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   Chapter 131 No.131

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It was a truly magnificent hall beyond compare, and as beautiful a place as the elven cities that Cam read about in his books. He imagined these cities to be the greatest beauty one could construct, the greatest beauty that could possibly exist. This hall matched those cities.

'This is where you will stand' Miranda told Cam. 'The holy man, the one who will marry the two of you, will be standing beside you.' She turned then, lifting her arm to point back down the hall. 'Valery will come through those doors. She will be walking alone. You will be carrying Cam's crown' Miranda said to her. 'Hold it in both hands before you like this' she indicated, holding an imaginary crown before her. When you reach the top of these steps, turn and face your husband. The holy man will begin to speak, Cam will bow, and you will place the crown upon his head.'

'What…' Valery began tentatively, 'what about my own crown? Will Cam give it to me?'

'No' Miranda sighed. 'You will have a tiara, and it will already be on your head when you enter the hall.' She frowned then, placing a hand upon her hip. 'All the most important people will be here. Try not to fuck this up.'

Valery averted her attention.

'We should talk now about what you will both wear on the day' Miranda said turning away from them and towards a small door, innocuous and painted to look like the stone walls around it. 'Cam, before you enter the hall, you will come from this door. This is where both your clothes are.'

She entered the room beyond the small door, and Cam and Valery followed reluctantly, stepping in after her.

The room was dark and bare and small, lit now only by the light from the hall beyond. Inside the room were only two things. Two mannequins. One was male, made to fit Cam's exact measurements, the other was female, smaller in size, like Valery. Both costumes were beautiful.

Cam would be wearing a striking garment of gold fabric, intricately detailed with swirls, and black trousers underneath, with a cloak of vibrant red that would trail from his shoulders.

Valery would be wearing a dress of a deep blue, like the floor of the hall. Even now on the mannequin, the silky material shimmered in the sunlight that shone through the tall windows of the hall through the open door. Valery was still a young girl, only sixteen in age, but the dress would make her look far older than she was. The dress she wore now was modest, covering her shoulders and arms. The dress the manneq

uin wore ran across the shoulders, leaving the arms bare, reaching low behind her so that her back would be visible. It was a shapely dress, and would show off the figure she was just growing into. The trail of the dress was long, and would reach far behind her as she would walk down the hall towards her husband.

'Your hair will be beautiful as well' Miranda was saying as she strolled up to the female mannequin, caressing the blue fabric gently between her fingers. 'You will look utterly magnificent………like I did on my wedding day' she added, in a distant tone. 'Your measurements will be taken before the day' she spoke to Valery, 'and the appropriate adjustments will be made to the dress.' She straightened, turning back to them. 'You will be expected to kiss' she added casually. 'Be sure that it is not your first time. Remember…the wedding is just next week. You have until then to become properly acquainted with each other…if you know what I mean.'

And then she left the room without another word.

After that, Cam and Valery left the hall, instead wandering to other parts of the palace. Valery had no one else besides her handmaiden, and was afraid to be alone, and Cam too did not want to be parted from her, for fear of being met by Brioke. Anyone who would try to part one from the other would only look suspicious, especially with the wedding coming up. They would be expected to stay together, and for this Cam took comfort.

And besides, he didn't want to leave Valery alone, for his own safety as well as hers.

They walked in silence for some time, heading to no place in particular. Cam walked slowly by Valery's side, feeling very uncomfortable. They walked up and down several flights of stairs, before Valery spoke.

'What do you do for fun?'

Cam was caught off guard by her sudden question, spoken so suddenly after the prolonged silence.

'For fun?' he repeated, finding his tongue. 'I um…I like to read…most of the time.'

'What sort of books do you read?' Valery asked him, turning to face him as they walked.

'I…like….' Cam spoke slowly, pondering the question. 'Anything' he finished, 'everything. There is not a book I wouldn't read.'

Valery stared at him, not looking away.

'I've read…' Cam went on, 'hundreds of books.'

Valery made a face, an expression of awe.

'Hundreds?' she repeated.


'Don't you think you're exaggerating a little bit?'

'No' Cam shook his head. 'I've read hundreds…perhaps more.'

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