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The air reeked.

'Just one last thing' Isami added, as Raksha moved away. 'If you were to die, would you want to be brought back to life?'

Raksha glanced back, regarding Isami with a sceptical look, a sneer upon her lips.

'Yes' she said. 'I would, for I have work still left to do, and too much left unfinished.'

She faced ahead now. Casting her arm out, and commanding the dead men to march forwards.

They obeyed, though she spoke not a word.

Isami watched mutely as the rotting corpses and skeletal figures reached the base of the wall, the first defence of the white city before them. Its pure colour was already stained with corruption. Black streaks caused by unholy spells and red from the blood that was spilt; huge amounts of blood pooled the floors and were splashed against the white walls.

Raksha's eyes glowed green with power and her magic as the minions under her control created a ladder out of their own bodies to scale the wall, climbing over, and slaughtering all that hid within the city.

Isami stepped back, tilting her head.

'Until next time' she said to Raksha, though the necromancer did not hear her, 'until next time we meet…'

Interlude end

Many weeks passed, and rumours began to spread that the king was looking for a wife.

People whispered amongst themselves. Many were excited. Many hoped a new queen would change their lives, perhaps for the better. And of course children would strengthen the royal family, and in turn, bring stability to the kingdom.

Miranda sat at the bar in the dingy building, drinking heavily as she listened to these whispers behind her, surrounded by burly men.

'I heard she's a rare beauty' one man said nearby, 'a real treasure, like the kind rarely seen.'

Miranda scowled as she heard this, clenching her jaw and cracking her knuckles in the most unlady-like way. Stupid fools she thought. How could you know that? She's not even been found yet?


The queen relaxed slightly, lifting her head to one of the men that had spoken, one of the many that sat beside her at the bar.

'Yes Brad' she sighed. 'I know.'

The other men watched her, waiting, expectant. These were her men, loyal to her, and loyal to her late husband Carl, the dead king. These men saw the corruption that was happening in the kingdom around them. They wished to stop it, and change things back to the way they were, before the king had died, and the council had taken control.

Miranda was not the only one to see the truth, there were a few others who saw it too, and saw Cam for what he reall

y was.

A shadow king.

They knew he was weak, but Cam was still his father's son, and those that were truly loyal to the crown, would support him, no matter what.

Blood was blood.

Miranda merely sighed wearily, bowing her head and closing her eyes.

She felt so very very tired.

Hundreds of miles away, in a palace garden, a girl sat.

She was a pretty little thing, sixteen years old. She was dressed in a beautiful flowing white garment that was covered in jewels and little decorative chains. Her light brown hair was tied neatly back.

The princess raised her head to the golden clouds above her, tears streaming down her cheeks, as she absorbed everything that was around her, for this was the last time she would see her home.

'I am to be sold' she whispered, though nobody heard her.

She was alone in the garden, the large open garden that overlooked the city below them. She had been alone for most of her life; no one spent much time with her. Save for her brother, Jadon.

He found her. The princess didn't know what caused her to look around; it was almost as if she sensed him standing there. But when she looked up, she saw him, standing below the flowery archway watching her.

She stared at him. He looked sad.

Jadon opened his arms, and the princess rose from the bench, running towards him and into his embrace.

'Valery' the prince whispered to her. 'Don't be sad.'

Jadon was so much taller than her, and she only came up to his chest as she held him. He was older than she was, and wiser. The prince Jadon was twenty five. Valery had in the past other brothers and another sister. But her other brothers had gone away, and her other sister had gone away too. Valery remembered the last day she saw her sister, her sister had been sad, as she was now.

'Jadon' Valery sobbed. 'I don't want to go.'

Jadon didn't answer. Valery felt him bow his head, holding her tighter.

'I'm sorry' he said.

'Please don't say that!' she hollered, letting go of him and stepping back. 'Everyone is treating me different now. I feel like I am dying!'

Valery wanted her brother to say something, so desperately wanted him to comfort her, to tell her that everything was going to be alright.

But he simply stared at her mournfully, as if he felt dead inside.

A short while later Valery was brought before her parents.

'Stay safe' her mother said embracing her. 'Be happy. We will never forget you.'

The queen, her mother, seemed to love her very much, but for reasons Valery did not understand, could not see her very often.

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