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   Chapter 141 No.141

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'Liiiike' Valery thought. 'Poisoning a river to kill the fish that are eating the crops, and destroying a food supply for the sea eagles that feast on them, killing them off too.'

'Did that happen?' Cam asked curiously, sitting up.

'Yes, in my kingdom' Valery said. 'The sea eagles were a beautiful and slender creature, with long beaks and talons, but died off after the river was poisoned. The crops thrived after that, but the sea eagles, a curious bird who also fed on the parasites that plagued our livestock, were no longer there to do so. And shortly after, the meat became infected and inedible. It took years to make things right and return things to the way they were before. My father learned his lesson after that, and was more careful in every decision he made, from farming to politics….and everything in-between.' Valery sat back, hugging her precious doll closer to her chest.

'A good king listens to his people directly. It's hard, and you can't please everyone, but a good king would at least try to please the majority.'

'He would?'

'Of course' Valery laughed. 'Isn't that obvious?'

Cam frowned in thought at this, the cogs in his mind whirring.

'I think you should have an audience with your people' Valery said distractedly. 'Don't you agree?'

'Yeah' Cam mumbled. 'I think you're right.'

'You don't want to let the council do all the work for you all the time. Otherwise, they are the true kings, and you are nothing but a vassal…a shadow king.'

Cam went silent.

He thought hard about what she said, and despite her youth, he felt that she was wise beyond her years.

What have I really done for myself as king?

'How are the council formed anyway?' Valery asked him.

'Oh' Cam said. 'There are two sides of the council. The left hand, and the right hand of the king. One hand manages the people, and everything related to home, the other hand deals with all foreign affairs, such as the army and keeping peace with neighbouring kingdoms. But neither side has any clear roles or motives, and sometimes their work crosses over to the other hand. They work together' Cam explained. 'There used to be forty members of the council. Now there are less than fifteen.

'What happened to the others?' Valery asked.

'They died' Cam mumbled, 'through illness or accident.'

'Where they murdered?'

Cam glanced around at her, meeting her gaze.

Valery stared back unblinking.

Cam did not answer.

'When I become queen' Valery told him shortly, 'there will be no council.'

'No council?' Cam repeated,

becoming tense suddenly 'But…who will do the work that they do now?'

'We will' Valery smiled to him. 'We'll do it…together. This is our kingdom after all. We can do whatever we like.'

'Do you think that is possible?' Cam whispered.

'Yes' Valery answered quietly back. 'Together…we can do anything we want.' She smiled at him sadly then. 'No one will ever hurt you again' she said to Cam. 'Things will be different…once I am queen.'

Downstairs, listening a floor below through the grate in the fireplace, was Brioke, hearing every word.

Rising from his seat by the wall, he turned and walked away.

Interlude start

Reuben crept through the woods silently. Only when he was sure he was alone, only after walking for several hours, did he remove his mask.

It was daytime now, and the woodland he found himself in was far removed from any forms of civilisation in this world. This forest was a world of its own, with the most fabulous creatures anyone could possibly imagine. That is, if you were lucky enough to see any of it. Almost all of the creatures in these woods were extremely shy or timid or just plain scared of people. Any hint of a human in this home and they would be sent running. But evidence of their presence was everywhere.

Reuben stopped, looking all around him, tilting his head back to the canopy of leaves above him. The branches and foliage was so thick, the sun struggled to fight through. And yet the forest was bright.

This was a strange world. The forests were so full of life, yet to those who were foreign to it, felt so empty.

Reuben cast his sights down at the moss at his feet, which seemed to almost glow.

The sunlight from above could not reach the world beneath the canopy, and yet the forest itself seemed to glow.

'Magnificent' Reuben breathed, raising his head again. 'Utterly magnificent….'

He heard a sound then. It was only very faint, most people would surely have missed it, but Reuben's senses were keen. He turned his head to the side, tilting his head towards the noise.

For several seconds there was silence, and then Reuben saw a hand appear from behind one of the trees.

Reuben watched.

The hand snaked around the tree, and the figure stepped out from behind it.

Reuben drew a slow breath as the figure came into view.

She was an earth elemental, a beautiful woman with green-tinted skin. Her green hair was long and lush and thick. There was ivy bound around her wrists and ankles, winding up her body, and there were thick leaves in her hair which she wore like a crown.

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