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'Now' Valery breathed as the wind from outside blew her hair back, 'we can go where we please.'

They stood before the tall doors of the palace entrance, side by side.

Cam glanced down at her, with a smile upon his face.

'Ready to go outside?'

She looked up at him, smiling back.

Valery reached out to him, taking his hand in hers.

'I'm ready' she whispered. 'Let's go.'

Interlude start

Reuben woke the next morning feeling strange.

He groaned, sitting up and holding his head in his hands. He looked down at himself, feeling the touch his own skin, something felt different.

'What's happening to me?' Reuben gasped, turning to Love as she sat up beside him.

'You are beginning to look more like me' she smiled.

Reuben gazed back at her, his eyes now vibrant orange and cat-like. Like hers.

'Why?' he whispered to her. 'Why is this happening?'

'You've spent so much time in this world' Love answered, 'you are now becoming a part of it.'

Reuben stared down at himself. His hands no longer felt like his own. His skin looked like bark, faded in colour and cracked.

'Am I going to be alright?' he breathed.

'Yes' Love beamed back at him, not in the least bit phased. 'Everything is going to be absolutely fine.'

Later that day, they walked through the forest hand in hand, Reuben making the most of their time together before he was to return.

'I have to go back to my own world' he said to her. 'The longer I stay away…the weaker my magic becomes.'

Love released him, turning to face him. They had been walking for hours in complete silence, but Reuben found this comforting, and Love seemed content too.

'Must you leave me?' she asked him. 'Must to continue to use your magic?'

Reuben smiled weakly at her, lifting a hand before him and summoning a ball of glowing light within his grasp.

'Magic has always been a part of me…but…' he clenched his fist, and the light in his hand went out. 'I can feel myself changing' he whispered, 'and not just physically' he said touching his own face where his cheeks had cracked also. 'I feel…' Reuben said, 'I feel….different…inside…'

He touched his own chest, placing a hand over his heart.

'My feelings for you' he continued, 'I…I don't want to go home.'

Love was expressionless as she almost always was. She gave the slightest tilt of her head as she listened to his words.

'If you don't want to go home' he asked him, 'then why d

o you return there at all? Does your magic really mean that much to you?'

'No' Reuben spoke quietly. 'I must return to my own world regularly to keep my magic strong but…it's not that which I care about any more…it's my brother.'

'Lucas…' she spoke his name


Reuben bowed his head. 'I am going to tell him that I'm leaving' he spoke sombrely. 'I don't want to be part of the eight anymore.'

When Reuben returned home, he found his brother.

Lucas stared back at Reuben in shock at how he had changed. It looked now as if he had been born in the world he visited so often.

'Lucas' Reuben began steadily as Lucas stood frozen before him. 'I have something important to tell you.'

Interlude end

It was bright in the entrance hall, but as the doors to the palace were opened and the direct light spilled over them, Cam squinted, shielding his eyes from the glare.

'Now' Valery breathed, 'we can go where we please.'

Cam glanced down at her, with a smile upon his face.

'Ready to go outside?'

She looked to him, smiling back.

Valery reached out to him, taking his hand in hers.

'I'm ready' she whispered. 'Let's go.'

Together, they left the palace behind them, moving forwards and down the steps into the garden.

'The truth is' Cam told her nervously, 'I haven't left the palace grounds in years. I've always been too afraid.'

'You are king' she smiled turning to him. 'You have nothing to fear. You are the most powerful man in your kingdom.'

'The most powerful?' Cam echoed, the words sounding so strange in his own voice. 'I am the most powerful man in my kingdom' he mumbled. Cam pursed his lips then. 'I don't feel that way.'

'My father, the king in his own lands, has conquered and killed and ruled. He has led armies across both land and sea, and many people both fear and respect him. But…' she added quickly with a smile, 'he was once a child. He once knew nothing, was once like you.' She smiled wider now as together, they moved down the path away from the palace and closer to the tall gates that led out onto the streets. 'There is no doubt in my mind' Valery spoke with confidence, 'that one day…you will be as mighty as my father.'

'You really think that?' Cam asked her, already filled with doubt.

'Anyone can achieve anything if they put their mind to it' Valery told him. 'You are already king, you already hold great power, you just need to learn how to use it.'

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