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   Chapter 109 No.109

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Valery squeezed her eyes tight shut, trying to block out the sounds of dying outside.

Please my gods protect me…

Moments later the carriage door opened suddenly and Valery and Plum both gasped in fear, drawing back as far as they could into the corner of the carriage.

Valery peered wide eyed around Plum's arm, seeing a man standing before them, leaning into the carriage.

He was dressed in shabby clothes, travelling clothes, well worn and dishevelled and dark in colour. He looked like a vagrant. There was blood speckled on his face and clothes, but it was clear at a glance that it was not his own.

He smiled at the terrified princess and handmaiden, grasping the doorframe of the carriage either side with both hands.

'Hello ladies' he declared, before climbing in and sitting in the seat opposite them.

The carriage rocked as he sat heavily down. Plum continued to hold Valery, the two frozen in fear, as they stared wide eyed back at the stranger.

The stranger pulled his sword out, and Valery gave and small shriek. The stranger looked up at her carelessly, whipping out a cloth hidden on his person and beginning to clean the blade.

'Oh stop that' he scolded. 'I'm not going to hurt you. Honest.'

'Vlad!' came a voice from outside. 'Are you in there?'

Another figure appeared, standing before the open carriage door and gazing in. This figure was young; his whole demeanour appeared to be gentler than the man already in the carriage with them.

'Hey Royce' the man named Vlad replied. 'How are you doing?'

'I hope you're not scaring them' Royce glared. 'Put that sword away!' He turned to speak to the girls now. 'I'm sorry to have frightened you' Royce said to them. 'We are the ones who are here to protect you.'

'What's going on?' Valery cried.

'We've been following your carriage for hours now' Royce told her. 'Your soldiers were ambushed by another party. Our leader thought this might happen, and ordered us to keep watch over you.'

'W-what?' Valery stammered.

Vlad leant forwards then, causing Valery and Plum to flinch. He smiled at this, leaning back slightly.

'We are here to protect you' Vlad said to them.

'Who…' Valery began, '…who ordered you to keep watch over this carriage?'

'The queen in this kingdom' Royce told her. 'She ordered us to watch over you. And it's a good thing that we did.'

Valery and Plum exchanged a glance. They relaxed a little.

'The queen?' Valery repeated. 'But…who would attack us?'

'We've got our suspicions' Vlad growled. 'There is a lot that must be explained to you' Vlad went on. 'A lot has changed since

the last king died. We here are all loyal to the old king, and detest the corruption that had infected this land. It will take a long time to explain.'

Royce closed the carriage door, and the carriage jolted into motion again.

'Where is the official?' Valery asked. 'He is expected to return to my parents to tell them that I have arrived safely.'

'He's fine' Vlad replied simply.

He reached forward, drawing back the curtains and allowing the light to flood into the carriage again.

Valery peered tentatively out of the window, seeing the bodies of the men that had accompanied her lying scattered on the ground, amongst the bodies of men whom she did not recognise. The two groups could easily be told apart. The soldiers that had guarded her were finely dressed in their royal armour. The men that had attacked them; greater in number, wore dark armour made of leather.

Vlad leant back in his seat as the carriage rolled on. The view of the dead men passed them by, and Vlad began to speak.

'When our last king, Carl was his name, was alive, life was good. Since his death everything has changed, and our kingdom is now corrupt.' Vlad crossed his arms, bowing his head and closing his eyes. 'It all began' Vlad grumbled, 'when our last king died…'

Valery listened, clutching the doll to her chest with one hand, with the other, she held onto Plum's tightly.

Vlad continued to speak, and the carriage continued on, as if nothing had happened.

They arrived at the palace later that day. Valery stared through the window at the city beyond the carriage. Vlad had told her the whole story so far, and she saw everything in a different light now.

She was even more afraid than she had been before, but now, at least she was prepared. The carriage turned to the side in the street, and Valery saw a better view of the palace.

The palace was a tall building. From a distance it looked as if it were made of glass, built with many towers topped with sharp steeples that grew high into the sky like spears. A pale and in some places transparent building, that almost looked as if it had been built on the clouds, alongside the angels that sang there. It was a striking construction, ornate, eloquent and breathtaking, and for a moment, Valery was reminded of her own home.

The carriage rolled up to the palace. The grand gates were opened for the carriage to enter, and as they did, Valery opened the window, leaning out to gaze up at the mighty building that towered over them.

'So what do you think?' Vlad asked them as he watched the princess and the handmaiden lean out of the window.

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