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   Chapter 114 No.114

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'They did this' Luke hissed under his breath. 'I know they did. It's all their fault.' He shook his head then. 'I should have been there for you. I should have….'

Cam turned his head slowly towards Luke again. He spoke to his brother, doing so in a whisper.


Luke tensed then, hearing this. He rose and swiftly walked away, returning to Cam's side quickly.

Luke helped Cam sit up in bed, the movement causing him great discomfort. Cam relaxed slowly as the pain subsided. Luke supported Cam by holding gently the back of his head; holding the cup to his lips and helping him drink, taking the cup away when Cam was done. Luke went away as Cam sat back in bed again. When Luke returned, he carried with him a bowl of water and a clean cloth.

Cam couldn't see what his brother was doing, but he knew when he heard the cloth being dunked into the water, heard the sound of the cloth being squeezed, heard the water trickle back into the bowl.

Luke raised the cloth in his hand, leaning over Cam.

'I'm going to be as gentle as I can' he spoke clearly but softly to him to him. 'Ok?'

Cam didn't reply. He didn't object, so Luke took that as an understanding.

He dabbed the wet cloth against his skin, washing the dried blood from his face. Cam sighing and closing his good eye as Luke did this.

The water was cold.

It took a while. Luke did this as carefully as he could. When he had washed Cam's face, he asked to look inside his mouth.

Cam opened his mouth, and Luke tilted his head as he observed, pulling back Cam's upper lip gently. He saw that several teeth were missing.

After this, Luke washed and examined the rest of Cam's body, cutting away his clothes so that Cam did not have to move.

When he was done, Luke brought blankets, draping them over Cam to warm his now cool skin.

'I'll come back later with food' Luke spoke quietly to him. 'I will order several men to guard this room. I won't be long. Ok?'

Cam only blinked slowly in response, and so Luke left him be.

Alone in the silence once more, Cam closed his good eye, allowing his body to relax.

He slipped into a deep sleep.

'I trust my man explained everything to you' Miranda was saying to Valery.

They were in another room now; it looked like a small meeting room. Miranda smiled at Valery as she gazed about.

'It's alright' Miranda reassured her, guessing her thoughts. 'This room is a secret room, it rarely gets visited. Even the servants don't come here. Just look at the dust on the table.'

Valery glanced down then, seeing a layer

of dust on the marble table she sat at.

Miranda turned away, gliding across the room and towards the drinks cabinet, a tall and narrow piece set in the corner of the room. She opened the doors, sifting through what was inside.

'Fine vintage' she mumbled under her breath, lifting one bottle after the other and examining it. 'Old. A fine brew.'

She turned back to Valery, holding a chosen bottle and two wine glasses in her hands.

She sauntered up to Valery then, placing the glasses before her.

'Oh no' Valery said politely shaking her head. 'I don't drink.'

'You have to' Miranda answered shortly. 'You'll get used to it. You'll need it.'

Miranda poured wine into the first glass, her hand trembling slightly as she did. She glanced up at the handmaiden who stood by the door, hands together and head bowed as if wishing to remain invisible.

'Come over here' Miranda said to her. 'I don't like to treat the servants like servants, especially those that don't belong to that dreadful council.'

Plum glanced up nervously, hesitating, unsure of whether or not she should listen to another's command.

'It's alright' Miranda sighed. 'We're all friends here.'

Plum stepped forward carefully, taking a seat beside Valery.

'I'll tell you the same thing I told my old handmaiden before she died' Miranda said. 'Look at me and speak up. You are not a mouse.'

'Of course your highness' Plum dared, meeting her eye.

'And smile' Miranda finished, 'if you can.'

Plum gave the queen a weak smile.

Miranda glanced down.

'I would like us all to stick together' she began, pouring the wine into the second glass. 'Here' she said, pushing the glass towards the handmaiden.

'Oh couldn't possibly…'

'Why not?' Miranda said shortly. 'You drink don't you?'


'I am not the type of queen most would expect me to be' Miranda sighed, moving away.

'What about you?' Plum asked, taking the glass tentatively in her hands. 'Are you not having one yourself?'

Miranda turned back to her, indicating the bottle she held.

'Drink' she said to the handmaiden. 'It will help you relax.'

Plum did so quietly, taking a little sip from the glass as Miranda took a deep swig straight from the bottle. Miranda groaned loudly, sitting back in her seat and putting her feet up on the chair beside her.

Valery watched her silently, having not touched her wine yet. She watched the queen, resting her hands upon the doll in her lap.

Miranda took another deep gulp from the bottle before lowering it and resting it in her lap.

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