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   Chapter 139 No.139

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Everything around them was brightly lit and striking, the marble floors intricate and brightly coloured. The office around them was large, great tapestries with depictions of the seven gods hung from the walls, the most beautiful things seen many would say. All of them were here. Micro with her one wing curled around her body and her golden hair shining like the sun. Faeroe, with the great disk on his back, his fox-like ears and lizard tail sweeping around his feet. There was Ludus with her golden crown, the young boy Filis with his six wings, Zeana with her curved horns and pointed ears and hair tied around her own eyes. Ezla, a man growing out of rock with sharpened claws, and finally Kachi, a beautiful maiden and mother of the sea, where it was believe all life began.

Theat stood silently in the centre of the bright room as Fulcrim went over to the grand cabinet where all his drinks were kept.

'How are your studies coming along?' he asked distractedly, sifting through the cupboard and taking a glass for himself as he chose a bottle.

'Well enough' Theat answered politely.

'It's not easy. You've come a long way it's true, but you still have a long way to go before you get to where I am.'

'I understand.'

'I don't think you do' Fulcrim countered, sitting back in the large leather chair behind the grand desk.

He placed the bottle on the desk after pouring himself a glass.

'The work doesn't stop when you've reached the top' Fulcrim continued. 'It only gets harder.'

Theat raised his head slightly.

'You have doubts?' Fulcrim asked him.

'It's just….'

'Speak' Fulcrim ordered. 'What's on your mind?'

'I feel sort of bad' Theat began, dipping his head now, 'for all the people that have died in the fires.'

'They must be purged' Fulcrim told him shortly, 'for the better people to be left.'

'But shouldn't we try to help them?'

'Some people will not be helped.'

'What about their families?' Theat asked. 'Last night I saw a boy walking through the streets alone. Both his hands were burned, and his arms too…all the way past his elbows.'

Fulcrim listened silently as his apprentice spoke, doing so slowly, deliberately.

'When I spoke to him' Theat continued, 'he said he had tried to pull his mother from the pyre as she burned alive. It was a horrible thing' Theat mumbled, 'to see the pain in his eyes.'

Fulcrim listened silently, nodding his head.

'Tell me' he said. 'What do you see when you look outside, when you walk these streets?'

Theat glanced away, towards the window and outside.

'I don't know' he mumbled. 'I see many things.'

'This world is full of suffering' Fulcrim said, before drinking from his glass. 'This life is hard. We endure these torments now, so that we can live a better life in the next, a better life in paradise.'

'What's it like?' Theat asked. 'The afterlife?'

'What's it like?' Fulcrim repeated with a smile. 'It's whatever you want it to be.'

Theat nodded to himself. 'In that case…' he said slowly, 'it's going to be the most wonderful place.'

Fulcrim smiled.

'Bring me that book over there' he pointed to the ornate bookshelf in the corner. 'We need to continue with your lessons.'

Theat did as he was told, moving over to the shelf and searching for the book that Fulcrim pointed out.

'Which one was it?' he asked, staring at the spines of the books before him. He paused, waiting for an answer. 'Fulcrim?'

He listened, hearing no reply.

He turned back.


Fulcrim's drink slipped from his fingers then and he tipped sideways, falling to the floor.

Theat ran to him, shaking him and calling his name, before running to get help.

The entire temple was roused, as people gathered at the office where Fulcrim had fallen.

But it was already too late.

'The wedding is cancelled.'


'For the moment'.

'I don't understand.'

Miranda crossed her arms, regarding her son with an expression that suggested she was hiding her true emotions.

'The wedding is cancelled' Miranda repeated.

'What?' Cam said again.

'Are you trying to be annoying?' Miranda hissed.

Cam fell silent, glancing away and gritting his teeth.

'What do you mean it's cancelled?' Valery asked as Cam began to shuffle uncomfortably beside her. 'Why?'

Miranda uncrossed her arms, turning and walking away across the small office, towards the large window, through which was a dark night beyond.

'I hate these windows' Miranda sneered, facing the warped glass. 'I miss being able to look outside. The city…despite the fact that I hate it…' she paused, '…it does look pretty in some lights.'

Miranda turned back to Cam and Valery. Luke was there also, leaning back on a desk with his arms crossed and a pained expression upon his face. He had not spoken in a very long time.

'The holy man that was supposed to marry you has died' Miranda began. 'The council claim that it was his rich lifestyle that caused his heart to give out…but I know different.' She narrowed her eyes. 'My people' Miranda whispered, 'the few soldiers that are loyal to me, that once loved your father' she spoke to her sons, 'began an investigation in secret.' She paused. 'They found traces of a foreign chemical in his sleeping quarters' Miranda said. 'They don't know what it is, but…it shouldn't have been there.' She paused again. 'They believe it was a harmful substance.' Miranda tilted her head as she considered the young couple before her. 'The council don't want you to get married it seems.' She huffed, shifting quickly in agitation. 'I should have seen this coming. I made a silly mistake in overlooking it.'

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