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   Chapter 126 No.126

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'Isami…what are you….?'

'Shhh. We are alone now, the others are out.'

'And Lucretia?'

'Resting' Isami replied quickly. 'She won't leave her room for a long while now. In her last outing she used much magic. She is exhausted. We are alone.'

Lucas closed his mouth, staring back at her.

Isami leant towards him, reaching for the controls behind him. She typed furiously on the keyboard, changing the image upon the monitor.

'Love is as much a part of life as death' Isami was saying. 'It's all part of the process.'

On the screen above them, they saw one of the eight, Callista, acting as a servant for a wealthy family out on a picnic.

'Despite our powers' Isami gleamed, 'it's sometimes fun to hide them…to get a different play a different role. Look' Isami breathed as they watched the scene play out on the monitor. 'She wishes for children of her own, as Auntie did. But she cannot…not in a clockwork body.'

Lucas watched as Callista, playing the servant, lifted one of the lord's children, a young boy, carrying him in her arms and tickling him. She looked happy.

'We shouldn't be watching this' he said. 'We shouldn't be watching each other.'

'Why not?' Isami argued. 'It's only for a moment.'

Isami typed on the keyboard again, and another image appeared on the monitor.

'Castello…at his daughter's birthday party. Isn't she a cute girl?'

She typed again, and another image appeared. Tiara, standing in a procession, of figures all in black. The storm in that world at this time raged on, and the sea waves crashed against the rocks of the coast beside them, as on the top of the cliff, the mourners gathered around the stone slab, where a man was laid to rest. A legend. A human who had changed many lives in his own short one. His name would be remembered for many generations.

'Look at her' Isami breathed, as Tiara turned towards the storm, head lifted and facing the elements as the rain fell heavily on her face. 'She misses being a Weather Maker, despite the turmoil it brought her. And…'

Isami typed again on the keyboard, and an image of Reuben appeared. He was deep in woodland somewhere, surrounded by thick foliage. He was sitting beside a human-like creature, a beautiful woman with green-tinted skin and leaves in her hair. An earth elemental, stunningly beautiful and notoriously shy in this world, normally fleeing at the first sign of humans. To get this close to her, Reuben must have spent months gaining her trust.

But then some

thing unusual happened. He reached forwards and kissed her. The elemental did not flinch, but reach for him too, kissing him back.

Lucas raised an eyebrow at this.

'He never said anything.'

'Why should he?' Isami countered. 'It's his private affairs. Like you said before' she smiled at him, 'you're brothers…not married.' She glanced up again at the screen. 'Look at him. He's smitten with her. Even you must see that.'

'Yes' Lucas mumbled. 'He looks happy.'

Isami flipped a switch then, and the screen went suddenly blank.

Lucas turned away from the monitor, staring back at her.

For the longest time she did not speak, did not move, only leant forwards towards him, hands resting either side of him on the control panel behind. She waited for him to act first, to make his move. To either accept her, or push her away.

Lucas slowly raised his hands, cupping her face gently. Isami tilted her head up to his as he leant forward to kiss her, doing to tenderly at first, and then more forcefully. Isami grasped his forearms tightly as Lucas held her.

Lucas ran his hands down her body and around her waist.

They broke apart then, Isami letting out a gasp.

She sighed, grinning at him, suddenly flustered.

Lucas lifted her then, holding her in his arms. He carried her through the building, away from the monitors and down the corridor.

The door opened as he approached, and closed after him as he entered the room, commanded by his magic.

Lucas placed Isami carefully on the bed, leaning back with a knee resting on the bed, he considered her.

'Well?' Isami teased him, trailing her bare foot down his chest. 'Am I not pleasing?'

Lucas caught her leg, holding it firmly with a hand. He moved it aside, so that she now lay with her legs apart.

Bearing over her, he pressed his body against hers, brushing her hair back with the back of his hand and breathing slowly.

'I want you Lucas' she said to him. 'I want you.' She gleamed. 'Do you want me too?'

He narrowed his eyes slyly at her, taking her hand in his, and running it down his own body.

'What do you think?' he asked as she felt him. 'Of course I want you.'

She let out a slow breath as Lucas leant back, reaching for the corset she wore and pulling at the lace methodically, gradually, one by one.

'I wonder' he spoke slowly as he did this, 'how much you expect from me.'

'For the meantime' Isami breathed, 'all I want is you.'

Lucas paused then, finger and thumb holding the last thread.

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