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   Chapter 95 No.95

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'Who did this to you?'

Cam stifled a sob then, biting his fist and turning away.

A short time later, Cam sat with Lucy on the bench. She had gone back into her home to get a wet rag, and washed him now, wiping the blood away from the injuries he had suffered from his fall and seeing clearer his older wounds.

'You're a prince' Lucy told him meekly. 'Aren't you?'

Cam kept his head turned away from her, glaring sulkily at the floor. 'Yeah' he answered resentfully. 'I am.'

She leant back from him then, holding the rag in her hand. She looked as if she wanted to say something, to say many things, but didn't know where to begin. And so she said nothing.

Cam flinched as he felt the rag touch his cheek, as Lucy gently washed away the flecks of blood from the scratches that were there.

'Does it hurt?' she asked him tentatively.

'Yeah' he said, 'a little.'

She continued to wash the blood from him.

'There' she said when she had finished. 'That's as good as I can do.'

'You are kind' Cam said glancing towards her again. 'Thank you.'

'What happened to you?'

Cam looked away again.

'I don't mean to pry' Lucy went on, 'but the injuries are quite severe. You must be in a lot of pain.'

'I'll be fine' Cam grumbled.

'Who did this to you?'

'I…' Cam said to the floor.

'Look at me' Lucy told him.

Cam raised his head, meeting her gaze at last.

'Is there someone who is hurting you?' she asked him.

'Yeah' Cam said, unable to stop himself. 'But…there is nothing I can do…he is…….is….' he balled his fists as his throat felt tight. 'I can't protect myself.'

'You are a prince' Lucy told him. 'Is there nothing you can do?'

'No' Cam told her quietly. 'I am alone.'

Lucy watched him sadly and in silence.

'Why did you come here?' she spoke at last.

'I wanted to see you' Cam replied, speaking more confidently now. 'I….I recognised you when you came into the palace gardens. I….I couldn't believe my eyes….after so many years…but I still knew who you were….even though you had changed.' He smiled weakly, his eyes growing warmer. 'There are so few people after all who have hair like yours.'

'You like it?' she asked, touching the ends of her orange hair and twirling it between her fingers. 'The other children used to teas

e me for it…they still do…even though they're all grown up now.'

'I do like it' Cam said, feeling a little more relaxed. 'I think…it looks good…'

'I'm glad' Lucy said to him. 'Most people just think it looks strange.'

'Well they're wrong' Cam said defiantly.

Lucy smiled even wider now. 'That's very kind of you.' She faced ahead again, patting her dress flat to get rid of the creases. 'So' she said to him, 'why did you come here?'

'To see you.'

'I know. You said that…' Lucy answered, 'but why?'

'I……I…' Cam bit his lip in thought. 'I had to get away from the palace. My brother and I aren't allowed to leave anymore. We're trapped there.'

'That's why you want to get away?'

'Since…' Cam began, 'since that incident…several years ago when my brother and I were living in the guild, we have not been allowed to leave. Our mother was furious. Both Luke and I put our lives in danger…we could have been killed when…..' he gritted his teeth. 'I can't even remember clearly what happened. I remember a prison, trying to free another member of our guild who was captured. A young girl. But she died, and her mother who tried to save her…I got away…I remember the guards shooting at me with crossbows…and….' He shook his head. 'I can't remember anything else…it's all lost to me.'

'That sounds very dangerous.'

'Yes' Cam nodded slowly. 'But it was worth it, just to get away from the palace. My brother and I hate it there.'


'The wounds on my body should say enough' he told her.

'I see.' She turned away.

A moments silence passed between them.

'Why did you come to the gardens?' Cam asked her. 'And how did you get in?'

'One of the gates at the back was rotten' Lucy explained. 'It's only a very narrow door hidden by ivy. It's difficult to spot, almost impossible from the inside of the garden if you didn't know it was already there. But from the outside….' She trailed off. 'The garden has the most wonderful fruits, apples and pears and plums…'

'That's why you came to the garden?' Cam asked her. 'Isn't it dangerous? I don't know what the guards would do if they caught you.'

'That's what makes it more interesting' Lucy winked.

'I want you to promise me' Cam spoke harshly, 'promise me you'll never come to the palace again!'

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