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   Chapter 113 No.113

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Heremon hovered by the door, watching as Valery slowly approached the figure.

Behind Valery, the official scribbled on the paper one last time.

'Arrived safely' the official mumbled, 'nothing out of the ordinary. If you would permit me' he bowed to Valery, 'I would take your leave.'

Valery glanced back at him, giving him a quiet nod.

The official bowed again, turning and striding out of the room.

Heremon stared into the room, hesitating for a moment, before turning away, slipping out of the room himself and closing the door after him.

Alone in the room now with only her handmaiden standing a short distance away, Valery stepped closer to the king, until she was standing beside his bed.

He lay on the bed unconscious. One eye was heavily bruised and swollen shut, and there was a large bump and a deep gash on his forehead, the blood had run down the side of his face and dried there. There was blood all around his nose and mouth, he had bled profusely. There were cuts and bruises on his cheeks and chin and as Valery looked closer, she could see the edges of another bruise upon his shoulder beneath his shirt. No doubt he had more injuries that could not be seen.

Valery's hand went to her mouth in shock as she stared at him. If it wasn't for the gentle rising and falling of his chest, she would have believed he was already dead.

'What happened to him?' she uttered.

Suddenly the door behind them opened and a female figure came striding into the room.

Valery stared wide eyed as the woman approached. She backed away sharply as the woman marched up to Cam and stopped beside his bed, staring down at him and completely ignoring Valery and anyone else.

For the longest time she did nothing, only stood and stared, with no expression upon her face.

And then she turned to face Valery, acknowledging her at last.

'You must be Valery' she said at length.

'I am' Valery spoke firmly, sounding more confident than she felt.

Miranda turned back to Cam. 'I am the queen' she said. 'My name is Miranda. And this is my son.'


Miranda turned around, placing her hand gently upon Valery's shoulder.

She walked with her from the room, the handmaiden Plum followed silently after, head bowed and hands together.

They exited the room, leaving Cam alone. But he was not forgotten. Miranda ordered several soldie

rs to guard him, and let no one enter, save for herself, and Luke.

'Poor Luke' Miranda lamented as she walked away with Valery down the corridor. 'He does not know yet what has happened. This will be quite a shock for him.'

Many minutes later, as soon as Luke found out what had befallen his dear brother, he rushed to see him, finding him unconscious still.

Cam woke slowly to the sound of distant shouting. He opened his better eye, recognising his brother's voice, screaming at the top of his lungs.


Cam didn't hear the frightened reply from the quiet voice. But the response seemed to only anger Luke further.


Then came the sound of a door slamming, then silence.

Cam stared dully up at the ceiling, unresponsive, feeling nothing inside.

He listened for several moments, at first hearing nothing. And then he heard footsteps.

The footsteps stopped beside him.

Cam turned his head slowly to one side, seeing Luke standing over him. Cam blinked several times, trying to clear the blood from around his eyes, trying to see clearly. But everything was blurred. He only knew that it was Luke standing beside him, because he had heard his voice.

Luke drew a sudden sharp intake of breath, his shoulders trembling. Cam realised suddenly he was crying.

'Oh Cam…' Luke whispered, kneeling beside his bed, grasping the sheets and staring at him. 'I'm so sorry this happened to you…'

Cam stared at the blurred outline of his brother, his one good eye only half open. The white of his eye was now bright red.

Cam looked away.

'Cam?' Luke whispered. 'Oh Cam…please say something…'

Cam breathed slowly, taking a deep breath, and then another. He made a noise in his throat, a croak, and then he began to cough, clearing the blood from inside him. This caused him to grimace in pain, and he tensed suddenly, balling his fists. All over his body was agony.

Luke leant forward, resting on his elbows and grasping the sheets in his hands. He bowed his head as Cam gradually relaxed, the immediate pain ebbing away.

Cam listened to Luke crying then, listened to him cursing himself, cursing everyone else, cursing the council.

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