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   Chapter 129 No.129

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The two were alone now. Cam glanced nervously at Valery, who stood a short distance from him, holding her precious doll.

'Why do you carry that thing?' he asked her quietly.

'It was a gift from my mother' Valery replied quietly. 'The last gift she ever gave me…before…I came here.'

Cam lowered his eyes to the ground.

'My mother never gave me anything.'

He walked away, heading to the bed. He hesitated, glancing back at her.

'Are you going to sleep now?' he asked her.

Valery stared at him back, holding herself uncertainly.

'I…' Cam began. 'I just want to sleep.'

Cam began to grow more uneasy when she didn't answer.

'What do you normally do before you go to bed?'

'I…um…get changed into my nightdress.'

Cam paused. 'There's a screen over then' he said, indicating. 'You can get changed behind that.'

Valery nodded.

'Thank you' she said tentatively.

Cam turned his back on her as she moved away. He undressed quickly himself, taking off his shirt and shoes but keeping his trousers on. He went to bed.

Cam lay on his side with his back facing the screen behind which Valery was getting dressed. He listened to the quiet sounds of her movement, the sound of clothes rustling, her steady breaths. It was all too easy to hear in the otherwise silent room.

After a few moments, he heard then the sound of footsteps as she padded closer to his bed. She pulled back then, as she approached it.

Cam turned over, watching her.

'There's space' he said, turning back. 'Just sleep.'

Valery stared at the back of his still profile for several seconds, before moving forwards. She lifted the sheet and climbed into bed, keeping a space between them.

She glanced over to Cam who had not moved, before lying down and resting upon the soft sheets. Beside her, Cam let out a steady breath, before closing his eyes.

The next morning Cam woke early, sitting up and glancing beside him at the profile of Valery who was still fast asleep.

He got up and dressed quickly, leaving the room. When Valery woke next, she found that she was alone. She sat up, leaning against the headboard with the sheets hugged tightly to her. She waited for a moment for something to happen, in case he came back, but after a time she decided to leave her bed and dress. She had many beautiful dresses that she owned. Today she wore a pretty orange and white dress.

Valery glanced briefly at herself in the mirror, tending to her hair before she left the room.

As she stepped out into the corridor, she was caught a little by surprise,

starting back and gasping as she saw Cam standing there. He had been leaning against the wall beside the door, resting back with his arms folded.

'I didn't want you to walk to breakfast alone' he explained, as she stared at him uncertainly.

'Where is my handmaiden?' she asked him.

'She came here' Cam said to the floor. 'But I told her to leave.'


'I…thought you would like to sleep. I'm sorry if what I did was wrong but…I thought…' he hesitated. 'She's fine' he finished. 'She's just back in her room.'


Cam straightened, unfolding his arms and meeting her eyes. 'Should we go to breakfast then?' he asked her. 'Together I mean? I thought that you wouldn't want to go alone…I mean…you know…' he trailed off awkwardly.

Valery clutched the doll to her chest.

'Yes' she bowed. 'Let's go together.'

'Ok' Cam chuckled uncomfortably, avoiding her gaze and staring down the corridor. 'Let's go…it's this way…'

They passed a man cleaning a suit of armour as they walked down the corridor, heading to the nearest stairs that would take them to the breakfast hall. Cam had never seen this man before. The man gave the both of them a curious look, something between a frown and a glare. He appeared dressed as a servant in drab clothes, but Cam saw him as something different. He was muscular, older in age than many of the servants in the palace, and there were on closer inspection little scars and nicks here and there on his bare arms and hands and face.

Must be one of mother's men Cam thought as they wandered past. She's guarding me it seems.

It was then that Cam suddenly realised he hadn't seen Brioke in ages, or any member of the council for that matter, for which he was extremely grateful.

I hope it stays that way…

As they passed Plum's quarters, her door opened suddenly as she heard them go by. She stepped out of her room, bowing obediently. Valery nodded to her and the handmaiden followed in her mistress's footsteps, walking a step behind with her head bowed and hands together.

When the three of them reached the breakfast hall, which was up and down several flights of stairs, they found that Miranda and Luke were already there waiting for them.

'Ah!' Miranda said as the three of them entered. 'Finally. I would have been getting worried if I hadn't been keeping an eye on you.'

'What do you mean?' Valery asked her.

'I think that man cleaning the suit of armour outside our room is one hers' Cam mumbled to her. 'Isn't he?' he asked speaking clearer as he addressed his mother.

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