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   Chapter 100 No.100

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'Cam!' Luke called, banging on his bedroom door. 'Open up! I know you're in there!'

When there was no answer, he banged again, calling louder.

'Have you heard what's happened? How could you allow this?! We have to talk. Please! People are dying!'

From inside the bedroom, Cam ran to face the door, glaring at it.

'Go away!' he called back. 'I don't want to speak to you!'

'Listen' Luke's muffled voice came from through the door. 'I don't know what your feelings are towards me. I don't even know whether or not you hate me…but....' he broke off momentarily. 'We have to talk about this. This is bigger than either of us. People's lives are at stake.'

Cam's heart clenched in his chest, and he gritted his teeth as he felt arms wrap around him from behind.

'Go away!' Cam shouted again as Brioke caressed him and kissed his neck. 'I don't care about you.'

Cam heard silence, and then the sound of footsteps retreating. The footfalls were heavy and the pace was quick. Luke was furious.

When Cam was sure Luke had gone, he turned to Brioke, kissing him back, and squeezing his eyes tight in disgust as he did.

Brioke dragged him across the room, pushing him forwards onto the bed.

Cam did not resist. He waited submissively, resting on his hands and knees as Brioke had his way.

Later that night, when it was dark and Cam was alone, he lay on his bed crying.

Curled up he hugged his pillow to him, sobbing into it. He cried for hours, until he had no more tears left in him to shed.

'I wish I was dead' he whispered to himself over and over again. 'I wish I was dead…'

A few weeks later, and the council called for a meeting.

Cam sat at the head of the table. On his left side, sat five people, on his right were seven, the left and the right hands of the king, whose purpose was to help guide the king in his rule. Together these twelve members made up the council.

Nearest Cam, sitting on his right side, was Brioke.

'We have summoned you here today' Eden began, 'to talk about finding you a wife.'

'A wife?' Cam began nervously.

'Yes. It is expected for the king to have a queen, and of course in time, children.'


'It is expected' Eden went on. 'Your father married your mother when he was your age, and although it took him a while to father children, it happened. Without children, you have no line, no one to inherit your crown when you die.'

'Isn't…' Cam began hesitantly, 'isn't it a

bit too early?'

'If you were to die without having children, it would throw the kingdom into chaos.'

Like when father died Cam thought, except it would be far worse, because Luke and I were still around. He swallowed a lump in his throat then, feeling sick to his stomach. I have acted so recklessly in the past he realised. How many times was my life in danger, and I didn't even realise it? And Luke? We could both have been killed when we were still children, then the council would be in charge. One of them would have become steward. He thought, lifting his head. What saved us?

His attention flickered very briefly towards Brioke who sat close to him.

Are things really that different than they would be if I were not here? The council are still in control of me…I know…

'We must find you a wife as soon as possible' Eden hastened. 'Once you have children…sons…it will strengthen your position. Your father was lucky to have two sons, you will have more.'

The council waited.

'What do you say?' Eden prompted.

'To what?' Cam asked, his voice a little shaky.

Several member of the council around him sighed, rolling their eyes to the ceiling as their attention beginning to drift.

'To having a wife' Eden sighed patiently. 'Do you agree to this?'

Cam glanced about him nervously, feeling his heart skip many beats inside his chest and his itching palms sweating, realising he was the centre of attention, as the others waited for his response.

'Do you agree?' Eden said again, 'to marriage?'

'Yes' Cam spoke quietly. 'I agree.'

Beside him, Brioke tightened his jaw, clenching his fist, but he said nothing.

'It will be arranged then' Eden said. 'Messengers will be sent out, in search of a princess for you to marry.'

It was that very same day that twelve messengers were gathered at the gates before the palace. Each mounted on beautiful pure white horses; the messengers were dressed in bright and fabulous colours of light purple and lush blue all lined in gold. They were easy to distinguish, and could be seen and clearly recognised from far away.

Cam watched from the top of the tower, the one place from this prison where he could still see the rest of the world, feel the wind, the warmth of the sun on his skin, and the icy chill of the nights. Leaning forwards against the balcony wall, he saw the twelve messengers ride out of the palace gates and through the streets and away, slipping out of view.

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