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   Chapter 115 No.115

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'You wish to ask a question?' Miranda said, seeing Valery more closely. 'I'm sure you do. I was in your exact same position once, sold like cattle by my parents to a stranger, raped every night until I fell pregnant and forced to bear not one but two children I did not want and being trapped in a loveless marriage…I couldn't even love my own children…as terrible a thing it is to say and hear, I don't see my own children as a mother should.'

'Why do you shake like that?'

Miranda paused suddenly, caught off guard.

She lifted a hand before her, staring at her palm. Her hand and arm trembled, an action she could no longer control.

She smirked humourlessly, before lowering her hand and looking past her bottle towards the young princess.

'I want to assure you that you are….' she fell silent, and smirked again. 'I was poisoned' Miranda finished bluntly. 'The second attempt on my life by the council that came close to succeeding.'

'The council tried to kill you?' Valery breathed, 'they tried to kill me too…….so what I was told by that man was true.'

'My man' Miranda told her. 'It's a great thing that there are still some who are loyal to the old king and who wish to make things better. If it wasn't for them, I would have been killed long ago.'

'Am I safe here?' Valery whispered, fighting back her fears.

'I don't know' Miranda mumbled, speaking the truth. 'I cannot say. But the sooner you marry my son and have children…well….' She turned her head away. 'It's the reason why you're here, to strengthen the family and the crown by having children………lucky you….' She finished in a drone.

Miranda took another deep swig from her bottle.

'You may love your children' the queen went on. 'I hear most mothers do, but for some reason I was an exception. And my son…' Miranda paused then, turning her head back and meeting the princess's eyes. 'He is kind. Whether or not you fall in love with him is up to you. We cannot force ourselves to love anyone. But I am sure at least you will like him as a person, will grow fond of him, will think of him as a good friend….except of course when you have to….you know….and then you can go back to being friends again. If that's what you want.'

'You are nothing like what I thought I queen would be' Valery mumbled.

'Welcome to the real world' Miranda replied dryly.

Interlude start

The siege had lasted weeks, but in the end, Raksha was victorious, as she knew she would be. Many of her men had been cut down, howev

er none of which were alive. The dead shells of the corpses she had controlled with her magic lay scattered at her feet as she marched through the white streets of the city that was now hers. Her men, her own men who lived and breathed, she had managed to keep safe. Not a single man she had lost. They had of course taken part in the battle and fought for her. But she had sent in the undead men first to clear the path, so that her own men could follow after.

'You have achieved a great thing' one of her men bowed to her, her second in command, her General and the soldier she trusted the most.

'Yes' Raksha sighed; eyes glaze over as she gazed about. 'We are safe now.' She turned her head one side, then the other. 'Gather the bodies' she ordered. 'Pile them up outside the city and burn them.'

'Yes' her General replied.

Raksha tilted her head back, inspecting the buildings around her.

'The city is empty' she began to speak in a quiet voice, though the soldiers around her held onto every word. 'The people have fled, and I am going to find a place to stay.'

'What about the hostages?' the General asked.

'Kill them all. We need to show our enemies who we really are.'

The General nodded. 'Of course.'

Raksha strode away, as her men behind her moved to obey. Raksha's stride was fast, and her steps wide. She came to the edge of the city, standing before the wall and looking out to the lower levels below.

They had conquered this city, this was her city now.

'I've done it' Raksha whispered to herself. 'I've done it.'

She turned away from the magnificent view, away from the strong wind that buffeted her clothes and hair, and back to the narrow streets of the tall city.

It was utterly silent. Nothing moved in the streets. It was as if the city had become frozen in time.

Raksha paused then, lifting her head up to the branch of a tree that grew over the top of one of the homes nearby, seeing built there a little nest. It appeared to be empty.

Raksha looked ahead again, turning away from the tree. She walked the streets of the town for several minutes. She was looking at the houses either side of her, wondering where she should stay.

All the houses were empty. Her people were free to stay where they pleased, the streets were theirs.

Raksha stopped before a large house, the path she had been following branching off either side of the building. It was a large home, with many windows, behind which were thick and lush purple curtains.

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