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   Chapter 137 No.137

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Cam and Valery sat side by side, as they did so, Luke who sat at the table also glanced up at them, giving Cam a brief acknowledgement, before returning his attention to his plate.

'How was your second night together?' Miranda asked them, as servants hurried forwards to bring them their food.

'It was….fine' Cam finished, as his food was placed before him.

'Valery' Miranda asked. 'Has Cam been good to you?'

'Yes' Valery spoke quietly as she sat beside Cam. 'He's very kind to me.'

Cam watched her as she spoke, looking away when she had finished, though he remained silent.

Miranda frowned at both of them, leaning forwards on her elbows as she watched them closely.

'Have you fucked yet?'

Cam's heart constricted in his chest as his head snapped up.

Beside him Valery looked equally as shocked.

'Really mother' Luke protested at this. 'What is the matter with you?'

'Quiet' Miranda snapped at him, before turning back to Cam. 'Well?' she asked her son. 'Have you?'

Cam's cheeks flushed as he stared back at her.


'Why not?'

Cam drew back slightly, clenching his teeth. 'I…' he began, 'I can't just do it….'

'Enough of this' Luke growled angrily at her. 'Will you leave him be? Things are difficult enough as they are.'

'I do not intent to make you feel awkward' Miranda continued ignoring Luke, 'but the wedding is only next week' she reminded them all sternly. 'Less than four days away.' She paused. 'Time is incredibly short. It's imperative that you two become as familiar with each other as you can and quickly. You are to be married, and the sooner you have children, the sooner you will become stronger. You don't want to be thrown down the stairs again do you?' she finished, addressing Cam.

Cam shot her a frightened glance, suddenly alarmed.

'Don't give me that look' his mother told him shortly. 'I'm not stupid. I know someone did that to you deliberately. Am I'm sure she isn't stupid either' Miranda said, jerking her chin towards Valery, who sat there looking shocked. 'My dear' Miranda said to her. 'No one would dare harm you if you act like the queen you're supposed to be. The same goes for you Cam' she said to him now. 'Act the king, and no one would dare lay a finger on you again.'

'What about father?' Luke spoke up suddenly.

'Your father was a fool' Miranda snapped turning to him. 'He was too kind hearted, he didn't believe that people were capable of terrible things, didn't believe there was true evil in the world. He was an easy target for anyone who wished to harm him. He was naive, and stupid. And besides' she said turning away. 'He

died of an illness. He died because he was sick.'

Luke turned away sullenly.

Miranda raised her head, looking at Cam now.

'I don't know who hurt you' she said to him, 'but don't let it happen again. The next time someone tries to hurt you, fight back. Remember, the weak die in this world. Only the strong survive.' She paused then, regarding her son. 'Nothing lives forever' she told him, 'and in the end, everything dies. Remember that. Your time on this earth is short. Make the best you can…with what you have.' She rose from her seat suddenly, moving across the hall and towards the door. 'Don't forget' she added promptly before she left the hall. 'The wedding is less than four days away. Do what you must in the time you have before that.' She turned and opened the door behind her, slipping through it and snapping it shut.

Once she was gone, Luke rose from his seat, nodding to both Valery and Cam, before following after his mother and out of the hall.

Cam and Valery were left in silence.

They each ate their breakfast without speaking, without looking at each other.

When Cam was finished, he waited for Valery. When she was finished, he rose from his chair silently and made for the door. Valery instinctively followed after him, and trailing after her, was Plum, though they had both forgotten about her.

Cam was making his way back to his room, simply heading to a place to be, walking ahead of Valery as he went.

He was marching down one of the many corridors, when Valery stopped him.

'Cam' she spoke up. 'Stop for a minute.'

He did so, glancing back at her reluctantly.

'I hate to say it, but your mother is right.'

Cam watched her with a stoic expression as she spoke, listening silently and with gritted teeth.

'We…' Valery spoke tentatively now, 'should become familiar to each other. She is right. The wedding is next week and…we are to be married…' She bit her lip then, glancing away, before looking firmly back at Cam. 'Kiss me' she said to him.

Cam blinked, drawing back slightly in surprise.

'Please' Valery said. 'I think…you have been kind to me. I haven't known you for long, but I think that you would be a good husband…and a good king…and father….and…' she drew a deep breath, shuddering slightly as she did. Cam noticed how tense she was as she met his gaze again. 'I want you to love me' she said to him. 'I've come to this strange place, with these people I do not know, in a foreign land I've never seen before. I want to make this place my home so that it's not strange any more……I want you.' She breathed slowly. 'I want…' she whispered. 'Please…kiss me.'

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