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   Chapter 147 No.147

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The man looked momentarily confused. He glanced from Valery to Cam who stood behind her, then back again.

'Royalty?' he asked in a husky voice.

'Yes' Valery nodded. 'This is Cameron' she said turning back to him, 'your king, and I' she said looking back to the man, 'I am to be his queen.'

'Oh' the man spoke in a bored voice. He hardly seemed interested.

'What is your name?' Valery asked him.

The man raised his head slightly, tilting his chin back and resting against the wall behind him.

'Godfrey' the man replied. 'My father was a lord, my mother…a lady…my brothers…successful businessmen.'

'And yourself?'

Godfrey blinked slowly.

'I….' Godfrey sighed, 'I….' he let out another slow breath, staring up at the passing clouds above. 'I was to marry…the most beautiful woman….' He fell silent. Valery and Cam did not speak, simply waiting for him to continue. 'My life was perfect…' he groaned. 'My family was happy……I was happy……I……was supposed to marry her.'

'What happened?' Valery asked him tenderly.

'The holy men found out' Godfrey spoke flatly. 'They found out. They killed her. They killed our……our….' He drew a sharp and shuddering breath between gritted teeth as his eyes began to shimmer. 'They killed her entire family….' he whispered, as tears ran down his cheeks, 'and mine….just for being associated with her. I…escaped…only by pure chance.' He buried his face in his hands, sobbing hysterically now. The next words he spoke could only just about be understood.

'I wish this had never happened! Why? Why did this have to happen?! It's just too cruel…' he bit into his knuckle then, so hard that he began to bleed. 'I should have died too' he hissed, speaking to himself. 'I should have died too…'

'I don't understand' Valery said. 'Why would the holy men kill her?'

Godfrey raised his head, falling silent and meeting her gaze.

'She was a gypsy.'

'I don't understand' Valery was saying as they walked away. 'Why would the church do that to someone for simply being a gypsy?'

Cam slowed to a stop, staring after her as Valery walked ahead. She paused, glancing back when she realised that Cam was not following.

'They are bad because they are different from us.'


'Gypsies' Cam went on, 'they don't follow our laws or traditions. They worship other gods and their women flaunt their bodies. They are selfish and dishonest and…and….'


?' Valery spoke slowly, narrowing her eyes.

'They're just…vagrants…' Cam finished. 'They don't belong anywhere.'

'How can you say that?'

Cam blinked at her, surprised by her reaction.

Valery pursed her lips, taking a slow and steady breath.

'You would condemn an entire race of people for the way they live?'

Cam went quiet, feeling suddenly uncertain under her scrutiny.

'Gypsies are born into their way of life' Valery said to him. 'It is wrong for anyone to tell others how they should live their lives, and to condemn someone for choosing a life that is different than their own is just wrong.'

Valery turned away, standing with her back to Cam now.

'Would you wish pain and hardship onto me if I were born a gypsy?' she asked him.

'No' Cam answered hastily. 'Of course not.'

'You only say that because you know me' Valery said turning back to him. 'How can you say that all gypsies are bad, that they are selfish and dishonest?'

'Because…' Cam answered weakly, his heart beginning to quicken slightly, 'that's what…I've always been told.'

'People have fought wars over lies' Valery told him quietly. 'People have died for things they think they know. If you've never met a gypsy, then you know nothing about them. Disregard what other people say about other people. Act on what you know.'

'Those are' Cam spoke slowly, '…very wise words…from one so young.'

Valery smiled slyly at him, dipping her head.

'My father taught me well' she said. 'Despite his cruelty, the lessons he taught me were valuable ones. I cannot bring myself to hate him like I used to…not now anyway.'

Valery patted the skirt of her dress flat, straightening up again.

'What sort of lessons' she began in a quiet voice, 'were you taught then?'

'I was taught to obey' Cam replied. 'I was taught…that the seven gods we worship are our mothers and fathers, and that we cannot live without them, we cannot exist without them. Without Ezla, Faeroe, Filis, Kachi, Ludus, Micro and Zeana, our lives would be meaningless.'

'You think you have no purpose without your religion?' Valery asked him curiously.

'Of course. Where would any of us be without it? The world is filled with the dead and dying, the world is filled with hate, corruption and betrayal. The gods execute righteousness and justice, through the holy men, we hear their voice.'

Valery did not interrupt Cam as he spoke.

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