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   Chapter 117 No.117

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Valery gazed up at the queen, eyes shimmering.

'I will always be kind to you' Miranda repeated. 'We are all equal here' she turned to Plum. 'Even you' she said to her. Miranda glanced back to the princess. 'I will do whatever I can to protect you' she said. 'Always.'

Miranda reached forwards, embracing both of them at once.

'Whatever you need' she said, 'just come to me. I will see what I can do.'

Bordon sat at the table in the inn. It was midday, and he was already heavily drunk.

These last few days he had spent at the bottom of a bottle. It had been the only way he had come to deal with his losses, and how cruel his life had become.

'Why don't you put that away?' his friend Mether suggested, sitting on the other side of the table. 'If you continue to drink as heavily as you do, you'll kill yourself.'

'Perhaps that's what I want' Bordon mumbled, utterly miserable. 'Perhaps…perhaps….'

He bowed his head.

'I've lost my family' he whispered. 'They were wife…oh gods…' he sobbed, burying his face in his hands. 'How could this happen?'

Mether turned away, feeling uncomfortable at the sight of his friend's tears.

'Things are different now' Mether said glancing back. 'I've been around for long enough to know the suffering. When the old king was alive….'

He trailed off.

'The council control everything now. Even a fool could see it.'

'Why?' Bordon whispered, raising his head as the tears continued to fall, 'why does the new king do nothing?'

'I don't know.'

'He is nothing like his father was. His father was strong…kind……he cared for the people……we lived good lives.'

'Times change' Mether said. 'Times always change.'

'Change is only good if it makes things better' Bordon said. 'Now?' he paused. 'We have never been worse off.'

Mether looked away.

'Why is it' Bordon began, 'that in all this time, we have never seen the king?'

Mether looked back at him, giving him a level expression.

'In all these years…since Cam…was a young boy prince….not in all that time…has anyone in the city ever laid eyes on him. I wonder' he went on, 'is he even real?' Bordon finished.

He gritted his teeth, balling his fists and glaring at the table, before continuing.

'Do we even have a king?' Bordon asked. 'The council…' he hissed, 'rule everything.'

'Such blasphemy' spoke a man sitting at the bar, turning to face them. 'You speak dangerous words.'

The two men sitting at the table glanced around.

'Since when was it blasphemy to speak against the council?' Borden grumble

d back, recognising the crest upon the man's robe as one that which the holy men wore.

'The council are the mouthpiece of the gods' the robed figure answered. 'We speak to the gods through them.'

'The gods?' Borden glared dangerously at the holy man. 'We need no mouthpiece' Bordon spoke quietly. 'Honest and true men could speak to the gods directly themselves. The gods would listen to those that are pure.'

'Blasphemy!' the holy man cried.

'No!' Borden hollered back, slamming his hands down upon the table and knocking over his bottle as he rose swiftly to his feet. 'The real blasphemy spoken here are the words uttered by those who would twist and warp this world, and deform true meaning to their own gain! The gods listen to every one of us. Those that insist we need to speak through them, the holy leaders and the council are nothing but traitors and liars who care only for their own gain, their hands are red with the same blood of the people they claim to want to save. The vagrants and gypsies and bastards and whores and even the innocent! Many good souls have been ripped from this world by men who seek only to elevate themselves…souls like…' Bordon spoke quietly now, '…my own family…'

'If your family died then they deserved it' the holy man replied coldly. 'The holy men serve the people fairly and are just, taking only those that would harm good folk with their lies.'

'They are nothing but secret police' Bordon snarled. 'Murders! Murders! My wife and children were innocent!'

He charged for the holy man, grabbing a stool as he went and attacking. Mether rose swiftly to try to stop his friend as Bordon broke the stool, smashing it over the holy man and sending him falling to the floor.

'Filthy cur!' the holy man growled, before Bordon grabbed the man roughly by the shoulders, hauling him to his feet and punching him hard in the face, again and again.

Mether lunged for Borden, grabbing him from behind and holding him beneath the arms to subdue him, dragging him back as chaos erupted in the room as the barman and other guests shouted and cried out in fury at the treatment of the holy man. The people began to fight amongst themselves, some in support of one man, some in support of the other as everything descended into chaos.

Bordon was hardly aware of what was going on around him. Mether released him as someone attacked him from behind, and Bordon made for the holy figure again as bodies moved all around them. People tore at each other, screaming in rage and shouting obscenities at one another.

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