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   Chapter 134 No.134

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'She was living, but dead. Nothing more than a skeleton with pieces of flesh hanging off. Her lungs and tongue and lips had rotted away, and she could not speak. But by writing in the dirt, she was able to communicate to Sam who she truly was, and who he truly was, the adopted prince who was destined to be king, but was murdered by a powerful mage, a necromancer, who had murdered the princess too. The woman he was supposed to rule the kingdom with. And as Sam looked down at himself, and examined himself properly for the first time, he saw inside his own chest through his ribcage. His fleshy heart exposed to the elements beat no more, but was utterly still. This is why he was still moving, after he had been impaled through the heart. This is why he felt no pain, because he was already dead. How can this happen? Sam asked himself, hearing the tapping in his head once again. But the princess did not respond to this question. Instead she told him that he had to take back his throne, from the necromancer who took it from him, the man who had killed them both, and the many other people around them within the graveyard. The soldiers.' Valery smiled. 'And so, Sam marched back to the village, from which he would travel onwards towards the palace, with the intentions of taking back his throne with the army of men that followed him, removing the curse from himself and the princess, and restoring their bodies. But when he reached the village, and saw his sister again, he found that he was too afraid to continue. Was too afraid to be seen by her again, knowing now that he was dead. He was encouraged, one last time by the dying princess who accompanied him to continue, to move on through the village and towards the palace, and to kill the necromancer. Sam was about to do so, still frightened as he was, until something stopped him.'

'What?' Cam asked when she paused. 'What stopped him?'

'The necromancer' Valery breathed. 'Sam saw him in the village, holding his sister in his arms, tenderly, kissing her, as she kissed him back.' Valery took a slow breath. 'Sam saw with his own eyes that the two were in love, and so, his last ounce of strength and will upon that sight, vanished, and he returned to the graveyard without even passing the village. He returned to the graveyard, with his dying princess, and the army that were to follow him, and there, he withered away as the necromancer's magic ate away at him, and his body rotted. It was days later that the princess's body rotted away so much, that what little muscle she had left could no longer hold her up, and she collapsed, still almost alive. She cou

ld only lie on the floor now, watching the sky darken and lighten as the days passed, until at last what little that was left of her brain, completely disappeared. The army rotted away also, and Sam, sitting upon one of the great grey slabs of stone, one of the many graves in the field of ash, slowly rotted with them, sitting upon that rock, simply waiting for his fate. When enough of his head had rotted away for him to reach inside, he pulled out at last the thing that was causing the tapping. A little spider that had crawled into his ear when he died, and could not get back out. He flicked it away, setting it free, before sitting back upon the stone slab, and waiting. And in time, his bones would be indistinguishable from the many that lay scattered in the field. The grass grew over his bones, and the field of ash turned green. And as more time passed, everybody forgot that he ever even existed. The forgotten prince.'

Cam listened silently in awe as the story finished.

He sat back, thinking.

'He died…' Cam spoke slowly, 'and suffered…because he was too scared to fight back…too scared to be strong.'

He fell silent then, his mother's lessons echoing in his head.

The weak die, and if you are not strong, then you will suffer. Only the strong make it in this world.

'Nothing lives forever' Cam mumbled, speaking almost to himself. 'In the end…everything dies.'


Cam glanced up suddenly, realising he had been talking aloud.

'Sorry' he mumbled. 'It's just something my mother says.'

He fell silent again.

'The story…the man… His weakness caused others to suffer too.' Cam glanced up. 'Is that it?' Cam asked Valery. 'Is that the moral of the story? That only the strong make it in this world?'

Valery hesitated, humming thoughtfully to herself. 'I don't know' Valery said. 'I never really thought about it like that. I suppose…if you think about it that way…then it is.'

Cam smirked humorously.

'It's the sort of story I think my mother would like. Where did you learn of it?'

'I don't remember.'


Cam moved away from her.

'I'm going to sleep' he said.

'Wait' Valery whispered, reaching out to him.

Cam tensed suddenly as she held onto his arm. He looked down at her hand as she grasped onto him, before glancing up and meeting her gaze. Her hand went to the side as she placed the lantern she carried upon the bedside table, before she leant towards him.

'W-what are you doing?' Cam stammered, leaning away from her as she drew closer.

Valery pulled back slightly. She didn't answer, only gazed at him, before she moved closer again.

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