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   Chapter 121 No.121

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'It seems to me he's suffering some sort of trauma' the physician said. 'Most likely due to his accident?' he frowned. 'Did he act this way before he sustained his injuries?'

'No' Luke replied. 'I mean…he's timid and withdrawn at times but…he's never lashed out like that….or panicked….' Luke bit his lip hard in worry. '….he's never acted that way before…' he repeated in a mumbled, speaking as if to himself.

The physician nodded in understanding.

'Perhaps' he began speaking slowly, 'if a woman were to look at him instead, he would behave differently. I have an apprentice. She…is not as skilled as I am but…in this case…'

Luke nodded. 'Bring her.'

The physician bowed low. He turned on his heel and walked briskly away.

Once the man was gone, Luke entered the room again to find Cam curled up on the bed and crying.

Luke approached him slowly, reaching out tentatively to touch his shoulder.

'They want to hurt me…' Cam was whispering. 'They want to……oh gods…'

'No one is going to hurt you Cam' Luke told him firmly. 'Not when I'm here.'

Cam turned his head to look up at Luke properly.

'I'll look after you. If you don't want the physician here, then that's fine, but you need to have someone look at your teeth.'

Cam looked away without speaking.

'I'm going now' Luke said gently to him. 'I'm going to speak to mother.' He made to turn away, hesitating suddenly. 'You probably don't know' Luke began, 'but…a bride has been found for you. A young princess. She's…here now, in the palace.' Luke paused then. 'She seems nice' he added. 'I think you'll like her.'

Cam didn't speak.

'I'm going to leave you alone for a while' Luke said to him. 'Stay here and rest, read your books. I'll be back later.'

Cam stayed where he was, lying on his side on the bed. Luke exited the room, striding down the corridor and away. Standing on the other end of the corridor, unseen by Luke, was Brioke, watching the doorway silently.

But he could do nothing. The room was guarded on the queen's orders by two burley men, her own soldiers.

No one other than Luke and the queen herself could enter the room uninvited.

Brioke turned and drifted back in the other direction.

'Now come on' Miranda frowned sternly. 'You can do better than that.'

'I'm trying my best' Valery huffed. 'Why are we doing this anyway?'

'What do you mean?' Miranda replied. 'Aren't you having fun?'

'It's not that' Valery said. 'It's just…strange.'

The handmaiden waiting at the edge of the room grinned happily at the spectacle before her.

The door suddenly opened then and Luke walked into the room, he hesitated, seeing his mother and Valery.

'What are you doing?' Luke asked shortly.


iranda smiled shyly at him, playing with the small bat in her hands, twirling it between her fingers.

'We were just playing a little game' Miranda said sweetly, patting the ping pong table between herself and Valery to indicate.

Luke scowled at her, closing the door with a snap behind him.

'This really isn't the time' he told his mother.

'What do you mean?'

'This is a serious' Luke snapped at her.

'What?' Miranda shrugged. 'We were only having a game.'

'We need to talk about Cam.'

'He's safe isn't he?'

Luke turned away from her, quickly growing tired of her. He addressed Valery instead.

'Princess. How are you finding it here? Are you comfortable?'

'Do you want an honest answer?' Valery replied.

Luke hesitated.

'Miranda has been very kind to me' Valery said. 'But…I don't know what I've come to. What dangers this place…' she fell silent.

Luke watched her.

'You've met Cam?' he asked.

'I…have…' Valery spoke slowly, reluctantly.

'I see' Luke replied. 'It must have been quite a shock for you.'

'Am I safe here?' she asked him.

'I don't know.'

Valery bowed her head.

'Cam is awake now' Luke continued. 'I think…its best if you were to meet him soon.'

Valery glanced up at him.

'Is it right?' she asked Luke. 'Should he not recover first?'

'Perhaps' Luke grumbled. 'But…' he trailed off, walking away from them and towards the corner of the room as he thought. 'I don't know how much you know of what's been going on here. But Cam at this time…he's weak. I think…the sooner he gets to know you…the sooner he marries and has children…' Luke went silent in thought. 'Marriage would strengthen the king's position; having children…having a son and heir would strengthen this family even more. At the moment, the council have far too much power over the people. Since my father died…many years ago, when we were still children….they collectively became caretakers of the throne, until my brother came of age.' Luke folded his arms as he continued to speak. 'But by that time, they had their sunken claws so far into him, that he would do anything they asked of him. He is….a shadow king….a vassal. He's afraid, I know. He pushes me away. He's only speaking to me now because of what's happened. I think he wants to keep me at a distance for my own protection, and it's true that the council completely ignore me nowadays. I am only the second son after all, the other twin, born minutes after my brother.' Luke turned around to face them again, staring at Valery. 'I do not fully know the extent of Cam's suffering. But I know that the council treat him cruelly. I know that he lives in fear. I see it in his eyes; I hear whispers, but nothing more.'

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