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   Chapter 112 No.112

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A silence passed.

'How's Raksha?' Isami asked suddenly.

'Still refusing us' Reuben answered offhandedly. He leant forwards upon the control panel, staring at the screen without emotion.

'I thought you would have changed by now' the Reuben said sadly to the unconscious figure before him. 'But even after all of these years, you continue to choose to play the victim.'

A third figure entered the room dramatically, sliding across the smooth floor with his arms out to balance him.

'Hey fellas!' he declared loudly.

'Venus' Isami smiled. 'You're back.'

'No' he turned to her, removing his mask. 'I go by another name now.'

'And what is that now?' Isami asked dryly.

'Vergil' he said.

'Why do you change your name so often?' Reuben said.

'Because I can' Vergil answered simply, throwing his arms out happily. 'Because I want to!'

Reuben and Isami tensed suddenly, hearing a strange noise so out of place in their home. They had just identified it, when it came around the corner, following Vergil instinctively.

'Is that a donkey?' Isami said in surprise.

'What's it carrying?' Reuben asked, seeing the poor unfortunate creature laden with all sorts of things.

'Weapons, armour, gold, anything that's worth anything' Vergil sang happily. 'And I also got this' he said, throwing his black cloak open and revealing beneath it a full suit of armour and chainmail. 'And this' he said, brining out a modern day camera. 'And this' he pulled, out a sombrero, throwing it on the floor and beginning to dance around it, playing the appropriate music on an iPod and shaking some maracas. 'Olay!'

'Why would you take all that stuff' Reuben asked him frowning.

'As souvenirs' Vergil winked happily.

'You're going crazy' Isami told him.

'You want to see something crazy?' Vergil descended upon her, sweeping her up in his arms and kissing her passionately.

When he finally released her, she was gasping deeply, cheeks flushed.

'What are you watching?' Vergil asked as his attention drifted towards the screen above them, completely ignoring Isami from then on. 'Oh. It's him again.' he paused. 'Isn't that the prince?'

'He's a king now' Reuben said, as Isami gathered herself, slowly recovering.

The three watched in silence the scene on the monitor.

'He's still….' Vergil began, the other two both turned to him as he became lost for words.

Vergil sighed, smiling suddenly.

'Why don't we help him?' Vergil suggested.

'How?' Isami asked.

'I know' Vergil spoke up. He began to type furiously upon the keyboard.

'What are you doing?' Isami asked.

'I've known this prince for sometime Vergil said as he continued to type. 'Though I admit for a long while I completely forgot about him…but I think I know what to do.


'What?' Isami said.

'The prince…the king…' he continued, 'he's been in the same situation since he was a child.' Vergil paused. 'I think I know what to do that could push him over the edge.'

'Why do you want to push him over the edge?' Reuben asked.

'To force him to break this cycle of abuse' Vergil said. 'Or else it will continue for the rest of his life......or until it kills him.'

He pressed the 'enter command' button.

The three of them lifted their heads, watching the screen expectantly.

'Shouldn't we wait until after he is healed?' Isami suggested casually.

'Yes' Vergil said, realising this as if it weren't obvious. 'I've put a delay on the command. There, ' he said pressing it. 'But it will happen soon' he added, 'very soon…a thing to push him over the edge.'

Interlude end

Heremon led the princess through the palace, behind the princess walked her handmaiden and the official, carrying as always his paper and quill.

They came to a certain spot within the palace, and Heremon asked them to wait. He went away, and the three waited in silence.

The minutes passed.

'Is it normal to be left like this?' Valery asked after a time.

The official behind her shifted uncomfortably.

Valery turned to him, facing him head on. 'Is something wrong?'

'I don't know' the official replied. 'I'm not terribly familiar with the customs in this kingdom.'

Valery's attention drifted away from him. She held her doll with both hands, wandering away and coming to sit upon a red velvet lined bench made of white stone that was nearby.

Plum leant against the wall, holding both hands before her.

The official bowed his head, scribbling on his parchment.

The three waited for several minutes, until Heremon returned.

'Follow me.'

Valery knew something was very wrong, she could hear it in his voice, could see it in his body language.

She rose from her seat, following after him as he marched swiftly away. She didn't notice the two figures of her handmaiden and the official trailing after her.

They walked for some time, at last stopping before a door. Heremon opened the small door, leading the others inside.

Valery's heart slowly tightened in her chest as she stepped into the room. It was clear at a glance that this room was a healing room. The stone floors were smooth, and the room was bare, save for a basic wooden bed in the centre that looks like an operating table. By the wall there was a cabinet, through the glass doors could be seen bottles of medicine and medical tools and bandages. There was a sink in the corner, and metal dishes piled up beside it. And by the back wall, immediately opposite the door and below the warped glass of the window, was a simple wooded bed, upon which lay a man.

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