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She lay there, allowing herself to be touched, her body relaxed, inviting him to move further.

Reuben read her body language, stroking her cheek with one hand, and with the other, moving down her thigh.

He parted her legs, positioning himself as he kissed her again.

Love drew a sharp intake of breath, arching her back suddenly.

Reuben bowed his head, his hold on her tightening, as they made love on the forest floor.

Interlude end

Days passed, and Cam and Valery never parted and were together every waking moment, and at night of course, they slept together also, though Cam had dared not touch her.

One day, when Cam and Valery were in one of the many libraries she spoke, after a long time of silence.

'What do you think our children will look like?'

Cam glanced up at her from the sofa he rested on, the book he had been reading upon his lap.

'I don't know' he replied. 'I never really thought about it.'

'Never?' Valery cocked her head.

Cam watched her silently. She sat at the table now, her own book open before her. She had been reading about the histories of the kingdoms. Cam had as usual been reading novels, being drawn more to the lives of people imagined by others, finding awe and wonder at the adventures of the heroes within the pages.

'No' he answered at last. 'I never have.'

Valery sighed to herself, turning away as her attention drifted back to her book. 'I do…' she trailed off, '…sometimes…'

Cam watched her for a few moments, before looking back to his own book and continuing to read.

Minutes later, Valery raised her head again, gazing at the windows around them.

'Why can't we go outside?' she sighed dreamily.

Cam glanced back up at her.

'I miss the feel of the wind' she said. 'The sunlight….can't we go outside?' she asked him. 'Please?'

Cam hesitated, every cell in his body screaming against this.

'Alright' Cam mumbled, speaking after a long while. 'We'll go outside.' What am I saying? He looked down at his book again. 'Another time' he finished. But…' he continued to read. 'Not now…'

That night, Cam shook her gently awake. Valery moaned as she turned over, opening her eyes and blinking wearily.


'Hey' he whispered to her. 'I'm sorry to wake you.'

'What time is it?' she grumbled sitting up.

'I don't know, but it must be pretty late.'

Valery rubbed the sleep from her eyes, yawning before resting her hands on her lap before her.

'Why did you wa

ke me? Is everything alright?'

'Yes' Cam told her hastily. 'Everything is fine. Please don't worry.'

'Then why did you wake me?'

'I want you show you something' Cam whispered back, taking her hand and pulling her gently.

Valery rose from the bed, allowing herself to be led away, padding quietly across the silent room, the cold stone floor chilling her feet.

'Are you alright?' Cam asked her.

'Yeah' Valery mumbled back, hugging herself. 'It's just…'

She froze then as Cam placed something around her shoulders. She looked down at it, holding the coat tightly to her.

'Is that better?' Cam asked.

'Yeah' Valery whispered. '…thank you.'

Cam smiled at her, a genuine smile. Inside he felt a strange warmth that was so foreign to him.

'Come on' he said. 'Follow me.'

'Where are we going?'

'I want to show you something.'

'What is it?'

'You'll see' Cam grinned knowingly back at her.

It was utterly silent in the corridors of the palace at night. Everything was eerily still. The palace was so large that even in the day it was quiet. But at night, it felt like a different place entirely.

'It's scary' Valery mumbled, casting her eyes to the shadows all around and listening to her own voice which echoed back at her.

'It's alright' Cam spoke softly to her. 'I'm here.'

Valery who had been clutching at her chest, suddenly feeling the absence of the doll she carried around everywhere, relaxed slightly then, turning her head back towards Cam as he walked before her, leading the way.

They traversed the silent corridors of the palace, moving upwards, always upwards, ascending many flights of stairs, until Cam stopped before a small door.

He paused, turning back to her before reaching for the handle.

As Cam pushed the door, allowing it to swing open, Valery saw beyond was a spiral staircase.

'A tower' she voice.

Cam dipped his head in acknowledgment at this.

'Go on' he encouraged. 'After you.'

Valery glanced to him, still clutching at her chest.

She looked forwards again, before taking a step.

Valery ascended the stairs slowly, stepping lightly. Cam watched her closely, before walking after her.

Together they walked the spiral path, heading upwards, until they reached the door. Valery paused before it.

Behind her, Cam reached out, pushing the door open for her.

Valery drew a slow breath as the cool night air lifted her hair back, brushing her skin and chilling her body.

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