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   Chapter 116 No.116

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Raksha considered the edifice for a moment, before hearing swift movement behind her, turning in time to see her General rushing up to her.

But she did not have time to save herself, and realised she had been killed, when she experienced what felt like a hard blow in her naval. But she knew what it really was, and the sound of the blade being sharply withdrawn from her flesh, was a sound she would never forget.

Raksha stumbled back, her knees weakening she collapsed, falling back against the grey stone wall behind her.

She touched her seeping wound, drawing back bloodied fingers.

Raksha leant back against the wall, body hunched over and grimacing in pain.

'How could you….?' She hissed to the General. '…Why…?'

But the General said nothing. He merely stood over her, holding the knife in a hand. Nothing of his expression was readable.

Raksha stared back at him. But she was not afraid, only angry, burning with rage at the betrayal that cut so deep.

'My own man…' she breathed. 'My own man….'

The General turned his back on her, turning he strode away without another word, leaving Raksha there to bleed out and die.

Raksha could not call for help. She was deep within the city, and she knew that no one would hear her, and even if she did try to call for help, her General would probably only come back to finish her off, not that she would even last that long.

And so she simply sighed, allowing her body to relax as she leant back. She made her last efforts to experience the last of the world around her. Everything she saw, everything she heard, everything she smelled and could touch.

Raksha tilted her head, holding with one hand the wound in her side that was seeping blood between her fingers.

'You're looking a little worse for wear.'

Raksha raised her head. She did not recognise the voice, but she recognised the figure. She didn't know who this person was, but she had seen his kind before.

'Do you want to live?' Reuben asked her, leaning closer and staring at her through the large windows in his plague mask. 'We have a way that would allow you to live. You wouldn't be the same as you were before' he added, '…but you would be alive.'

Raksha blinked slowly at him.

'You said didn't you?' Reuben prompted, 'you said that if you were to be given a second chance at life then you would take it? Well now is your chance.'

Raksha reached a hand towards him, the hand that was covered in blood.

Reuben took it, grasping it firmly in his own.

'I will take you back' he whisp

ered to her. 'I will take you to my home.'

He bent down then, lifting her in his arms.

He turned to look into her face, smiling behind his mask.

'I will show you our home.' He smiled wider then. 'It is now your home too. You will become one of us' he said marching forwards, and through the portal he had summoned before him. 'There will be no going back.'

Interlude end

'There are many rooms within this palace' Miranda said to Valery, rising from her seat and drifting away. 'For the moment, I want you to stay in the room opposite mine.'


'For safety.'

'But what about Cam?' Valery asked the queen uncertainly. 'Shouldn't I….shouldn't I be staying with him?'

'Not until after you are married.'

'And when will that be?'

Miranda paused, standing facing the wall with her back to the young princess. 'It is supposed to be within the fortnight of your arrival' she spoke slowly. 'But…' she trailed off. 'If Cam is still unwell…I'm sure the council will fabricate an appropriate excuse to postpone the wedding. He can't be seen in the state he is right now.'

'Who…?' Valery began uncertainly. 'Who did this to him?'

'I don't know' Miranda answered. 'It must be one of the council members, but…' she shook her head. Valery thought she would say something else, but she didn't.

Miranda glanced over her shoulder, back at the young princess.

'Come with me.'

Miranda led Valery away through the palace, up the many stairs and to a room directly opposite her own.

'This will suffice' Miranda said, studying the room around her. 'It's large…' she glanced back at Valery. 'What do you think?'

'It's nice I suppose.'

It was an empty room, but bright, with a high ceiling and a glass chandelier hanging in the centre.

'We can bring two large beds in here' Miranda was saying, 'cupboards and whatever else you might need. I'll see it done by tonight. The servants will see to everything you need. And you…' she said to Plum.

Plum glanced up uncertainly.

Miranda just smiled at the handmaiden, sighing as she did. She approached them both, placing a hand on each of their shoulders.

'This is a dangerous place' she said, 'and these are dangerous times. I am no friend of the council, and I do whatever I can…what little I can to oppose them.' She looked from the princess, to the handmaiden, and back again. 'I want us to be friends' she said to them. 'I want you to know…that I will always be kind to you, to both of you. We are all in a dangerous place. And we need to stick together.'

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