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   Chapter 118 No.118

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Bordon tried to attack the holy man, clawing at him as he tried desperately to reach him. The holy man only smirked, stepping back and sneering as other men, religious fanatics, held Bordon back. These men did not appear to know the holy man. But part of the strength of the new and corrupt religion, was the strength in unity, by the men that thought of one mind.

Bordon was attacked and beaten and thrown to the floor, approached by the holy man once he was on his back and defenceless.

'THE COUNCIL SHOULD DIE!' Bordon screamed at the top of his lungs, grasping onto the holy man's foot as he held him down. Even defeated and broken he looked terrifying, snarling and howling through bloodied teeth. 'THE COUNCIL SHOULD DIE! THE HOLY MEN SHOULD DIE! THEY ARE CORRUPT! EVIL! EVIL!'

'You will die for spreading such foul lies' the holy man sneered, stepping off his throat and backing away. 'Stand him up' he ordered the men, 'take him outside.'

They obeyed him like loyal shepard dogs, doing so without pause or question.

Bordon was dragged outside into the street by the mob that surrounded him.

All around, other people who had risen to fight against the religious fanatics were being killed, strangled and beaten and stabbed. Bordon then heard a strangled scream of a man in agonising pain. He glanced around wide-eyed to see his childhood friend burning alive further down in the street, Mether's clothes quickly catching fire as the flames licked and scorched his body.

Bordon tore his eyes away as one of the men smashed an oil lamp against one of the walls, pouring the liquid over his body.

The holy man stood before him, holding a flame in his hand as the crowd surrounding Borden, backed away from him suddenly, holding the circle around him.

'Any last words you filthy heretic?' the holy man asked him.

Bordon snarled at him, through his injuries he showed no pain.

'See you in hell' Bordon spoke loudly and clearly, before the match was thrown at him, and he went up in flames.

Luke returned to Cam an hour or so after leaving him, carrying a tray of food and some water. Cam turned towards the door as Luke entered. He still lay in bed, having not moved since Luke last left him.

'How are you feeling?' Luke asked him, placing the tray down on the table nearby.

Cam stared at him, blinking slowly, before turning away.

'My body…hurts…'

'I know.'

Cam pulled back the sheets, sitting up ginger

ly. Luke tensed as he watched Cam grimace in pain, pausing as he waited for the pain to subside before moving towards the edge of the bed.

Cam gripped the edge tightly, before slowly rising to his feet.

He wobbled slightly, and stepped forward.

Cam made his way across the room, moving very slowly and gingerly, heading towards a small mirror set on the wall at head height.

Cam approached and examined himself, staring at his own face in the mirror, and slowly turning his head from side to side, as he looked at his own wounds through his one good eye.

'I've spoken to a physician' Luke told him, as Cam lifted his lip, staring at his broken teeth. 'He said he will be able to fix that, so that it will look like normal again, like it never happened.'

'I want that' Cam breathed, lowering his hand. 'I want that…'

He bowed his head, shuddering suddenly, before looking up and straightening again.

'Are you hungry?' Luke asked him.

'Did you bring me something to read?'

Luke hesitated.

'No' he replied.

'I want to read' Cam mumbled, speaking to the wall. 'I miss my books.'

Luke smiled then.

'I will remember the next time I visit' he said.

Luke moved over to him.

'I'm sorry' he said to Cam. 'I'm sorry this happened to you.'

Cam did not speak.

'I…' Luke began, 'I'm glad that we…can talk. I'm just………sorry that it had to happen this way.'

Cam looked to his brother at last.

'I…' Luke began. He sighed then, stepping forwards and embracing Cam, but doing so very gently, so as not to hurt Cam's tender body.

'I'm sorry' Luke whispered in his ear. 'I'm sorry things are the way they are…I truly am…'

Interlude start

Reuben walked forwards through the portal, carrying Raksha's limp body in his arms.

She was bleeding out. The wound in her naval was already seeping blood into Reuben's black robes.

There was a flash of light, Raksha experienced a strange sensation she could not have describe, and then suddenly the light around her was different.

She instinctively knew some magic had taken the both of them somewhere different.

'We are here now' Reuben said to her. 'Just stay still. Hang in there. You will be better soon.'

Reuben carried her onwards, ascending a set of steps.

Everything suddenly became darker, as Raksha realised they were inside. Her eyes fluttered closed.

Reuben placed her upon a bed.

'Is she alright?' Isami asked rushing up to them.

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