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   Chapter 119 No.119

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Around Isami the other figures loomed. There were eight in total including Raksha. They were all gathered together now.

Reuben, the only one wearing a mask now straightened, taking the mask from his face.

'Are you alright?' his brother Lucas asked him.

Reuben turned to glance at him, giving him a nod, before turning back to Raksha on the bed.

Isami leant over her, hand going to the necromancer's throat and feeling for a pulse.

'She's dead' Isami said, before straightening and facing the other way, where there was another figure lying on another bed nearby.

The seven figures moved away from Raksha's original body, and towards this new one. The seven figures surrounded the bed.

The figure on the bed was a beautiful one, tall and slender and perfectly shapely. The body Raksha had been born in was indeed beautiful, and despite her leadership position where she led an army of men, she had dressed seductively, boldly, in clothes that revealed most of her gorgeous body, with no armour whatsoever. This body on the table, though naked underneath, was dressed in the same simple black robes the others would wear so often. Her hair was long and black and wavy, not a single strand out of place. Her face was utterly perfect, the skin smooth like porcelain. From her back, curled upwards and out the way were a pair of wings. They were skeletal, and made of metal that was shaped to look like bone, shrouded in purple miasma always, with the ends formed into sharp knives.

There was utter silence in the room. No one spoke. No one moved.

And then, the figure on the table opened her eyes.

'She's alive' Tiara beamed. 'It worked!'

'Where am I?' the figure spoke. 'What happened?'

'Why don't you try sitting up?' Castello suggested.

Raksha grasped the edge of the bed and sat up, the seven figures surrounding her suddenly backed away, making way for her wings as she curled them around her body.

'What's this?' Raksha said, gazing with black eyes at the wings, her wings.

'We thought you'd like them' Tiara said to her. 'We gave them to you.'

'What are you saying?' Raksha breathed. 'What are you talking about?'

'We're saying…' Reuben began.

'You're designed' Isami finished. 'We designed you.'


'Open your robe' Isami said.

Raksha looked down at herself and the black robe she was wearing. She raised her hands, grasping the edges of the robe and pulling it open.

She gaspe

d in shock.

What she saw, was not the naked body she expected, but something else.

'What is this….?' She gasped. 'What have you done to me…?!'

She could see inside her own chest cavity through bronze ribs. She could see cogs and wheels turning, a clockwork heart beating inside the otherwise empty space in her ribcage.

'What have you done to me?!'

'We have let you live' one of the others spoke, as another approached her with a metal plate, placing it over the gap on her body, making her chest look whole again, like normal, like a living persons.

'We left this off' the person said stepping back, 'so that you could see.'

'You are the replacement for one that was once known simply as Auntie' Lucas said to her. 'It has taken us many years to find one worthy of her role. It has taken us many years to find you.'

Raksha hugged herself.

'I feel sick.'

'No' Lucas said, 'you think you feel sick. You are not in an organic body anymore.'

'I still feel sick' Raksha repeated.

'Yes…well…' Lucas said casually, turning away. 'It takes some getting used to.'

'Why do I have wings?' Raksha asked.

'We thought you'd like them' Isami told her. 'They are rather bold aren't they?' she said, as Raksha rose from the bed. 'They are perhaps a little too much.'

Raksha moved across the room, and to the dead body lying upon the other bed, to her body.

'We could get rid of them' Isami continued. 'The wings I mean. We could dismantle them if you don't like them. You are designed after all. You could look like whatever you want.'

'No' Raksha said, gazing at her own dead body. 'No….leave them….'

She stared down at herself, at the wound in her naval that had killed her.

'My own man…' she whispered. 'My own man betrayed me…'

She turned then to a tall mirror placed on the wall beside her, staring at her own reflection.

'I look different.'

'You look more beautiful' one of the figures said behind her.

'Change me back.'


Raksha turned to Castello. 'Just my face' she said. 'I want to look like I did before.'

'But…you're prettier this way…more beautiful….'

'I was beautiful before' Raksha answered. 'Change me back. I want to look like I did before.'

'You want to be recognised' Lucas realised. 'You want…revenge on the man who killed you.'

Raksha folded her wings neatly behind her. Controlling them to her was easy, and she did it instinctively without thought.

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