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   Chapter 136 No.136

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Vergil glanced towards her silently, listening to her speak.

Lucretia continued.

'How could you find fun in something if it's no challenge? How can you find danger in something if you cannot be killed? I could try to set other worlds right as I have done this one, but that would take a mere second for me, because I can live forever, and I see no point in it anymore.' Her eyes grew distant, as she gazed across this new life, the world that she owned. 'Now…I've got nothing to do.'

'Yes' Vergil purred beside her. 'Life is boring without change. Life is boring if we are always happy. We must suffer, must be challenged…for us to become stronger……for us to grow.'

Vergil smiled.

'That is why we do what we do' Vergil said.

'You mean to play with people's lives?' Lucretia replied. 'To torment people?'

Vergil simply watched her.

'Tell me' Lucretia said turning to him. 'Is there an afterlife, and can I still die?'

'Why?' he asked turning to face her properly now. 'Are you bored of this life already?'

'No' Lucretia said. 'Not yet. But if I did wish to die, could you make it so?'

Vergil watched her for a moment longer.

'There are still ways for you to die' Vergil told her. 'But only we know of them.'

Lucretia's eyes flickered towards Vergil, before she turned her sights away, and towards the kingdom, her kingdom, which she helped create, which she had helped rebuild, and made strong again.

'What will I do with it now?' she uttered.

'Whatever you wish' Vergil replied. 'It is yours after all.'

Interlude end

The next morning, Cam and Valery woke early. It was a bright day, and the sunlight was streaming into their room, burning brightly on their faces through the window, even as early as it was.

'It's so warm in here' Valery groaned, sitting up in bed and rubbing her eyes.

Beside her, Cam pushed himself up too, sitting on the edge of the bed and panting, his body feeling flushed all over.

'I think it's going to be a hot day' he mumbled, glancing over to Valery.

She met his gaze. Cam felt a twinge in his heart. He clenched his teeth, turning away sharply.

'I'm…going to wait outside for you' he said, rising from the bed and not looking at her again as he spoke.

Still dressed in his proper clothes from the day before, he made his way over to the door, slipping quietly through it and into the corridor. Here he let out a deep breath, folding his arms and leaning back against the wall, waitin

g for her to get dressed.

Further down the corridor, Cam saw the same man he had seen the day before, the burly and aged man who posed as a servant, cleaning the same suit of armour and wearing the same drab clothes a servant wore. None would have spared him a second glance. But if they did, if anyone were to look at him closely, to really notice him, then they would see he could not possibly be what he posed as. A servant would never have so many little scars over their body, scars that could only have been received by fighting.

The unnamed man glared at Cam for a few moments, before looking away, returning his attention to his meaningless task.

Guarding me as usual Cam thought as he watched the man with bored eyes.

Cam waited in silence, hearing only the occasional sound of the false servant shifting, or the chink of the armour as he cleaned it.

He waited for a few minutes, until the bedroom door opened, and he saw Valery standing there.

Cam straightened, feeling a lump in his throat as his stomach wound tightly in knots.

'You look….nice' he said awkwardly to her as she stood before him.

Valery smiled sweetly at him, looking down at herself and patting her dress down. She wore a striking red dress with gold beads and black linings. The colours were vibrant, and bold. Cam found himself thinking that she was very beautiful, and found himself thinking what she might look like in a few more years when her body had finished growing. He found the thought caused his stomach to flip over.

'Right' he said turning sharply away from her and straightening up. 'Should we go to breakfast then?'

'Lets' Valery replied. 'I am very hungry.'

As they passed the bedroom door of Valery's handmaiden, Plum stepped out suddenly, seeing their shadows pass as the light broke beneath the crack under her door. Valery gave her only the briefest of acknowledgments as Plum followed a step after them, walking with her head down and hands together. She smiled at her mistress as they moved on.

Together, the three of them traversed the many stairs within the palace, until they reached the breakfast hall.

'Oh finally' Miranda groaned the instant they had appeared. 'Did you get lost or something?'

Cam closed the large door after him, following Valery and Plum as they headed towards the table in the centre.

Miranda and Luke were already finishing their breakfasts, it seemed they had both gotten up early too because of the heat.

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