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   Chapter 106 No.106

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Valery entered the room, her footsteps muffled by the thick brightly coloured rug that lay before the bed.

She gazed about the room.

'This bell by the door' the official said indicating it, 'you can use to get attention. You can call for anything at all, any time in the day or night, no matter how trivial.' He bowed his head low. 'We know this is a difficult time for you, and we will do anything for you that we can. Remember that we are all at your service.'

Valery stared at the large brass bell, before her attention drifted back to the official.

'Thank you' she spoke quietly, 'but I think I would just like to be alone right now.'

'Of course princess' the official bowed.

He reached for the doors either side of him, closing them simultaneously as he backed out of the room.

The doors shut quietly, and Valery was alone.

The silence was deafening.

Valery hugged herself, still holding the doll.

She turned back to the room, looking all around her. And then she suddenly realised something.

'I don't know how long the journey will be' she mumbled to herself. 'I don't even know how long we will be at sea.'

She bowed her head, eyes shimmering with tears.

'I'm so tired' she sighed, lowering her arms as she moved over to the bed, allowing the doll to slip from her fingers. 'I'm so tired…'

She crawled over to the bed, collapsing on the soft sheets and hugging the pillow to her. She rested her head on the pillow, breathing a heavy sigh and closing her eyes. She slipped into a deep sleep, and when she next woke, it was dark outside the ship.

Valery sat on the bed for hours, leaning back against the head board and hugging the pillow to her. She was in a trance, with eyes glazed over and her mind far from where her body was. She remained in this state for quite some time, until there came a gentle knocking at the door, and Valery gradually returned to awareness.

The knocking came again, a muffled voice declared that they were about to enter.

Valery raised her head, as a young female servant entered the room, carrying a tray of food.

She looked to be about the same age as Valery, perhaps a little bit older.

Valery straightened as the servant closed the door carefully behind her, and

approached the bed tentatively. She placed the tray on the table nearby, turning to the princess and holding her hands together before her, head bowed respectfully.

'I've been assigned as your personal handmaiden' the servant spoke softly. 'My name is Plum.'

'I have my own handmaiden?' Valery mumbled uncertainly.

'Yes' Plum nodded eagerly. 'It is normal for a queen to have her own handmaiden, expected even. You are to be a queen soon, when you marry' she added.

'Yes' Valery replied meekly. 'My mother had her own handmaiden.' She paused then. 'Did you say that your name was Plum?'

'I did' Plum gleamed, seemingly genuinely happy. 'It was originally a nickname my mother gave to me a long time ago. When I was younger, my friends called me that also, other people heard the name used to call me, and more and more people called me by that name.' Plum smiled widely. 'I hope we will be good friends in time. I was handpicked by your brother to serve you, because our personalities match. I was chosen out of several hundred others. I am a gift to you.'

'My brother picked you?'

'Yes' Plum nodded. 'We spent a lot of time together before he finally chose me. He said that he was sure you and I would get along well. He was most confident in this.'

'If my brother said that, then I must trust him.' Valery looked ahead again, hugging her knees to her chest. 'My brother…gave you as a gift to me?'

'He did.'

'That was so good of him' Valery sighed. 'I love my brother. He was always kind to me…until the very end.'

Valery buried her face in her arms then, beginning to cry silently. She was surprised suddenly, as she felt a weight on the bed, as Plum placed her arms around her. Valery suddenly stopped crying.

'If there is anything I can do to make you happy' Plum said to her, 'please tell me what it is. I want to see you smile.'

Valery turned to her handmaiden, holding her back, in an action that was instinctive.

The two held each other, and for a moment, Valery felt comforted.

They remained on the ship for several days. For much of the time, Valery and Plum stayed together. Plum made Valery laugh from time to time, made her smile, and then when Valery wished to be alone, she would send her away.

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