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   Chapter 96 No.96

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'Promise me' Cam snapped at her.

She stared back at him in shock, unable to speak at first, and then…

'Alright' she replied quietly. 'If that's…what you really want…'

'I do. I mean…' Cam blushed slightly. 'I just…care…about you….' He looked away hastily.

The door to the home opened suddenly, and a male figure appeared.

'Lucy, dinner's…..' he broke off suddenly, seeing Cam sitting there. His expression changed instantly to that of suspicion. 'Who's this?' he asked Lucy shortly.

'Roland' Lucy said rising to her feet. 'This is Cam.'

'I don't know a Cam' Roland answered. 'How did he get here? He didn't come through the house.'

'He climbed along the roof' Lucy answered sweetly.

Cam watched Roland nervously, seeing clear in his expression that he was becoming angry.

'You know him' Lucy added noticing this too. 'You caught him trying to steal from you.'

Roland's expression darkened further, and Cam grew evermore nervous and uncertain.

'I…don't think you should be telling him that' he said to Lucy anxiously.

'I'm just reminding him' Lucy told Cam. 'Roland' she said back to him. 'This is Cam, you know, the boy who lived in the thieves guild, he stayed with us for a short time…he came to our house late at night being chased by guards…you pretended he was family to save him….'

'Cam?' Roland said, expression changing instantly as it all came flooding back to him. 'Is that really you?'

'I….well…yes…' Cam said uncertainly.

'Gods it's been forever' Roland said striding up to him and grasping his forearm in a tight hold. 'It's so good to see you!'

'Oh' Cam sighed in relief, smiling back at him. 'Thanks…it's good to see you too.'

'What happened to your face?'

'Oh, I just…fell from the tree' Cam answered awkwardly.

Roland found this amusing.

'Were you spying on my sister?' he asked.

'What?!' Cam panicked. 'No! I-I didn't…I mean…'

'Relax' Roland laughed at him, slapping him hard on the shoulder affectionately as Cam tried hard not to flinch. 'I'm just teasing you.'

Beside them Lucy stifled a giggle behind her hands.

'Alright' Roland smiled nodding to himself. 'Would you like to join us for dinner?'

'Um…yes….please' Cam said, 'if I'm not being a bother.'

'Of course you aren't' Roland beamed moving away again. 'Come on. It's all ready. You are

welcome in our home….anytime…'

Miranda went to the home of Incognito, to find that he was not there.

She searched for him for many hours, finding him at last.

He was tied to a stake, dead, his body nothing but a charred crisp.

He had been sentenced to death by order of the council, sentenced to death, for being a heathen.

They had found him at last. Miranda was only able to recognise him because of the jewellery he wore. His thick silver bands around his wrists and the silver chain and pendant still hung from around his neck.

Miranda watched as his body smoked, her face hidden by the low hood she wore.

Miranda turned on her heel and marched away, moving swiftly and silently through the crowd.

She returned to the palace, and found Luke.

She could see by his expression that he was surprised to see her.

'Luke' she spoke calmly. 'How have you been…….where is your brother?'

'Cam!' Dee cried when it had been explained to her who he was. 'How wonderful to see you!'

Lucy's mother rushed up to him, hugging him tightly as if she had known him all his life. As if he had never left.

'Thanks' Cam laughed awkwardly as he held him, trying to ignore the pains in his body. 'Thank you.'

'Come' Dee ushered him. 'Come sit. Come on.'

Another chair was pulled up for him and Cam sat at the table.

He looked at the other figures who sat there now.

Bill, Lucy's father sat at the head of the table. Either side of him where Lucy's brothers, Daniel, Vincent and Roland. And beside Cam, Lucy sat.

He glanced nervously at her, feeling a skip in his heart as she smiled at him.

He turned sharply away, scratching his itching palms.

'There' Dee said happily, putting the last dish upon the table. 'I hope you're hungry' she said to Cam.

Cam looked at the table before him that was stacked with food, pork and roast potatoes and carrots and swede and peas and beans and broccoli and gravy.

'It looks good' Cam said quietly, feeling a sudden pang of hunger.

'Here' Dee smiled kindly at him, rising again. 'Let me serve you.'

A moment later she put his plate back in front of him, and Cam stared wide eyed at the small mountain before him as the others began to serve themselves.

'Eat what you can' Dee beamed happily at him. 'Leave anything you don't want. The dog will eat it later.'

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