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   Chapter 127 No.127

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He pulled, loosening her clothing, before pulling the corset apart.

He leant over her again, kissing her deeply. His hand went rigid, and he ran his nails down her chest, tearing at the white under dress. He bit at her neck sharply then, his movements becoming more vigorous, more savage.

Isami moaned as she felt him push into her, his hands finding his way to her.

He grabbed her roughly around the thigh, lifting her legs up as he thrust into her.

The bed creaked with the rhythm until Isami stopped him suddenly, pushing him back.

She rolled on top of him, moving up and down and grasping his hand in hers as he cupped her breast.

Lucas tilted his head back, moaning in pleasure.

'Don't stop' he told her breathlessly. 'Don't stop...'

Afterwards they lay on the bed, resting on their sides with their bodies moulded together, Lucas holding Isami firmly to him.

'Your touch is so gentle' she whispered. 'You are ever so tender…yet you have a savage side.'

Behind her, Lucas bowed his head, nuzzling into her neck.

'Let's do this again' Isami beamed, 'and again…and again……and again….'

Interlude end

It was many days later, when Cam's body had healed a little more, that he felt well enough to leave his room.

He wandered the corridors of the palace, followed closely by Valery, whom had hardly left his side. Cam suspected she had been encouraged to stay close to him, for his own safety perhaps as well as for hers. Cam glanced behind him briefly, seeing his brother and mother trailing after them some distance away. Behind them walked Valery's handmaiden, and behind her followed what at a glance appeared to be a servant, but Cam knew the man was actually a soldier, an old veteran. Miranda these days often surrounded herself with figures like these, shady and mysterious characters. But Cam trusted them far more than anyone in the palace, save for his own brother and mother.

'So what was your very first memory?'

Cam turned back to Valery who had spoken. In the time they had spent together, she had asked him many questions like this.

'My very first memory?' Cam repeated, slowing to a stop. 'Let me think.'

He bowed his head, falling silent.

'I guess that would be…' he began. 'The day I fell off my rocking horse. I hurt my knee. My father picked me up, he said something kind to me…and I stopped crying.'

'Your father?' Valery turned to him, flicking back her light brown hair as she did. 'Your father cared for you?'

'Well…yes' Cam said hesitantly. 'Is that…odd?'

'A little' Valery replied. 'To me at least. I hardly saw either of my parents growing up. I was cared for by a whole host of servants and matrons. But they were never the same. Every day was a stranger…but I got used to it.' She hugged the doll she carried to her chest, dipping her he

ad. 'I used to watch other children play from the palace garden. The children of the city in which I lived, were cared for by their own parents, and I found this odd. I didn't know if it was normal for a mother to care for her own child, but then again…I was a princess……my life was bound to be different.'

'I don't think it's as easy as thinking of something as being normal or not normal' Cam told her. 'Things are just different for everyone. We never really knew what was normal, Luke and I…my brother.' He paused. 'Growing up we wished we had different lives. After our father died…life became harder.'

'Is he your only sibling?' Valery asked him.


'Really?' Valery seemed genuinely surprised by this. 'I have twelve other siblings, seven brothers and five sisters. They are all older than me…I was the youngest.'

'It must be nice to have a large family' Cam said. 'My family was always small.'

'No' Valery shook her head. 'Half of my siblings are born from another queen, who died due to complications in childbirth. They are all older than me. I hardly know them. And the ones that share the same mother as I……I hardly know them either.'

'Why is that?'

'I…I don't really know' Valery spoke sadly. 'My older brothers went missing. I was never told what happened to them, but I suspect they were killed in many different battles, in many different wars across many different lands. And my sisters were sold as brides to princes of other kingdoms. I sat at the palace alone so many days, wondering when it would be my turn. The only sibling I ever really got close to….was one of my brothers.' She clenched her teeth, balling her fists as she fought back her emotions. '……I wonder what he's doing now' she spoke in a distant voice.

Cam watched her for a moment, wondering if he should say anything.

'My room' Valery started, suddenly changing the subject before she could allow herself to dwell on her sadness, 'was a wonderful place.' She smiled. 'It was always so warm, so open and spacious. It opened out onto the orchard where we grew all the fruit for the palace. I would take some from the trees, and sit on my sofa by the window looking outside. I liked to draw everything I saw, and I would place my finished pictures on the wall.' She sighed, grasping the doll to her chest. 'It was always warm in my country, even in winter, and my windows were open all the time. Swallows used to nest in my room, even bees and flowers would thrive there. I used to love watching the little chicks grow, being cared for so lovingly by their parents, and the bumblebees that used to fly into my room to visit the fox gloves that grew in pots in my room. It was truly a wonderful place.' A sad expression crossed her face then, and she looked suddenly forlorn. 'I'm never going to see it again.'

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