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   Chapter 132 No.132

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'Where do you find time to read so many books?'

'I have time' he told her, speaking quietly.

'Show me' Valery pressed him. 'Show me where all these books are. We have never had very good libraries where I come from. The libraries were only small; the books were dusty and old.' She smiled shyly. 'I want to see your libraries. I want to see how beautiful they are.'

Cam opened the doors to one of the libraries. The double doors were tall and red, with large brass handles. The room inside was vast, almost like a cavern with a great empty space in the middle, a dusty chandelier above and thousands upon thousands of books set on the many tall shelves made of dark wood.

Valery could not suppress a slow gasp of awe, walking forwards slowly with wide eyes roving all around the room, which was lit by the sun's light shining through several tall windows; the glass was of course warped.

Valery stepped forwards, passing a magnificent statue of the god Faeroe; a figure in the shape of a man. There was a great spiked disk on his back, fox-like ears upon his head, and a long lizard-like tail sweeping around his stone feet. In his hand, he bore a great staff, in the other he wore a strange sort of glove where the fingers extended into knives.

Valery passed this stone sculpture, moving further into the room.

There was an open book upon one of the tables, a chair pulled up beside it. Cam often read several books at one time, and would leave his books open and left about the many different libraries.

Valery glided up to this book, leaning over it.

'What's this one?' she asked him.

'Highlord Vassal and a Sickening Twist' Cam answered. 'That is the name of the book.'

'What's it about?' Valery asked.

'It's about' Cam began slowly, 'a dark and dangerous world, where there is no sun.' He came up behind her, reaching out to touch the page of the book, running his finger over the words.

'It is the afterlife, a horrible world, where the sea is made of acid, and very few creatures live, in the sea and on land. And everyday' Cam went on, 'is a struggle to survive, to find water, food, a place to shelter, safety. It is a world where people live for thousands of years. It is a hell, where each person suffers their punishments for crimes they committed when they were living, over and over again, destined to suffer.'

'How do they get out?' Valery asked.

'By atoning for their sins' Cam replied, 'and realising that the world they live in is actually a hell, and their

lives, a punishment.'

Valery nodded, her attention sliding to one of the other books.

'And this one?' Valery asked, reaching out to another open book upon the table.

'The Phantom Realm' Cam replied, 'a World without Light.'

'And?' Valery tilted her head, in what almost seemed like a playful manner.

'It's about a merman' Cam told her, 'a human of the sea, who gets separated from his family by a storm.' Cam took the book, closing it and walking with it to one of the shelves. 'He is found by a wizard, who takes him inland to tend to his injuries, but to save his life when enemies appear, is forced to use magic to turn him human, or else allow him to be killed by the men that appear. The merman, now human in form, spends the rest of the story trying to get back to his family.' Cam found the empty slot on the bookshelf, lifting the book and pushing it forwards in place with a finger. 'In the beginning of the story, he is only drawn further and further away from the sea, and away from his father who allows himself to be turned human also in order to find him.'

Cam stepped back, staring at the many colours of the book spines before him.

'He falls in love with an angel' Cam went on, 'and goes on an adventure filled with danger, travelling from the great cities built on stilts in the sky, to the underground caverns, where little elves with green skin live, unable to stand in sunlight…lest they die…'

'It sounds exciting' Valery said. 'Have you finished it? Does it have a happy ending?'

Cam tilted his head back, looking to the books higher on the shelf above him.

'Yes' Cam mumbled. 'He finds his father again, purely by chance. And sometime later, is transformed back to his original form, and returns to the sea once more…to be reunited with his family.'

'Oh' Valery sighed. 'I love happy endings.'

'It's why I love to read so much' Cam said, turning to face her again. 'It is a wonderful feeling to visit other worlds, and experience so many other stories, from another's eyes, from another's imagination.'

'I thought' Valery said, speaking tentatively, 'that a king would be busier than this.'

Cam gave her a level expression, watching her in silence.

'Don't you rule your kingdom?' she asked him. 'Don't you look after your people?'

Cam hesitated, forcing himself to speak.

'The council do much of the work' he said quietly.

'I don't know much about them' Valery admitted. 'What do they do exactly? How are they formed?'

Cam looked away.

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