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   Chapter 110 No.110

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'What do I think?' Valery echoed. 'I don't know yet' she said. 'How can I be sure?'

The carriage slowed to a stop, and a few seconds later the door was opened.

Vlad leant back in his seat with his arms crossed, watching the two girls closely.

'It is time' he said.

Valery drew a slow and steady breath, gritting her teeth and trying hard to stop her hands from shaking.

'Can you come with me?' she asked him.

'Me?' Vlad replied. He smirked then. 'Do you trust me now?'

'I trust no one' Valery replied, 'especially not after what's happened. But you…are at least somewhat trustworthy.'

Vlad smiled again. 'That is very wise of you, but I cannot' he said. 'I'm sorry. You will be perfectly safe once you're inside the palace. For today at least. But I…strictly speaking, am not even allowed in this carriage.'

'But…' Valery began.

'You'll be perfectly safe' Vlad reassured her. 'I didn't miss my breakfast in order to save you earlier today, only to let it all go to waste. Now go' he nodded to her. 'The men are waiting for you.'

Valery turned from him, and leaned tentatively out of the carriage, seeing waiting outside, the official that had accompanied her from her old home. At least he was alive after all as she had been promised.

'Princess' the official bowed to her. 'It's time to see your new home.'

'Go on' Vlad prompted, seeing her hesitate. 'All will be well.'

'Do you promise?' she asked him.

'We have our own men within the palace' Vlad told her. 'They are all loyal to the queen, who wishes to protect you.' He paused then. 'Those men are more appropriately dressed than myself. I am not welcome there. At least not looking like this.'

Valery glanced down at his scruffy clothes.

'I see' she mumbled.

'Go on' Vlad prompted again. 'All will be well.'

Valery looked up at him.

'It's alright' Plum smiled encouragingly to her. 'I will always stay close to you. We mustn't keep them waiting.'

Valery nodded firmly. Holding the doll with one hand, she gripped the side of the carriage, climbing out and standing straight for the first time in hours. It felt so good to get out of that carriage, her body had become stiff and she ached all over. But she was finally able to stretch now.

Valery blinked, exhaling slowly.

The official with his paper and quill approached her.

'If you would like to follow me' the official said with a bow.

'Of course' Valery sighed wearily.

'Hey!' Vlad called out from inside the carriage as the group began to walk away.

Valery glanced back at him, but he was looking at th

e official.

'Whatever your name is' Vlad said to the nervous looking official, 'I know you're supposed to report back to the kingdom where you came from. But it would be an unpleasant thing if your king and queen were to learn of this little hiccup. We saved your life and chose to keep you alive because we know you will report when you return that you had a safe journey that was completely uneventful.' Vlad narrowed his eyes. 'Isn't that right?' he added in a threatening manner, speaking very slowly.

The official stared back uncertainly at the mercenary.

'Remember' Vlad teased him, 'it's just as easy to take a life as it is to spare one.'

The official smiled submissively then, bowing to the mercenary in a show of respect.

'Nothing happened' the official said. 'It was such a peaceful and dull journey that I fell asleep for most of it.'

Vlad leant back in the carriage falling silent.

'Don't you forget it…' were his final words.

The official bowed again. He turned from the carriage, and strode up the steps towards the doors of the palace, which were being held open and guarded by armed soldiers.

Servants hurried forwards to take the princess's luggage from the carriage, sparing Vlad nervous glances as they did.

Valery spared him one last look as he stared back at her, before she turned and followed after the official who was waiting for them at the top of the steps.

Valery heard the carriage door slam shut, a sound of such finality, it filled Valery with dread.

She listened to the sound of the carriage being driven off. Her last tie to home.

No going back. There's no going back…

'Come princess' Plum beamed at her, pausing halfway up the steps and turning back.

Valery looked up at her handmaiden, not realising she had paused.

'Alright' she sighed. 'I'm coming.'

Valery bowed her head, making her way up the steps to join Plum. Her handmaiden took her gently by the arm, hugging her as they walked together.

They followed the official into the tall palace, and the entrance hall within. The soldiers that guarded the door, moved as one, closing the doors after her. The slamming sound of wood against wood rang out in the empty halls as Valery gazed about her.

There was so much open space around, and above her, balconies and walkways and stairs and stairs and so many stairs. Valery wondered for a moment if heaven could be reached from the top of the highest tower.

The palace was bright of colours, and everything was light. The balustrades, many of which she saw, looked as if they were made of glass.

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