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   Chapter 97 No.97

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Cam glanced around him, suddenly noticing a little terrier staring up at him with hungry eyes and licking its lips.

He turned back to his plate again.

'Thank you' Cam said, blinking back the tears in his eyes. 'Thank you…'

'Will you be coming back?' Lucy asked him when the meal was over and Cam said that he had to leave.

'I don't know' Cam mumbled in reply. 'I'll try' he told her. 'I promise.'

'Ok' Lucy nodded.

They stood on the doorstep of the home. Cam had already said his farewells to the rest of the family. They had gone to attend to their own business now, leaving Cam and Lucy together.

'I hope do you come back' Lucy beamed at him. 'It was nice to see you again.'

'It was?' Cam held his hands tightly before him to stop them from shaking. 'Th-thank you…I mean…….it was nice to see you too, to see all of you.'

His heart skipped suddenly as Lucy leant closer to him.

She kissed him on the cheek, smiling at him as she straightened again.

Cam hunched his shoulders, blushing furiously.

'I…I mean….'

'You should go now' Lucy smiled in amusement. 'Visit us again soon.'

'Ok' he said to the floor. 'I'll try.' He paused then. 'Well…see you later…and thanks…'

He turned and ran away.

Cam rounded the corner, leaning back against the wall and pressing his hands against his racing heart.

He took several slow and steady breaths, before straightening again, and heading back to the palace, walking at a quickened pace.

Cam returned to the garden, clambering awkwardly through the hole and running to the base of the tower where he had left the rope.

Horror struck his heart, when he saw that it was gone.

Oh gods no!

He searched desperately for it about the bushes in case it had fallen, but could not find it.

That could only mean one thing.

Someone else had found it.

Cam's chest rose and fell sharply as he realised this.

There was no way to get into the palace now, save for the front entrance, which was guarded.

Cam drew a slow and steady breath, bracing himself.

He turned and slowly walked away, heading to the front entrance of the palace to face the inevitable.

He found a guard, and spoke to him.

'I will teach you the price of disobedience' Brioke spat, grasping him by the hair and slamming his head back against the wall.

He beat and kicked Cam again, worsening the pain and injuries he already suffered.

This continued for several minutes, before Brioke dragged him into an empty room, rounding on him again.

He dragged Cam towards a table, shoving him forwards

so that Cam leant over it.

Cam stifled a sob as Brioke began to unbuckle his belt, pressing a hand forcefully upon his back so he could not push himself up.

Cam gritted his teeth as Brioke thrust into him again and again, balling his fists and squeezing his eyes tight shut as tears began to seep from his closed eyes.

Brioke was rough, violent, as he always had been.

Cam could do nothing but wait until it was all over. That was all he ever could do, always so weak, so helpless. What was the good in being the prince if he was always so powerless?

The pain was tearing at him from inside, but like the so many times before, he could do nothing to stop it, nothing but wait, until it would end.

End Cam thought as Brioke had his way with him. Nothingness. Would that be so bad?

Brioke's movement began to quicken as he reached his climax, and as Cam leant forwards on the table, with dead eyes out of focus, a single thought came to him.


She was the single reason now he had not already taken his own life.

Brioke thrust in hard one last time, throwing his head back and groaning in pleasure.

He stayed where he was for a moment, Cam blinked several times as he stared at the wood of the table before his eyes, waiting for Brioke to pull out.

He did so, and Cam slowly straightened up, pushing himself gingerly off the table.

Cam didn't turn, but waited for what Brioke would do next.

He left.

When Brioke was gone Cam fell to his knees, crying openly now as he curled up into a ball, hugging himself.

He stayed in the room alone for the longest time.

Two years later

Twins aged nineteen

It was the day before the coronation, the day before Cam was to become the king.

The big event was just hours away.

He was being prepared now. Standing on a low stool as tailors tended to his clothes, what he would wear on the day.

When they were finished with him, Cam dismissed them, wanting only to be alone.

They had bowed to him, and left swiftly on his command.

The room was silent once more.

Cam stepped off the low stool, moving across the room and approaching the mirror on the other side, seeing himself in the reflection. He was dressed in dark turquoise with black and gold edges, with a long deep purple trail that ran from his shoulders. Within the material he wore were dyed in darker shades, depictions of birds flying free amongst little patterns that looked like raindrops. His black hair was swept back so that his face could be seen clearer. He didn't normally like it this way. But…

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