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   Chapter 104 No.104

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'I have a message' the lookout said handing it to her. 'Here.'

Miranda leant forward in her chair, taking the note from him and reading.

'They've found a princess' she said aloud. 'A young girl named Valery.'

Miranda rolled up the parchment again.

'My son is to be married soon. This princess is on her way.'

'We will make sure this note reaches the palace' another man said stepping forwards, taking the parchment from Miranda and tying it to the leg of the new falcon that rested on his arm. 'Don't worry' the man said to Miranda as he moved to the window. 'We will make sure she arrives at the palace safely.'

He opened the window, and the messenger bird took flight, heading to the palace where it had originally come from.

A short while later the falcon arrived at the palace as intended, and was found by one of the council members.

Brioke took the bird, unrolling the parchment and reading.

He scrunched the paper up then, gritting his teeth and breathing heavily.

He went to find Cam, but was unable. This palace was so vast, and there were many places to hide.

Cam however, was not within the palace, but sitting at the top of the tower, looking over at the world at his feet, the world he could not reach, as he thought about his future.

Hundreds of miles away, Valery sat opposite her brother in the carriage that took her further away from the home she had grown up in.

She clutched the doll to her chest, the gift given to her by her beloved mother. The last gift she will ever receive from her.

Her lip trembled, and she fought back the tears that threatened to fall.

'What's going to happen to me?'

Jadon who had been silent for the entire journey so far, raised his head.

'I will never be able to leave my new home once I get there' Valery went on. 'What if…what if they are cruel?'

'We take our chances' Jadon replied simply.

'Is that it?'

Valery stared at her brother.

'They want you' he said to her. 'They have need of you. There is no reason for them to be cruel to you. Please don't assume the worst, you're thinking too much into it.'

Valery bowed her head again. 'How can I not?' she sighed. 'There is so much that is expected of me now.'

Jadon rose from his seat, moving to sit beside her. He placed an arm around her shoulders.

'I'm never going to forget about you' he said to her. 'Never.'

Valery could not hold back the tears now. The way her brother spoke, to her it seemed so final.

'Please don't be sad' Jadon said to her, squeezing her shoulders. 'I want to remember you as you always have been, the happy bubbly girl who always sees the good in everything. Where did that girl go?'

'I'm so

rry' Valery whispered, raising her head and forcing a smile as a tear rolled down her cheek. 'I am happy about this' she told her brother. 'I really am. I excited about meeting my new husband. I'm just really nervous. I want to be worthy of him.'

Jason smiled weakly down at her.

'I'm sure he will love you the moment he lays eyes on you. You are such a pretty girl after all, and pure of heart' he said to her. 'There is nothing anyone can find about you that they will not like. You're a good girl' he said, caressing her cheek. 'You know that right?'

The rest of the journey they made in complete silence. Jadon did not leave Valery's side, but sat beside her for the rest of the way, until several hours later, the carriage slowed to a stop.

Valery's heart sunk in her chest as she heard the noises from outside, muffled by the walls of the carriage. It seemed busy where they were now. Valery could smell the salt in the air, could feel the moisture around her. She knew they were at the harbour now, where a ship waited for her to take her across the sea, and to the kingdom far from here.

She felt sick to her stomach, and was gripped by a sudden sense of unreality. As Jadon left her side, rising to open the door of the carriage, she barely registered his movement.

There were calls from outside, and the carriage rocked as Jadon climbed out. He turned back, offering a hand to his sister to take, and she did so, acting mechanically without being fully aware of it.

She clambered out of the carriage, still holding her brothers hand, as several servants entered the carriage behind her, bringing out her luggage.

Jadon grasped his sisters hand firmly, he didn't let go, as he walked with her down the harbour, with the servants following after them. The soldiers that followed the carriage for the entire journey, protecting the prince and the princess along the way, stationed themselves around the harbour, standing with vigilance, their weapons at hand.

Jadon approached the waiting ship moored to the harbour. At the end of the gangplank a group of men waited for them.

Valery had seen men like this before; they were the soldiers that guarded the palace she had grown up in. They had always seemed innocuous to her, almost like part of the scenery; she had even grown to like them. But now, they terrified her. Now, they were the people who would be taking her to her new home, into a kingdom she had never been to before, to be married to a man she had never met. Valery was frightened. Would her new husband treat her as her father treated her mother? Could they ever love each other? Would he be kind to her, to the children they would one day have?

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