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   Chapter 135 No.135

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Her lips touched his, as she kissed him.

Cam's eyes grew wide, his heart clenched in his chest.

He pushed her back firmly.

'What are you doing?' he asked again, this time with more force.

She sat back on her heels, looking confused. 'We are to be married' she replied. 'I don't want our wedding day to be the first time we kiss.'

She lifted her hand, touching his cheek, caressing him.

'Stop' Cam whispered, grasping firmly the hand she touched him with. 'I can't…I just…………I can't….'

She stared back at him in shock. He released her hand, and she drew back.

'I'm sorry' she whispered back. 'I didn't want to do anything bad.'

'I know.'

He turned away from her sharply, lying down on his side with his back to her.

'I'm going to sleep.'

She watched him uncertainly for several moments.

Cam lay on his side, listening to the silence. He felt the weight shift on the bed, and heard footsteps as Valery walked away. He heard the rustle of clothes as she dressed into her night dress behind the screen, before coming back and sitting on the bed.

He listened intently, feeling her eyes upon him, before she lay down herself on the bed, and became still.

Cam let out a deep breath, calming his fluttering heart.

He closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Interlude start

After the prolonged murder of her General, Lucretia had travelled to a few of the many other worlds that existed, with the other figures, the ones that together including herself made up the eight.

Here she saw the most incredible things, the most terrible things, the most beautiful, the most painful…

She travelled great distances, and saw things she did not think she would ever see, things she could not possibly have imagined to even exist. But she always returned to the world that was her home. The one known as Lacklustre Paradise. It was a strange place, and one that felt so unnatural to her. But despite this, she had grown to feel positively towards it. In time. And as more time passed, she even began to enjoy living in this strange new world.

But there was a pull within her. Something drawing her away from this home, and to a place she once knew.

Her old home. The world she was born in.

She could never pick up the threads of the life she once lived, but the world itself would always be as she remembered it, no matter how the people might change.

And so, after some time had passed, she returned to this world, and continued her goals where she had left off, in her life before she died.

She achieved more in a few short weeks than she had in all her years in her previous life. And in no time at all, she was the most powerful being in this entire world. Many worsh

iped her as a living god, many feared her because of her wings, and almost all that had once known her, dared not believe this was the same person.

'Raksha is dead' they would say. 'Raksha is no more.'

Lucretia would visit this world often. She lived in a colossal palace made of gold, and built against the slope of a mountain. The rooms were all beautiful, and the views from the windows where breathtaking. No matter the weather. No matter the time of year. From here, from this palace, Lucretia could see the rest of the world at her feet, the cities now thriving with only the good people she had allowed to live. The graveyards and the barren lands as they had come to be known as, where nothing grew, is where the dead were laid to rest, the dishonest, the liars, the murderers, those that would harm others for their own ambitions, had all fallen by Lucretia's hand. Some could reasonably argue now that she was the only bad one left, after the so many she had killed.

One morning, Lucretia rose early to watch the sun rise. Standing on the balcony and seeing the contrast in the lands before her. The thriving cities, and the barren lands, and between them, open grasslands and forests and wilderness that separated these two places, where wild animals ran free, and traders travelled through along the many roads.

Lucretia sighed to herself as she saw it all. She thought she was alone, but on this morning, another figure came to join her on the balcony.

'Vergil' she said, recognising him. 'What are you doing here?'

Vergil smiled to her, his expression clear without his mask. He held it in his hand now as he leant on the balcony wall beside her.

'I came to see you' Vergil replied. 'I came to see what you've created.'

He cast his sights away, seeing everything that was before them.

'It's utterly magnificent' he breathed. 'Wouldn't you agree?'

He glanced to Lucretia. But her eyes seemed bored, her demeanour, dampened.

Then at last she spoke.

'I have led armies' she began. 'I have killed people….but I was always fighting for peace. Sacrifices had to be made, for the greater good. But if I hadn't been killed…then life for everyone would have been better, perhaps it would have eventually become the way it is now.' Lucretia paused then, bowing her head. 'I understand now why my General killed me. He was afraid of change. Afraid for all the people I had already killed; all the people that had to die because of my dream to make a better life for everyone, all the people who were yet to die because of me. Very few had to die now in comparison, because of the power I have gained. I am stronger now than I ever was…but…….I think in a way….that he was right.'

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