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   Chapter 142 No.142

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The earth elemental took a small step forward.

'Every time I see you' Reuben whispered, 'it is as if it's for the first time.'

She bowed her head shyly, smiling at the ground.

'Each time I see you' Reuben said, 'you take my breath away.'

She raised her head again, gazing deeply at him with her strange eyes. They were vibrant orange in colour, the pupils vertical slits, like a cats.

She approached him, and he reached for her, fingers unfurling as he brushed her cheek. But she did not flinch.

'You're so beautiful' he sighed.

She smiled at him.

The earth elemental had no name, and so Reuben had just nicknamed her Love. She was the only being he had seen of her kind in this forest, though Reuben doubted she was the only one. It was many years ago that Reuben first saw her by chance, just once. And then he came back to this world, time and again for several months with hopes of catching even a brief glimpse of her. And then one day, after Reuben was beginning to think that he would never see her again, she appeared before him, standing in a glade, stunningly beautiful, her skin glowing and her eyes bright. He had taken but one step towards her, causing her to flee. She was gone, but Reuben was sure from that point on, that she was real. He had caught another glimpse of her, and now was determined. It was many years after that, after long and agonizing months of gaining her trust, that they shared their first kiss.

'Love' he said to her, addressing her by the nickname he had given her. 'Let's walk together.'

They moved side by side through the woods, maintaining only a short distance between them.

Love seemed happy, though she didn't often express her emotions, Reuben could see it in the way she walked, the way she held her head high. Sometimes he wanted to sweep her up in his arms. But he knew she wasn't like that. He had learnt that she needed her space, and had to be careful whenever he touched her. Everything had to be on her terms, and he had to read the signs, to know if she was ready for him to move closer. Or else he would scare her away.

They walked for several more hours in complete silence. Reuben had often thought in the past that such a journey on bare feet would be hard for the earth elemental, who Reuben initially thought was a fragile creature. But Love was stronger than she looked. Reuben found himself wondering if other earth elementals were the same. He didn't know. Love had been the only one he had ever seen.

'This is fine' she said at last, coming to a stop.

Rueben glanced around them. The forest here was just as beautiful as the rest of the forest he had seen so far, but the trees seemed just a little closer, the foliage around them, thicker.

Love turned to Reuben, wearing the same level expression she almost always wore.

Reuben whispered her name, reaching out to her, and making sure she knew what he was doing.

He took a step forwards, and kissed her tenderly, still maintaining a small space between them.

She smiled to him suddenly as he stepped back, her cat-like eyes glowing. She stepped away from him, lying back on the forest floor.

'Come' she whispered to him. 'Lie down with me.'

Reuben took a tentative step forwards, moving around and lying down beside her.

These two unusual creatures, the earth elemental and the plague mask wearing figure lay on the forest floor, side by side.

Love tilted her head back, eyes closed and smiling in contentment. She breathed a slow sigh, before opening her eyes again, and turning to face Reuben beside her.

'It is so beautiful in this forest all the time' she said to him, 'even on the darkest days.'

He turned to face her also, feeling the grass between his fingers as he lay there.

'It is' he said. 'It's a beautiful forest.'

Love looked ahead again, staring at the canopy of leaves above.

'I never want to leave this place' she whispered.

'You never will.'

'You won't try to make me?' she asked quietly.

'I wouldn't even dream of it.'

Love blinked slowly, staring upwards to the sky overhead.

'I want…' she began, '…to be one with you.'

Reuben watched her closely; unsure of what was her meaning.

She turned to face him, lying on her back on the soft grass.

'You named me Love' she said to him. 'Show me what it means to be loved.'

'You want…' Reuben began, '…me to touch you?'

'I want…' Love whispered, 'to feel every part of you.'

Reuben watched her for a moment longer, before moving closer, careful to let her see every action he was about to do, and moving slowly so as to keep her calm. She could be ever so fearful at times.

He leant over her, kissing her ever so tenderly, before caressing her shoulder, moving his hand down her body.

He lifted his leg over, kneeling over her now, their bodies so close together as he felt her sweet breath upon his lips.

Reuben leant back, gazing into her glowing orange eyes; the vertical slits to him were so strange.

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