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   Chapter 144 No.144

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She stepped forwards slowly, and out into the open night, unable to keep herself from gasping in awe.

From atop the tower, she felt as if the whole world could be seen. On one side was the city, the capital that was her home, with narrow streets and buildings atop of buildings, and on the other side, a wide open beach and plains, and beyond, the vast sea, beneath which lay a world that would forever be a mystery.

And in the deep blue sky above them, amongst the dark clouds hung the moon, a perfect circle, and bright orange in colour, elevated above the rest of the world, and hanging there like a strange sphere, so alien looking.

'It's beautiful' Valery whispered.

Cam came to stand beside her, smiling silently.

'I feel' Valery spoke slowly, 'that we are standing in another world.'

'I come here often' Cam said to her. 'It is the only place from which I can see the outside world.'

Valery bit her lip.

'I want you to promise me something' she said to him. 'Tomorrow, I want to leave the palace, and walk out into the palace gardens…no…further…I want to walk the streets, leave the city altogether, go out into the open plains beyond the city. I want to visit the beaches, like you and your brother used to. Do you remember?' she asked him. 'You remember that you told me how you and your brother use to escape the palace many years ago when you were younger?'

Cam hesitated then, feeling a little nervous.

'That…' he began uncertainly, 'was a very long time ago. And…it was very dangerous for us. I told you what happened didn't I? That day I became lost…and the masked figure…' he broke off.

'A different time' Valery finished, turning away from him.

A silence passed between them.

'You are king now' she said. 'You can do whatever you want.'

He watched her uncertainly, before looking away again, tilting his head back, towards the moon.

'Why does the moon appear orange sometimes?' Valery asked.

'It's to do with the way the light is scattered in the atmosphere' Cam replied. 'When the moon is near the horizon, its light must pass through more atmosphere than when it is directly above us. Light is made out of many colours, and out of all the colours….red is the one to travel the furthest.'

Valery asked him playfully. 'Did you learn that in a book?'

Cam smiled at her, before looking away again.

'Tomorrow' he said, 'we will go outside.'

And for some reason, when Cam spoke these words, he d

id not feel afraid.

It was the very next morning that Valery woke Cam early. Still tired from the night before, Cam shifted wearily in his sleep, pulling the sheets tighter to him.

'Oh no you don't' Valery giggled, grabbing onto them and pulling them away again. 'You have to get up. You promised that you would take me outside.'

'Mmmm…gimee a minute.'

Valery released the sheets she had been trying to tug from him, Cam was holding onto them tightly, despite being half asleep. She padded up to him, standing beside the bed and staring down at him.

'Get up' said again. 'You promised to take me outside. You're not going back on that promise are you?'

Cam groaned loudly.

'Cam?' she said sternly.

'No' he sighed, opening his eyes fully now and smiling at her. 'I'm not going back on my promise.'

'Then get up then. I'm excited and I don't want to wait.'

'Fine' Cam sighed, pushing himself up. 'I'm getting up.'

Valery moved away as Cam rose from bed, bare-chested in the hot morning. Valery sat at the bottom of the bed, holding the doll on her lap and waiting for Cam to get dressed.

Minutes later, he came before her.

'Ready?' he asked.

Valery rose, placing the doll on the bed beside her.

'You're not brining it with you?' Cam asked, noticing this.

'No' Valery beamed. 'I don't think I need it.'

'Alright' Cam spoke with determination. 'Let's go then.'

They left their room together, descending many stairs as they made their way down floor after floor.

Cam slowed when they came to the entrance hall. The vast hall echoed around them as they stepped forwards, and Cam clenched his teeth, feeling his stomach twinge with nerves as he saw the guards standing either side of the great doors.

'It's alright' Valery whispered to him, perhaps sensing his nerves. 'You are king. You can order them to stand down.'

Cam dipped his head slightly as they walked forwards.

The guards both tensed slightly as he approached with Valery by his side.

'Your majesty' they echoed.

Cam stopped before them grimacing.

'Let us pass' he spoke firmly. 'We wish to go outside.'

The guards both hesitated, glancing at each other.

'The council…' the braver man began slowly.

'Are not your leaders' Valery finished boldly. 'You take orders from your king. Open the doors, or die.'

They obeyed swiftly after this, both stepping aside and each grasping a handle, they pulled the doors open in unison.

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