longer, simply because they are children. But in the end, even they are left out in the cold, by those they thought would care for them…I've seen this many times before. They are the last to be kicked out into the street, but the first to die. Even babies I've seen dead and rotting.'

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