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   Chapter 98 No.98

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He smiled to himself, thinking a thought he had not thought before as he suddenly realised something for the first time in his life.

'Handsome' he said turning his head from one side to the other, taking in every feature.

He began to feel good about himself then as he stood before the full-length mirror that had been propped up against the dresser. Either side of the mirror on tall candle-holders burned little flames. It was dark in the room, and he was alone. Or so he thought.

'Don't you look fine.'

Cam's heart felt as if it had been plunged into icy water, and all his confidence and good feeling were suddenly blown away like leaves in the wind.

Cam slowly turned towards Brioke who stood behind him, watching him with admiration and smiling his predatory smile.

'You look beautiful' Brioke told him as he stepped closer.

Cam said nothing, but continued to watch him closely, never taking his eyes off him.

'You'll be king soon' Brioke went on, stopping before him. 'Isn't that an exciting thought?'

He glanced to Cam's reflection, then looked back at Cam.

'You remember our agreement….don't you?'


'You're mine' Brioke said. 'You belong to me. You'll do anything I tell you to. You remember that don't you?'

Cam didn't answer, only stared back. Brioke reached forwards, running his fingers through Cam's hair. Cam for a moment thought Brioke was going to kiss him, but instead his grip suddenly tightened, and he slammed Cam's head into the mirror.

Cam stumbled back, crying out in pain as the glass cut his eyes. But he was allowed little reprieve as Brioke grabbed him again, shoving him back towards the stairs nearby.

Cam lost his footing, and fell, hitting his head on the way down.

When he came too, he found himself at the bottom of the stairs.

Cam picked himself up slowly, he could feel by the warm dampness against his skin that he was bleeding where the glass had cut his eyes and face, and there were aches all over his body where he fallen.

He sat up gingerly, groaning in agony.

Cam lifted his head back up towards the top of the stairs where stood Brioke. Cam's heart jolted when he saw Brioke was holding a loaded crossbow, and was pointing right at him.

'Stay right where you are' Brioke said firmly down at him. 'Or I'll kill you.'

Cam froze in terror, staring up at him with wide-eyes.

Brioke descended the stairs, moving closer tow

ards Cam, all the while holding the crossbow high. Cam's heartbeat slowed as Brioke approached, their eye locked onto one another.

When Brioke reached the bottom of the stairs he stood over him, the bolt hovering over Cam's head and body.

'You are to be king soon' Brioke repeated. 'You will have power, you can pass laws…' his head tilted as he considered, 'don't forget about me' he finished. 'You won't forget about me……will you?'

Cam began to tremble.

'Speak' Brioke commanded.

'N-n-no' Cam voiced. 'I w-w-would never….'

Brioke furrowed his brow.

'Would never…?'


'Will you trust and accept my guidance when you become king?'

'I t-t-t-t-trust and accept….' Cam struggled to finish.

Brioke lowered his weapon, placing it on the side.

'Come here' Brioke said.

Cam moved to stand; then fell again, his leg seizing up.

'I said stand!'

'I c-c-c-c-can't' Cam said beginning to panic. 'My leg….its….its….its….'

Cam flinched suddenly, expecting Brioke to react. But he simply walked away.

Cam stayed where he was for the longest time, until he was by chance found by his brother, who began to panic at the sight of him, immediately running to get a healer.

'I told you' Cam glowered angrily back, 'I'm f-f-f-f-fine.'

'Cam?' Luke said seriously. 'Did you really accidentally fall down the stairs on your own?'


'Then how did you get glass in your eyes?'

'Its n-n-n-n-nothing' Cam shot angrily back.

Luke grabbed him by the shoulders, shaking him as he spoke.

'Since when did you have a stutter?'

The next day, was the coronation.

Cam stood before the double doors. The guards either side of the doors reached forwards, and opened them simultaneously, allowing Cam to step forward.

Cam marched slowly ahead along the red carpet, dressed now in the dark turquoise and black he had worn the day before, the deep purple cloak trailing after him as he went. He looked magnificent, his clothes finely cut to fit his lean figure, with jewels woven into the fabric and glistening in the light that shone through the stained glass windows.

Either side of him the benches were full of people, all their eyes fixed on him. The colossal hall was packed now, guards stood tall in their shining gold armour, weapons at their side. They were positioned all around the hall, several by the door, and several at the head of the hall, where Cam was to stand.

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