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   Chapter 130 No.130

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'Well done' Miranda grinned slyly. 'He's not really a servant…but I'm sure you know that.'

Cam took a seat at the table. Valery sat beside him, as she was expected.

'You can sit too' Miranda told the handmaiden. 'I want you to share breakfast with us.'

'Only if you're sure' Plum mumbled with her head down. 'It's usually expected for the handmaiden to remain invisible.'

'Don't be silly' Miranda huffed impatiently. 'Act submissive to others if you must but around me I don't want you acting like a mouse. I've told you before. Speak clearly and look me in the eye.'

Plum raised her head reluctantly, looking at the queen now.

'That's better. Now sit.'

Plum did so, feeling uncertain and a little lost.

'It's ok' Valery whispered leaning closer to her. 'I trust her.'

'Then so do I' Plum spoke quietly back with a smile.

Other servants brought Cam and Valery their breakfasts.

'Another one please' Miranda called loudly to all of them. 'You can see there's an extra person at the table can't you?! If all of your eyes aren't working then I shall remove them for you!'

Very swiftly after that one of the servants brought Plum her breakfast, which was as generous as the ones given to Valery and Cam.

'I don't mean to ask' Plum voiced.

'Louder!' Miranda snapped at her. 'Can't hear you!'

Plum raised her head. 'Why are you kind to me?' she spoke clearly now.

'Because you seem to be important to Valery. I've seen the way she looks at you.' Miranda put her elbows on the table and leant forward. 'I care about Valery. If you are important to her, then you are important to me, and deserve a place at our table. But don't overstep your bounds. Remember, you are still a servant.'

'How noble of you' Luke muttered to himself, lifting a glass to his lips and drinking.

'I think of you differently than I do with the other servants here' Miranda continued, speaking to Plum. 'Now eat. And be silent. I need to speak to Valery and Cam.'

Cam tensed slightly as Valery glanced up from her breakfast.

'The wedding is next week' Miranda began.

Cam's heart began to sink in his chest.

'We need to begin preparations as soon as possible' Miranda went on. 'Finish both of your breakfasts and I will speak again.'

She fell silent after that. No one spoke again in the hall as Cam and Valery began to eat.

Miranda waited for them to finish, biting her nails and scratching at her arms as she did.

Cam felt very uncomfortable in the silent hall.

When they were finished, Miranda led them down to one of the many great halls the palace held. Luke went away to tend to his own business, while Cam, Valery and her handmaiden followed Miranda to the larges

t of the great halls.

'This is the most magnificent hall the palace has to offer' Miranda said, raising her arms to demonstrate the place around them. 'Here is where they say history happens.' She lowered her arms. 'Here is where I was married to your father, where the white king first gained his name all those years ago, where your great great grandfather was assassinated, where peace fell and the old war was first started. But that was all before you were born.' She turned to Cam. 'Some call this a magnificent room. I just think of it as another room in the palace.'

Of course you do Cam thought silently to himself.

'What do you think?' Miranda asked them.

Cam stared back at his mother, unsure of how to answer. Valery too was silent.

Miranda smirked, turning away from both of them.

This hall will be filled with all the most important figures in the kingdom. The council obviously' she spoke with a sneer, 'and all the lords and ladies and Dukes and so forth. Anyone and everyone of importance will be here. I hope you're prepared for what will be expected of you.'

'And what will be expected of me?' Cam asked her miserably.

Miranda glanced back at him briefly, before turning and marching away. 'Follow me.'

Cam and Valery did so, walking quickly to keep up with her, the handmaiden Plum remained where she was. As they went, Valery gazed at the hall around them in wonder, having never been here before.

Cam cared not at all for it.

He hated this place.

It was a long hall, with tall and narrow arched windows running along the walls on either side, the glass warped like the windows in the rest of the palace. But the glass was clear, no stained glass was in this hall, and the sunlight was allowed to flood into the hall in its natural form, shining upon the deep blue surface of the marble at their feet, which glistened like the ocean on a bright day. The mighty columns, wide at the base and growing thinner as they went up, held up a ceiling that was painted in stars, the columns themselves were intricately carved with ivy snaking its way around. Each single column was made of many different stones, several larger sections for the main structure, then many more for the detail.

There were rows of benches made of white stone and slender in design, and as the three reached the head of the hall, they ascended a steep set of steps. From this point at the top of the steps, it would have been easy to see every face of the many that would crowd the hall the day the wedding was to take place. Where they stood now, was a large space, and as Cam gazed around at the hall before him, he could not deny it, despite the sickness churning in his stomach.

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