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   Chapter 111 No.111

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It was then that Valery noticed, all the windows in the great hall around them were warped, so that sunlight could seep in, but nothing could be seen in or out.

There were two figures waiting for them. Their names were Heremon and Rhona, two members of the council, and left hands of the king.

'Princess' Heremon bowed low to her. 'We are honoured.' He hesitated then. 'Did you not bring with you any soldiers?'

Valery hesitated. The official that had travelled with them paused, watching Valery expectantly. He was about to answer for her, when Valery spoke.

'We chose not to bring soldiers with us' Valery answered bravely. 'We have no need. This kingdom is safe after all.'

Heremon stared at her, lost for words for a moment.

'Of course' he said at last. 'You are of course right.'

He knows this is a dangerous place Valery realised, seeing it in his face. Did my parents have any idea….no….how could they….?

'I am glad to be here' Valery spoke clearly.

Heremon bowed.

'Follow me please' he said. 'I will introduce you to our king.'

Heremon turned to Rhona beside him, speaking to him briefly.

'Inform the others.'

Rhona nodded, turning and striding away.

'Come' Heremon spoke politely to the princess as Rhona went away. 'It's this way.'

Three of the council members met in the hall somewhere in the palace, deep in discussion. They were approached by a messenger, who relayed information to them passed onto him by Rhona.

'What?' Brioke spat, utterly livid and hearing these words.

'Um…' the young messenger began uncertainly. 'The young princess has arrived.'

Either side of Brioke, Lamont and Eden exchanged a glance.

Brioke began to tremble in fury, balling his fists.

He turned on his heel and strode away, Lamont and Eden and the young messenger watching him as he went.

Cam was in his bedroom at this time, sitting at his desk with his book open before him. He was deeply enveloped in the story that he read, a story with the most fabulous magic, where mages constructed whole cities out of stone, froze the surface of the ocean to create passage, could reach the very clouds themselves.

'If only we lived in such a world' Cam sighed at one point, continuing to read.

He stayed in his room for hours, reading in complete silence, until the door to his room was thrown open.

Cam jerked his head up, seeing Brioke standing there, eyes bloodshot red from anger.

Cam was instantly terrified, rising from his chair as Brioke started towards him. He gra

bbed Cam around the throat, slapping his head into the desk.

'Why are you doing this?!' Cam called to him.

'I know what you did' Brioke hissed into his ear, bearing over him. 'You killed my men.'

'What men?!'

'The princess is here.'


Brioke pulled him back from the desk, before slamming his head down again and throwing him across the room.

Cam fell on his back, backing away from Brioke in his panic as he advanced towards him, glancing desperately at the door that was behind Brioke.

Brioke grabbed Cam by the throat, lifting him up and shoving him against the wall.

'What have I done?!' Cam sobbed as he held him there. 'What have I done?!'

'You killed my men' Brioke growled.


Brioke grabbed Cam's head and brought it down, swiftly lifting his knee as he did this and smacking Cam in the face. Cam's head snapped back as blood gushed from his nose. He collapsed as Brioke went for him again, using all of his strength as he kicked and beat him, doing so for many seconds. Cam tried to curl up to protect himself, but there was no getting away.

Brioke at last relented, stepping back and breathing heavily. Cam heaved himself up, spitting out bloodied teeth before he was grabbed again and dragged back across the room and to the corridor outside.

Cam was hardly aware of what was happening, confused and in pain. Brioke had hurt him in the past, but he had never been as aggressive as this before. Cam was only just realising what was happening, when Brioke pulled him straight then, leaning him back over the balustrade. Cam pawed desperately at Brioke's arms as he realised they were on the balcony.

But his grip was too weak, and Cam was thrown over the edge, and to the level below.

Interlude start

The masked figure shook his head.

'Fight back' Reuben urged. 'Why don't you fight back?'

'Is he alive?' Isami asked beside him.

'I don't know.'

The two watched the screen for a while. Perhaps ten minutes or so passed before Cam was found.

Reuben and Isami watched the monitor as the figure that had found him called out for help, and others appeared on the scene.

Reuben raised his head, staring closely. 'I think he's alive' he droned. 'They wouldn't take a dead man to the healers.'

Isami let out a heavy sigh, sitting back in her chair.

'Incredible' she said, 'for him to have survived that fall, I was certain that he would have died.'

'Things are getting worse now' Reuben said. 'Brioke has never tried to kill him before.'

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