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'A wife?' Cam mumbled to himself. 'I am to be given a wife?

Cam let out a sigh, shoulders slumped. He hung his head, stepping back and straightening.

'This could be a good thing for you' his mother said from behind him. 'Whoever they find, you may come to love her one day.'

Cam turned to face his mother, beside her, Luke leant back against the wall behind him, arms folded and silent.

'I'm sure she will make you a wonderful wife' Miranda continued, 'whoever she is. And even if you don't come to love her, you will love your children.'

'I have no interest in such things' Cam looked away, and back to the city below them.

'You don't want children?' Luke spoke up.

'It's not that' Cam mumbled. 'But…'

'Then what?' Luke prompted.

'How can I be happy with the idea of bringing a princess into this poisonous environment?' Cam asked them. 'And children? How can I raise children in such corruption?'

'I came here' Miranda said to him.

'And how happy have you been?' Cam asked her. 'How happy have Luke and I been?'

'Point taken' Miranda said flatly, turning her head away.

For a moment Cam had thought that she would try to console him. He guessed he should have known better.

'And anyway' Cam mumbled, leaning forwards on the balcony wall again. 'I know what you do to yourself, and I know what has been done to you.'

Miranda's hand went to her arm then. Beneath her elbow-length gloves, were lines of scars.

She had done this to herself. And the thing that had been done to her years ago, was the attempt on her life by poison, from which she had never fully recovered.

'We are all lucky to be alive' Cam finished. 'All of us, if you can call this living. How can I be happy with bringing another one here into this torment?'

'Perhaps it will make you stronger?' Miranda suggested. 'Perhaps.'

She moved away silently, gliding like a ghost, through the door and treading carefully down the spiral staircase of the tower. Behind her, Luke followed, keeping a close eye on her, ready to catch her if she were to fall.'

Cam moved away from the balcony wall, sitting on the floor with his legs cross.

He lifted the book which lay on the floor beside him, placing it on his lap and flicking through the pages until he came to the correct one.

He ran his hand across the page, lifting the book, he began to read.

Interlude start

The masked figure stumbled as a colossal piece of building crashed into the ground behind her, thrown from a catapult from the city she marched towards now.

The masked figure rose agai

n, dusting herself off and brushing the earth from the knees of her black cloak.

She straightened, tilting her head back to the sky, gazing through the round windows in her mask as a great disc flew by, glowing green and spinning fast before it crashed into the ground.

Isami pulled the crows mask suddenly from her face, drawing a deep gasp as she did so, and breathing the free air.

She sighed then, blinking slowly and waving the soot from her eyes as it rained down from the clouds upon her. She started forwards again, striding towards the hollering, the mass of dark figures before her, all clad in heavy and exaggerated armour, slipping the plague mask beneath her cloak as she went, hiding it away.

The crowd parted as she pushed her way forwards, giving her a wide birth as she searched for the one.

'Raksha!' Isami called. 'Raksha!'

The woman she sought, she found at the head of the army.

Raksha turned on hearing her name, watching Isami who drew closer. She narrowed her eyes.

'Again?' she hissed. 'I have given you my answer.'

Raksha was a beautiful woman in the prime of her life. Unlike the men around her that followed her command, men who were heavily armoured, she wore no armour whatsoever. She dressed to show her figure, and left little to the imagination. In one hand she held a mighty staff made of metal and designed with harsh and jagged edges, at its head was a depiction of a skull with horns, its eyes glowing green. In the other hand, she held no shield, in fact she carried nothing at all to use to defend herself with.

'I came to try to persuade you' Isami urged her, 'to change your mind before it's too late…before you cannot turn back.'

'I already told you' Raksha snapped. 'I do not want to join your organization.'

'Well' Isami mumbled, 'I'd hardly refer to ourselves as an organisation, we are not all that organised. But we are still looking for a replacement for Auntie. Even after all this time, we are still looking.'

'And you want me to replace her' Raksha answered flatly. 'I have told you that I am not interested. Why do you pester me like this?'

'Because you are the best' Isami replied.

'Well find someone else.'

'There is no one else.'

Raksha turned away. Around her, crawling in the dirt and in various degrees of decomposition, were bodies. Some were her own men, some not. Raksha was a necromancer, and these creatures, these abominations of god, were under her control. Some had been dead for mere minutes. Others were skeletons, with rotting flesh hanging from their bones.

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