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   Chapter 128 No.128

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Cam watched her closely, staring at her hard.

'How did you sleep with the windows open all the time?' he asked her. 'Isn't that dangerous?'

'No' Valery shook her head. 'The palace guards were always vigilant, and loyal. And a great golden fence twelve feet high ran all the way around the palace grounds. There was never anything dangerous that happened.'


For some reason, this surprised Cam.

'Your home sounds very different to mine' Cam said.

'It does' Valery smiled. 'It does.' She gazed about her then. 'There are an awful lot of stairs in this palace' she said offhandedly. 'Aren't there?'

Later that evening, Miranda spoke with Cam and Valery.

'We are to be sharing the same bed?' Cam repeated.

Miranda gave him a firm expression, a slight sneer playing about her lips.

'Must I repeat myself?' she huffed. 'Is it such an odd thing to share a bed?'

'But we're not married yet' Cam protested. Beside him Valery bowed her head shyly.

'I know that' Miranda snapped, losing her patience. 'Gods I've been following you two around all day when I could have been doing something else. I would appreciate being spared the foolish and obvious statements.'

'But isn't it….' Cam began. He hesitated, casting a glance down to Valery standing beside him. 'Isn't it inappropriate?'

'I've said this to you before' Luke told him, speaking in a calming and patient tone. 'You're to be married anyway. You may as well get to know each other.'

'The marriage is next week by the way' Miranda added casually.

'Next week?!' Cam echoed.

'I've said this to you before' Luke said again. 'The sooner you two are married, the sooner you can have children and strengthen our family. Look at us Cam' Luke indicated the four of them standing there. 'This is all we have. Valery' he said speaking to her now. 'How many siblings did you have before you came here?'

'Twelve' she replied.

'And your father, the king is alive?'


'And your mother?'

Valery hesitated. 'Yes' she replied at last. 'But she is the second wife. My father remarried after….'

She trailed off. Miranda put a hand on her hips, sighing. 'The queen is replaceable yet the king is not. How lovely' she added flatly.

Miranda considered the young prin

cess then.

'Only the king's bloodline can rule his kingdom' she said to her. 'If Cam were to die before he had children, then you would marry Luke who would become king. If Cam was to die and he had children, then one of his sons would become king and rule over the land. But you will never be in full control. You, if you died, would be replaced with just another princess, but the king…' she frowned, 'that is another matter.' Miranda folded her arms, dipping her head as she thought. 'When my husband died many years ago, I instantly lost all the power I would have had if he were still alive. The council fought amongst themselves…after the king's death they became caretakers to the throne, waiting for the day my eldest twin' she glanced at Cam, 'came of age.'

'Are the council the ones who did this to him?' Valery asked tentatively, glancing to Cam's injuries.

Cam shifted uncomfortably, suddenly feeling uneasy.

'Yes' Miranda said quietly. 'It is the council that did this to Cam. It is the council that poisoned me…that attempted to kill me several times before. They may even have harmed Luke or at least tried…but I do not know.'

Luke glanced up at the sound of his name, standing there with his arms crossed and a severe expression, though he did not speak.

'That is why' Miranda spoke gently to Valery, bending forwards to her level and placing her hands firmly upon her shoulders, 'you must do this.' She smiled at the young princess. Her smile was kind, concerned, and genuine. 'Please look after Cam' she urged her, 'and bear him a son.'

As night began to fall, Cam returned to his own room, this time followed by Valery. Up until this point she had stayed in the room opposite Miranda's. But things had changed now.

Plum, Valery's handmaiden who had finished cleaning the room, bowed respectively to the two of them before leaving. She would never be too far away. Her room was just down the corridor from Cam's. If either of them wanted anything, they would only need to ring the bell.

'It's going to be really awkward at first' Miranda had said to them before leaving them alone, Luke was already gone, having left earlier that day. 'But' Miranda had said, 'you'll get used to it. It will get easier for both of you. I promise.'

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