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   Chapter 124 No.124

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She was not only saved a painful death for her actions, but rewarded, worshiped even by the men she once thought to be as bad as her master. On that cold wintry day, through the falling snow she gazed at the faces of the poor soldiers around her, as they threw themselves to her feet, praising her, like one would a god.

Shortly after that, the necromancer appeared.

He must have seen something in her that she did not see herself, for he took her on as his apprentice.

Years later, Raksha would return to the camp, long since abandoned and untouched since the day she had murdered her old master. She would use her magic. Her first act of necromancy was performed on the body of the man that had tortured her for all those years, the body that had since rotted to bone and raw flesh, though due to the severe cold, was mostly still intact.

And Raksha was happy.

She kept her old master by her side for years, learning from her new and kind master who taught her many things.

Her apprenticeship only ended with his death, as he succumbed to a fever in the cold of winter one year. From then on, Raksha made her way alone, abandoning even the body of her old master, burning him in a fire she conjured from her own magic. She went on to forge her own path, years later, becoming the leader of one of the most feared cults in history, wielding power over men, both the living and the dead, she conquered cities and stuck fear into the hearts of anyone who heard her name. For years she lived this life, until one day she was betrayed, and murdered by her own General, a man who remembered the old days, when the lives of so many people were not ruled by a dictator, were not ruled by fear.

Raksha had come to own everything in her world. But her reign was cut short.

But her story did not end with her death. Raksha found her once loyal General drinking happily in an inn, she slaughtered every man within the room, be they his friends, or simply folk unfortunate enough to be there on that time and day. She killed everyone, like sheep cornered in a shed, all of them dead, except for him.

'It cannot be' the General whispered in horror, recognising the face of the one he had once served. 'How can you perform necromancy on yourself? You were dead!'

'Death is not as simple as you think' she answered shortly. 'I have new friends now, a new home…and a new name.'

Her expression darkened, and she curled her wings around her as she levitated in the air, her back shrouded in purple mist, the ends of her skeletal wings sharp like knives. Blood from the other people who had been laughing and talking and drinking happily only minutes ago was spla

shed on the walls and pooled on the floor. Body parts, organs, eyes, teeth and brain were smeared everywhere. The gore was repulsive; the stench alone would make one retch.

I will make you pay for what you've done' Raksha whispered.

She took him outside after that, and killed him in the most gruesome and agonising way, making his death last minutes as he screamed and begged for his life, crying that he was sorry.

But Raksha was deaf to his pleas.

She twisted his foot until it broke, grasping both his legs with the sharp of her wings, cutting so far into his flesh it touched the bone and pulling until one leg came off, before using his own weight and gravity to smash his head into a bloody pulp. Using her magic to revive him again, before finishing him off with a heavy carriage, one pinning him to the ground as it sat on his arm crushing it, the other carriage, guided by her magic, slowly rolling down the hill towards his head.


'My name' Raksha spoke calmly, though he couldn't hear her over his own screams, 'is Lucretia.'

She threw her hand up and the carriage jerked sharply towards him, crashing into the other carriage that rested on the unfortunate mans arm and crushing his head which exploded under the pressure. Blood, gore and brain matter shot far down the street, amongst shards of bone and the slushy goo of eyes and tongue.

Lucretia let out a deep sigh, allowing herself to lower in the air and touch the ground. She had elevated herself, floating on the air in a high position to watch over the whole thing. Now, after minutes of agonized screams, the place was eerily quiet.

'Do you feel better now?' a plague masked figure asked behind her. 'Lucretia.'

Lucretia turned to the figure.

'Castello' she said. 'I recognise your voice.'

Behind his mask, Castello smiled.

'I think…' he spoke carefully, 'that you will fit in very well with our little family' he said. 'Very well indeed.'

Lucretia glanced back at the bloody mess she had made, before facing Castello again.

'Show me more' she said to him. 'Show me what there is to see.'

'There is so much to see' he said rising from the wall and straightening. 'There are so many worlds out there, so many possibilities……so much fun.' He smiled behind his mask. 'Just come with me and I will show you.'

Lucretia walked with him, and the two moved away, striding through the portal he had created and to another world. Lucretia as she went used her magic to conceal her wings, so that she could blend in easily with a crowd, placing onto her face the plague mask and black gloves as she went.

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