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   Chapter 123 No.123

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Luke heaved a deep sigh, turning he left the room, closing the door after him.

Suzie returned shortly after, bringing with her all that she would need.

She opened up her bag and placed her tools upon the table. She turned to Cam, who still sat upon the bed, Luke waited nervously beside her.

'I'm going to fix your teeth' she said to him. 'But I need you asleep for that. I'm going to give you a drug to keep you under. You'll be out for a while.'

Cam who had been watching her as she spoke looked down then, staring at his lap. He hated being the centre of attention, at all times, but especially now.

'Is it…' Cam began. He took a deep breath before speaking again. 'Is it going to hurt?'

'No' Suzie told him. 'It will be a bit sore afterwards. But you won't feel a thing I assure you. These drugs are strong.'

'It's alright Cam' Luke said. 'I'll be here.'

Suzie smiled at him, indicating the operating table beside her.

'If you would like to lie down' she said. 'Everything will be alright.'

Cam reluctantly rose from the bed, drifting over to the table. He lay down as he was asked, staring up at the ceiling nervously.

He didn't remember much after that, but when he came around again, several hours had passed, and he saw that the day had grown a little darker outside.

Cam was groggy. It took him several minutes to become fully aware. But when Suzie lifted the mirror, he saw as he pulled back his lip, that his teeth looked whole again.

'They're ceramic' Suzie beamed, 'as good as the real thing, if not better.'

As Cam stared at himself, he found that he liked what he saw. Not only his new teeth. His bruises were going down, only a little, but Cam could feel himself beginning to heal.

'I like them' he spoke quietly at last, doing so with a smile. 'I like them…'

Cam was left alone after that to sleep, still a little weary from the effects of the drugs that had put him under. He slept heavily, dreaming of all the wonderful things he read about in his books.

Luke lingered in the doorway with his hand on the doorknob, watching Cam for a moment, before closing the door, and leaving him in peace.

Interlude start

Raksha had always been a happy child. She was an only child, never knowing her father, she and her mother had grown up with only each other as company. It was a happy life. From time to time Raksha would ask her mother who her father was, and if he was alive, seeing the fathers of other children in the pretty town she grew up in. But her mother would never answer, would always avoid the question or change the subject. Raksha woul

d often think about the man she didn't know, and wonder about him. Was he perhaps someone of importance? When she was younger, Raksha would think that perhaps her father was a mighty soldier, like the ones in the tales her mother told her at bedtime, or an adventurer. Perhaps he was a sailor, who explored the open seas and travelled to distant lands unknown.

And then Raksha began to grow and mature, and her thoughts towards her father changed, and became far more down to earth.

Perhaps her parents love had been only a brief fling, perhaps one had broken the others heart or were forbidden by someone, either society or one of their own parents from being together, for whatever reason.

But the most likely scenario that Raksha came to in the end, was that her father was dead, or had raped her mother before vanishing.

And as Raksha began to grow even more, she found she didn't even care, and she thought no longer of her father.

And then she found love. First time love was a wonderful and scary feeling, as Raksha experienced strong emotions stirring inside her she had never experience before. She was a sincere and serious character, but around him, she became giddy, childish even, and she found herself behaving like the young doey-eyed couples she had so often seen growing up.

But it was not meant to be. The man she had fallen in love with was involved in dangerous business, with dangerous people, and they targeted her.

Raksha did not know what was going on. One moment life was good and she was happy, the next moment her husband to be was dead, murdered. She was raped by many, by the same people who had killed her lover, their hands still stained with his blood. She had been forced to watch her mother die, after the men had had their way with her too. They only spared Raksha because she was a 'tasty treat', young and pretty. She was taken away from home, and introduced to a new life. For years she travelled from place to place, being abused and used and given to other to use by the man who 'owned' her, like one would own a dog or horse. And it was in this new life, she had experienced necromancy for the first time.

When life became so horrible that death became preferrable, she murdered her master, vowing that no man would ever touch her again, ever, ever again, not even if she came to truly love him. The experience had been so horrible.

She had expected repercussions, expected to be punished for her actions, to be killed. But as she stood over the bleeding man in the tent, dagger still in hand, there was a strange silence that pressed around her.

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