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   Chapter 122 No.122

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Valery stared back at Luke hard.

'Will you promise me' Luke said. 'Promise me that you will be kind to him. Love him, if you can, and…do your duty…as a wife.'

'I will' Valery spoke clearly. 'I will.'

'Together' Luke said, 'you can fix the damage done to this kingdom and make it great again, as it was in the days my father was alive.'

Cam delved into his books now, reading the most wonderful stories. This palace held many thousands of books, and in all the time Cam had lived here, he hadn't even gotten close to reading half of them.

Now he read a story of a man who woke in an underground place, a dungeon of some sort, with a bump on his head and no memory of how he got there. The place the nameless man had found himself in was a vast hall of some sorts, with a throne, many columns, and no way out it seemed. The only way the nameless man was able to escape, was by jumping off the edge of one of the platforms, and into a river below, where the water burned his skin. He managed to climb out, and from there, he began his search of the strange place he had found himself in, and began the quest to regain his lost memory, and to learn who he truly was.

Cam was just reading the part where the nameless man met another character, the first he had encountered in the dark dungeons, a beautiful green-skinned earth elemental. The pair were just making their introductions when there came a knock, and the door to his room opened.

Cam glanced up to see his brother enter.

'Hey' Luke said to him. 'Are you feeling better?'

Cam shut the book on his lap, putting it aside. He was about to reply to Luke, when another figure entered the room.

Cam instantly tensed.

'Cam' Luke began, closing the door after them. 'This is the physician's apprentice' he explained. 'She's going to be looking at your teeth.'

'Hello' the young lady bowed, a woman of about seventeen, pretty with long blonde hair plated in pigtails. 'My name is Suzie. It's nice to meet you.'

Cam clenched his teeth, glaring at her in suspicion. When he didn't reply, Suzie continued to speak.

'You must be Cameron' she

beamed. 'Is that right?'

Cam bowed his head slightly, looking away from her.

'People…normally just call me Cam' he mumbled, speaking slowly.

'That's wonderful!' Suzie beamed. 'I prefer Cam anyway. May I call you Cam?'

Cam glanced back at her. She kept her distance from him, still standing by the door beside Luke.

'I'm going to approach' Suzie said to Cam. 'May I approach?'

Cam's heartbeat quickened slightly and he glanced uncertainly at his brother, who gave him an encouraging smile.

Cam glanced back at the physician's apprentice, who waited patiently for permission.

'Its fine' Cam replied at last.

Suzie smiled again.

She took a step forward, moving slowly towards Cam.

She stopped a few feet from his bed.

'I'm just going to look at your teeth' she explained. 'I'm going to have to touch you. Is that ok?'

Cam stared back at her. His palms began to sweat. His breathing increased slightly.

'I cannot touch you' Suzie spoke politely, 'until you give me permission.'

'Fine' Cam mumbled. 'D-do…do what you want.'

'Alright' she whispered.

Behind them, Luke watched from beside the door.

Suzie reached for Cam, who flinched involuntarily, drawing a sharp intake of breath.

'It's alright' Suzie spoke softly. 'I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to look.'

Cam allowed her to touch him. Her hand caressed his cheek gently, and she used a thumb to lift his upper lip back.

She frowned as she stared into his mouth.


'Is everything alright?' Luke spoke up.

After a few seconds, Suzie let go of Cam, drawing her hands back and straightening up, she turned towards Luke.

'Yes' she said. 'But I'm afraid it's going take some work.'

'Can you do it?' Luke asked.

'Yes.' She glanced back to Cam. 'I'm just going to get my things' she told him. 'I'll be back in a little while.'

She bowed to Luke before she left. When they were alone together, Luke spoke to Cam.

'She's nice isn't she?'

Cam didn't answer, only stared at the bed beneath him, wide eyed and frozen, as if he hadn't heard Luke speak. He seemed to be in a trance.

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