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   Chapter 105 No.105

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Valery clutched the toy tighter to her chest with one hand, with the other, she still held onto her brother.

'Walter' Jadon nodded to one of the men within the group of soldiers.

He was not a soldier himself, but appeared to be an official of some sorts. He carried a paper in his hand, and a quill to write with. He would be recording the journey as they travelled to the capital across the sea. Once the journey was complete, he would report back to Valery's parents, so that they would know she arrived safely. And if anything went wrong, they would know that too, for the official would write everything down.

'Your highness' Walter bowed to Jadon, 'my lady' he acknowledged Valery briefly. 'I trust you had a safe trip.'

Jadon sighed patiently. Valery knew that pleasantries bored him. But he played along, because he was expected to.

'Thank you. Our trip was fine.'

'Well I see no need to linger here' Walter said, indicating the ship. 'Are you ready to go my lady?'

Jadon answered for Valery, for which she was extremely grateful.

'We will be a few moments' Jadon told him shortly. 'Get the luggage on board' he told the servants behind him, who swiftly obeyed.

'But your highness' Walter bowed. 'We are already set to go.'

'Then get yourself on board' Jadon told him. 'I need to say goodbye to my sister.'

The official bowed his head respectively; then made his way up the gangplank to wait on the ship, the soldiers that were with him followed. The soldiers all around them, the ones that had accompanied them on the journey here, remained at their posts, watching diligently the scene around them, in case there was any danger.

Jadon and Valery had only a brief moment alone together, the last they would ever have.

Jadon knelt before her, holding her hand tightly in his. She leapt at him, throwing her arms around him and squeezing as tightly as she could, as she felt his large arms wrap slowly around her body.

'I don't want to go' she sobbed. 'I don't want to go.'

'I know' he mumbled to her. 'But you must be strong.'

He held her by the shoulders, pushing her gently but firmly back so that he could look into her face again.

He brushed the tears from her cheek.

'Be strong' he whispered. 'You are going to be queen soon. It's what a queen should be.'

'I'm sorry' she said, wiping her eyes with her sleeve. 'I cannot help it.'

'I know.'

Jadon rose then, looking over her.

'Goodbye sister. I will never forget you.'

He walked away then, before Valery had a chance to speak, to hesitate, or call him back.

One of the soldiers that had been lingering nearby approached her slowly then, keeping his head bowed respectfully.

'Princess' he spoke to her gently. 'May I escort you to the ship?'

Valery didn't answer him, but she turned away, staring towards the ship now. There she saw the official figure waiting for her, the other soldiers that had stepped onto the boat stood at different points, simply waiting.

Valery took a deep breath, before stepping forward. In her mind everything seemed to slow, as if she were walking through water. She moved up the gangplank, followed by the soldier who loomed behind her.

Valery turned as she stepped onto the ship. The gangplank was withdrawn, and the gates shut.

Valery stared down at the harbour where Jadon stood, staring back at her. She was sure he was upset about seeing her go, he was probably devastated. The siblings had always been very close for their entire lives. But she knew that he would never show his weakness. He stood there with a proud posture, tall and mighty. One day he would inherit their father's kingdom, and Valery was sure he would make a fine king, one that was strong, powerful, but merciful also. She regretted deeply that she would never see the day.

There were shouts from around her as the ship was made ready to sail. The rope that tied it to the harbour was unwound, and the ship drifted away from the dock. Valery stood on the deck; she reached forwards, grasping the wood before her firmly, and watching Jadon standing on the harbour. He dipped his head to her, as she did in turn.

Jadon turned on his heel, marching swiftly away. Valery's heart tightened in her chest. Her lip trembled and she blinked quickly to clear her tears.

The official came up behind her, leaning forwards but keeping a respectful distance.

'Princess' he spoke gently. 'Your quarters are ready for you.'

Valery didn't answer. She stared hard at the harbour, at the point where last she had seen her brother.

'Princess' the official said again.

'Alright' Valery whispered, not trusting her voice. She clutched the doll tighter to her chest. The last gift from her mother. 'I'm coming' she said, turning to face the man behind her and keeping her head low, staring down at the floor so that he could not see her tears.

She followed the official down into the belly of the ship, where there was a large cabin that was prepared just for her. Valery stood on the threshold, the double doors either side of her were open, making the area seem more spacious. The room before her was comfortable and warm. The four-poster bed in the centre was draped in red velvet, with large square cushions at the head. There were no windows in the room; the darkness was kept at bay by burning lamps fixed to points all around the room. There was a chair and desk by one wall, a shelf of books; a giant painted globe in the corner, set on a half-circle and hovering above a silver platform.

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