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   Chapter 146 No.146

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'And how do I do that?'

'Experience' Valery winked at him facing ahead again. 'Through trial and error, as my father has done. Even though he is well aged now, he is still learning.'

Together, they slowed to a stop before the silver gates. Valery cast her hand out.

'I order you to open these gates now.'

The guards stationed at their posts hesitated for only a moment, and for a moment, Cam considered speaking also, reinforcing Valery's order. But there was no need. The guards stepped forwards, and as the guards within the palace had done, they opened the way for them.

'Your majesty' one of the guards bowed to Cam as he walked by. 'May I suggest an escort, for your own safety?'

'What do you think is going to happen?' Cam asked the nameless man uncertainly.

'I do not know' the guard replied, still in his bow. 'I dare not think. But you are too important to put at risk. Please may I request to accompany you?'

Cam hesitated, glancing uncertainly to Valery beside him.

She shrugged.

Cam looked back at the soldier.

'Alright' he said. 'You can come.'

'Thank you your majesty' the soldier said straightening. He stood tall and strong, his weapon sheathed at his side.

The guard said no more, and so Cam and Valery headed into the streets. The nameless guard followed after them a few steps behind, leaving one guard remaining to keep watch over the palace entrance.

'Where should we go first?' Valery asked him.

'I've not been out of the palace in so long' Cam replied, 'I suppose it doesn't really matter where we go.'

'Very well' Valery replied with a glint in her eyes. 'Let's go this way then' she said, choosing a street at random and making her way forwards.

Cam followed after her, glancing back briefly to the guard that trailed them, before continuing his way.

As they went, Cam gazed all around him wide eyed, filled with a sudden nostalgia. It was a strange sensation being here. After being confined to the palace for so many years with the only place within he could outside being from the tower, traversing through the streets with this sudden freedom was truly a liberating feeling. Yet it still felt so strange, so foreign to him.

'I haven't been out in these streets since…since…'

A memory suddenly flashed within his mind, like a dream made of broken pieces. He remembered a woman who was about his age, with hair as red as the setting sun. He remembered her family, though only vaguely. He remembered having dinner with them. They had known

him, as he had once known them. But now…

'Cam?' Valery spoke up breaking his thoughts. 'Are you alright?'

'I'm fine' Cam breathed, furrowing his brow in concentration. 'It's just…there is something I've forgotten. Something I can't quite remember…someone that I used to know.' He shook his head clearing his thoughts. 'It doesn't matter' he said sighing. 'Just forget it.'

Valery's attention lingered on him a moment longer.

'Look' she mumbled, pointing down the street. 'Do you see that?'

Cam looked down the street, though he could not see to what she was indicating.

'What is it?'

'Right there' she said in a hushed voice. 'That man.'

Through the hustle of bodies, Cam saw a young man who looked to be perhaps a little younger than him. His clothes looked as if they had once been fine, but it was clear at a glance he had been wearing these same clothes for several days if not weeks, and sleeping in them too. He was pale, there were bags under his eyes and he looked severely underweight.

As Cam and Valery stood and watched him, they saw his listlessness. This was a man who had nowhere to be. He simply sat upon the steps of one of the buildings, dirt was ground into his clothes and flecked his face and hands, and his long hair was tied back, though even at this distance it could be seen that it was very greasy. And as Cam gazed into his vacant expression, he saw something there that he knew well.

It was hopelessness.

This man was simply waiting to die.

'A beggar?' Cam voiced. 'A vagrant?'

'No' Valery shook her head. 'Look at his clothes…those jewels around his neck…those rings. That man came from a wealthy background.' She paused. 'How did he get here I wonder?'

She took a step forwards.

'Wait' Cam hissed. 'Where are you going?'

'To speak to him' Valery replied pausing.

'But why?'

'I want to find out his story.'

'But' Cam began, shoulders hunched and balling his fists.

'What's wrong?' she asked.

'I don't…trust strangers' Cam finished shortly.

'You're a king' Valery reminded. 'Most of the people you're supposed to meet will be strangers. And besides' she indicated with a nod towards the bored looking guard who accompanied them. 'We've got protection.'

Cam glanced back at the quiet soldier as Valery moved forwards again, through the crowd towards the man. Cam followed her, doing so reluctantly.

The man looked up as Valery and Cam approached.

'Hello' Valery spoke gently, kneeling before him and coming to his level.

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