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   Chapter 120 No.120

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'Change my face' she said. 'Nothing else.' She paused. 'Can you do that?'

'Yes' Lucas said. 'We can.'

'But don't you want to wait for a moment?' Isami asked her. 'I'm sure you have many questions.'

Raksha hesitated.

'Come on' Reuben encouraged. 'The man you seek…he's not going anywhere. And besides…the best type of revenge is savoured.'

Raksha smiled then. 'Fine' she said. 'Then let us talk.'

The other figures went quietly away to dispose of Raksha's old body, and Raksha in her new form, went outside with Reuben to explore what was now her new home.

They walked far, and for a long time, Reuben following always a step behind her.

'So?' he asked. 'What do you think?'

'This place' Raksha began, gazing all around her, 'feels………….unnatural…'

'Of course it is' Reuben answered. 'It was designed.'

'A world that was designed?'

'Yes. This entire world was designed, not formed naturally. Or at least……that's what we've been led to believe. There is a library back at home, where diaries are kept. We believe they are the old diaries of men and women who used to live here, previous members of the eight. Some die sometimes, they get replaced…the diaries are old…very old. This world…' Reuben took in the environment around them, 'as far as we understand, is older than any world, older than all the worlds put together, older than anyone can comprehend…billions and billions of years and more. Our home' Reuben said also, 'that building…is apparently that old too.'

'The building you call home' Raksha said absently. 'This palace…this world…….is not homely.' She glanced to the handsome man beside her. 'What do you call this world?'

'This world?' Reuben tilted hi head at her. 'If you go by what the old diaries say, this world is called Lacklustre Paradise.'

'Lacklustre' Raksha mumbled, '…Paradise.' She smiled humorously. 'How droll.'

'Many of us adopt new names when we come here' Reuben said to her. 'You have a new life; you can become anyone you want.'

'Can I still use magic?' Raksha asked. 'Am I still a necromancer?'

'No' Reuben shook his head. 'Magic does not form naturally in our bodies as it did in life. We get our magic from this world. The longer we stay in this world…the more our bodies absorb magic…it's as if…it comes from the soil…the trees…the sea………the very air itself…'

'I've lost my magic?'

'It will come back to you

' Reuben reassured her, 'in time.' He turned away. 'Come on' he said. 'Let's give you your old face back.'

As they walked back through the outside world, heading to the building that was their home, Reuben asked her one last question.

'What would you like your new name to be?'

'Lucretia' Raksha answered without pause. 'It was my mother's name…before she was murdered.'

Interlude end

After staying with him for some time, Luke went away, leaving Cam alone again. Sometime later he came back carrying a stack of books, and was accompanied by an unfamiliar figure, a man.

'This is the physician I was telling you about' Luke explained to Cam, placing the stack of books on the nearby desk before turning to him. 'He's going to take a look at you.'

'Dear me' the physician said, observing Cam from a short distance away as he sat on the bed with his back to the window behind him, staring back at him wide eyed and tense.

'I don't want any questions' Luke told the man shortly. 'Please just…do your job.'

'Of course' the physician bowed. 'I only work to serve others and ease their discomforts.'

'And remember you've seen nothing here' Luke pressed.

'I've seen nothing' the physician repeated submissively. 'Nothing at all.'

The physician spoke to Cam.

'Now I understand you want me to fix some teeth is that right?' he took a step forwards, raising his arm and reaching a hand towards Cam. 'Let me look at you.'

Cam's eyes widened further, and he drew a slow and deep breath, staring at the physician's hand in fear as he drew closer.


Cam slapped the man's hand away, drawing back on the bed away from him, as close to the wall behind him as he could.


The physician stared in shock, frozen to the spot. Behind him Luke had tensed too, he spoke.


'Don't touch me….' Cam spoke in a whisper now. 'Stay away from me.'

As he spoke, Cam's whole body began to tremble, and tears brimmed in his eyes, running down his cheek.

'Don't touch me…….'

Luke stared in shock at his brother, before turning to speak with the physician.

'Come with me.'

The two marched back out of the room, leaving Cam alone to calm himself.

'I'm sorry' Luke said to the physician the moment the two were alone, speaking in the corridor outside the room. 'I don't know why he did that…that's never happened before.'

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